MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Though he showed a powerful leg at Garland (Texas) High School, Josh Lambert never had an opportunity to kick a game-winner.

So he tried to suppress his excitement during Saturday’s overtime session at TCU, where he prepared for a walk-off 34-yarder that gave West Virginia a 30-27 win.

“It’s got to be just any other kick,” he said. “You can’t hype it up in your mind.”

And what of his TCU counterpart, Jaden Oberkram, who was pressed into a 62-yard try earlier in overtime? Could Lambert have converted from that insane distance?

“That would’ve been pushing it.”

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  • Big Larry

    What a great kid!

  • Dougie

    Kid is having a great season especially for a frosh. I hope he keeps it up for 3 seasons!

  • Alex

    I seen a interview with Lambert after the game, he was cool, and the first thing I though was this kid has ice water in his his veins...He is a person I want on my team, with confidence like that...any day... Great job Lambert.