MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Arizona State’s Steve Patterson will be hired as athletics director at Texas, ending a search that began with West Virginia’s Oliver Luck as the frontrunner.

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Oliver Luck, last week labeled by Texas sources as the frontrunner to become the Longhorns AD, saw the job go to Arizona State’s Steve Patterson.

The University of Texas announced the hire Tuesday afternoon. It becomes official once UT regents approve the move during their meeting Nov. 12-13.

“Steve Patterson emerged as the perfect candidate to build on Texas’ athletic success and DeLoss Dodds’ legacy,” said UT President Bill Powers. “Steve helped build an NBA championship team and brought the Super Bowl game to Houston. Far more important, he’s run a winning program at Arizona State that places students first and is committed to their lifelong success.”

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, citing an unidentified source, reported that Luck “thought he had it” Monday night. So why was Luck bypassed?

Chip Brown of tweeted: “Oliver Luck’s close relationship with UT president Bill Powers made him the early front-runner. But Patterson blew advisory committee away.”

Another tweet from Brown: “Steve Patterson’s management and marketing skills and no-nonsense approach to making tough decisions gave him the edge.”

Patterson would replace longtime Longhorns AD DeLoss Dodd, who is retiring after three decades.

The 55-year-old Patterson and Luck, 53, interviewed Saturday before an advisory committee that was assembled to assist Powers in the search. Both men hold law degrees from Texas and have ties to professional teams in the state.

“It is Oliver Luck’s job to lose,” a source told Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News last week. “He’s No. 1 and No. 1A on their list. Then there’s everybody else.”

Within minutes of Tuesday’s breaking news, Carlton tweeted: “Steve Patterson went from candidate to frontrunner to new AD at Texas in about 2 days, source confirms. Great interview I’m told.”

Luck became West Virginia’s athletics director in June 2010, overseeing a department that generated $80 million in 2012, ranking 28th nationally. That’s less than half the $163 million Texas brought in last year, which was more than $21 million better than No. 2 Ohio State.

While Patterson has only been an AD since March 2012, he previously served as COO of Sun Devils athletics and possesses NBA and NFL management experience, working as GM of the Houston Rockets and senior vice president of the Houston Texans.

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  • Robert

    Some of you so called fans are living in the past when it was ok to be looted by WVRC of true market value for 3rd tier rights instead of making money to enhance facilities. Most of you yearn for the good ole days where a good year was beating Pitt, MD and the little sisters of the poor! It will take a couple of years to upgrade rosters and acclimate to the Big 12. Once some of the changes set a solid foundation WVU will be one of the elite programs in the nation. Have faith, be proud of the past, but embrace the future!

    • Neal

      I've been a Mountaineer fan for over 30 years so I commend your faithfulness to the school. However I have to call it like I see it. To me we already HAD the right personnel to compete in the B12 before Holgs got here, but he's now we're not the team we were 4 years ago. The whitewashing by MD this year is good proof of that. Maybe Holgs will be a good HC one day (I hope) bet he's definitely still learning on the job. In OT last Saturday he should have centered the ball and kicked a field goal as soon as we got inside the 15, but instead he runs more plays and gets a holding call, which almost took us out of FG range. He still coaches like he's playing a video game to me. He needs to use the best player on his offense (Sims) and quit trying to win with maybe the worst players on his offense (all of our QBs). To his credit he hasn't gone for it on 4th down much lately.

      • Chris

        So having less than 60 scholarship players is how you compete in the big 12? We had three players who were great. This is the first year since dana got here that we have had a body for every available scholarship.

  • blugldmn

    How about if we don't hear anymore words out of big Larry the big Richard cranium.......

  • Big Larry

    It is a SAD SAD day to be a Mountaineer Fan

    wherever you may be.

    • j

      Its a sad sad day for you Larry. But you are use to that aren't you? Being a troll trolling for Marshall and living in your mother's basement with no chance of loosing your virginity. Other then sawing off the corns on your mama's ugly feet, you don't have a lot too live for.

    • Mister Man

      It's always a great day to be a Mountaineer fan because, "We are..............not Marshall."

    • appikid

      Hey Mountaineers! Lets just start ignoring this guy ! We are making his day with our remarks! He probably has nothing better to do than set in his recliner and laugh when he gets to us! I for one choose to ignore him from now on!

      • Big Larry

        Looks like we are "stuck" with "Luck"

        • BHC

          And as a result, stuck with Holgorsen and eForest. Yay.

        • stevewvu

          and you're stuck living in your mom's basement

        • Andy

          No, we are happy to have Luck...stuck with you posting on this message board. Much different!

  • Big Larry

    There is no question that Oliver Luck was ready to jump ship. Had he been offered the Texas AD job he would have left Morgantown faster than a New York Minute...

    "Let the name of Oliver Luck be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument in Morgantown. Let the name of Oliver Luck be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of men for all time".

    We will not hear a word about this from Oliver Luck, but his sympathizers have already started throwing him his "Pity Party" and singing his praises...

    What are they thinking?

    • Chris

      Big Larry you are a big jackass. If you were offered a job making more money at the highest grossing department in your field, you wouldn't interview for it? You act like just because he came to WVU that he's required to stay here forever.

    • J the C

      Now we can add to the list of talents possessed by Larry the Loser, that he's a mind reader. What other prognostications do you have for us, O' Seer of the Future

    • Uncle Unctuous

      How fast does a New York Minute leave town, and does it pack its bags first?


    • stevewvu

      They're thinking that you will still always be a Marshall troll who is jealous of WVU.

      • Jason

        I am a Marshall fan..I am not really jealous of far as college football teams go, with storied programs...I am jealous of Ohio State, Notre Dame, and every team in the SEC.

        • stevewvu

          Was I talking to you?

          And if you are a Marshall fan, why are you reading and posting on this article about WVU?

          You are a fan of one a team that is a have not in the world of college football.


  • AlternFan

    Only a matter of time before Luck leaves. The mess he makes will be passed on to the next AD to clean up. 2 head coaches locked into big money contracts going in the wrong direction. I bleed gold/blue but this doesnt feel right. Luck is not the leader i was expecting when he returned to WVU.

  • Justin

    you know its bad when wvu alumni leave.. glad to see oliver still here only because texas didnt want him.. this world is messed up.

  • eduardo

    Alex, well put.

  • Georgio

    Glad he is not leaving. We need him to continue the progress we have made since he has been back at WVU.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Oliver Luck is staying put!!! Let's Go Mountaineers! Texas hired Steve Patterson and that is GREAT news for WVU! Hail WV Hail! and yes, it's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be!!

  • robEERt Carl

    Great news for WVU. Go Mountaineers

  • Alex

    Great news for West Virginia University.... Oliver luck has a lot unfinished things to complete here at WVU, now that is settled we have a good athletic director we have a smart coach who knows football...West Virginia it's going to be a lot better from now on out.... It's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be....

    • xploradman

      Right on Alex. Luck is highly respected here in Texas as well as all over the U.S. and has elevated WVU athletics to a higher level. His vision for WVU athletics is what we've needed for a long time as we languished in the minor leagues and received little respect. As a WVU grad living in Texas, I'm really pleased he didn't get the U of TX job.

    • susanf

      You have got to be kidding! A "smart coach who knows football"?? Have you WATCHED any of the games this season?? But you are right about one thing - Luck does still have unfinished business at WVU - he hasn't succeeded in completely wrecking all the athletic programs, but just give him time - I'm sure he will succeed!

    • GregG

      "Oliver luck has a lot unfinished things to complete"............You sure are right about that! He hasn't yet to price all the fans out of the stadium, but I'm sure he will now.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Go Mountaineers!

  • Shawn

    This is big for WVU. Now we don't have to worry about Rich Rod coming back. Luck has done great things for WVU and the state. I'm looking forward to the future.

    • Dennis

      Yeah he brought beer into the stadium and ran decent people to the TV sets...

      • Chris

        If beer sales in the stadium are a reason for anyone to not come to a game then you have some serious issues.

    • Debra

      Yeah glad Luck is staying. Bye-bye Mack Brown!

    • Justin

      how do you figure rich rod coming back? you probably think bill stewart will be reincarnated and become our new coach too.. huh

      • Jason

        Rich Rod is probably happy where he is..great weather...and his team is already bowl eligible at this point in the season.

    • WVUP

      Luck will leave. Not this time because he was not offered the job....but he will soon as he can get an offer. He has made a mess here.....and with ship sinking the rats jump.....he's just waiting on other place to land.

      • jojo

        Totally agree, guess WV is stuck for a little while. Luck has no feeling for WVU, just a sidestep till he can get something bigger to put on his resume..

      • J the C

        WVUP, your post doesn't deserve the time I'm taking to respond. OL has taken WVU athletics into the 21st Century! With so much more to do, I'm glad he'll be around for awhile. If and when he leaves, a career move, I will wish him"luck" and say Thanks!

      • Jason

        It isnt is just business...of course he will leave if he gets a better offer...there is only a hand full of college admin jobs that are at the top where people do not leave (Texas being one of them).and WVU just isnt one of them. It is just business.

      • mauldawg

        WVUP You have no clue. You must be a MU fan. I mean they have such a great AD.

        • Rock Solid

          Mauldawg: Right on! Marcia doesn't have a great anything!

      • The bookman

        Luck will leave when he has a better and more interesting job anyone should be able to do... He has already taken us to the next level...look at our schedule...Texas is coming this weekend to our house...regular season game...not a two for one non conference contract...every other year...big time college football...the basketball was marginal as the Big East was a beast of a basketball conference...certainly has lost some of its shine as some of the top tier teams have left..we will get better and we will improve but he has marshaled WVU through an incredibly turbulent time in college athletics and I believe without his skill set we would have been on the outside looking in...Do we strive to be National Champions or Conference USA champions? You make the call!

        • Jim

          @ the bookman - well said. We went years worrying about the implosion of the Big East as we watched one team after another leave. Oliver saw the writing on the wall and worked hard to make sure we were not on the outside looking in. In my experience every new endeavor takes time to adjust to the differing demands. I don't see it any different for our program. We have solid footing to stand on thanks to Oliver. I hope he stays for a long time to help us through the ever changing landscape of modern college athletics.

      • GoEers

        How is making ad additional 30-35 mil in reveunes for his athletic dept. considered a mess?

        Lol at you!!

      • Mike

        What mess?

        • BHC

          Dana Holgorsen.

      • Justin

        he will leave because of crappy fans like yourself.. marshall needs support, why dont you just cheer for them

    • Jo

      Would that be such a bad thing ??

    • Jason

      (Look to the future, because the present is a joke)


        So now that he has distracted everyone with his career posturing perhaps we can focus on all of the program issues at hand. If Luck is leaving, then do it soon, so we can get back to our program and all of its needs.

        • Andy

          Please do tell about all the 'program issues at hand'. The BB team had a mediocre year and now the football program is as well. Is that it? Got anything other than conspiracy theories or conjecture? No? Didn't think so...

      • mauldawg

        I guess you and the rest of the OL haters could do a better job. Maybe you need to get of the dole before you lok to take OL job. By the way you could not even carry OL jock. So many haters that have no clue.

        • Jason

          "Maybe you need to get of the dole before you lok to take OL job." ~ huh?

        • WVWho

          How heavy is it?

      • robEERt

        You are the joke. Happy he is staying. Go MountaineerSSSSSS

        • al

          You're happy someone is staying who obviously doesn't want to be here?

  • Big Larry

    Uh oh....It looks like the Oliver Luck sympathizers will now throw him his "Pity Party".

    Now he can root for the Mountaineers to win instead of the Longhorns.

    It is a SAD day to be a Mountaineer fan...

    wherever you may be.....

    • Little Bill

      How would you know?

    • J the C

      Thank God I'm not Big Larry, or rather, Larry the Loser!

    • Habib Haddad

      It simply means Oliver will get to finish the job he started. I, for one, am very happy to have OL in Morgantown for awhile longer.

      • susanf

        You mean continue the mess he has created?? I, for one, am not happy to be stuck with Luck.

      • GregG

        I can't say that I share your joy Haddad. Actually I'm pretty sad that Oliver all about the $$ Luck isn't leaving. So much for my early Christmas present.

    • GoEers

      Typical posts from the bigbest jealous Marshall troll around...he hates Oliver Luck because of the additonal $30-35 mill in revenues he earned for WVU since his time as AD. Guys like Oliver Luck make things happen, while trolls like Big Larry sit around, live on welfare, and go thorugh life jealous and miserable.

      • BHC

        This is bad news. Luck leaving was the only way to get rid of Holgorsen. We're stuck with that clown for at least two more years now.

        The football team will be terrible, but we'll have $$$.

    • Mike

      I'm not sad, having Texas' close 2nd as our AD ain't shabby

    • jpf

      Don't think he would be rooting for the shorthorns as long as he was still employed at WVU. He was the quarterback you know.

    • Andy

      Big Stupid speaks again...sigh. It actually makes me happier that this disappoints you than the fact that Ollie staying is a great thing for Mountaineer athletics. There is something inherently wrong with that, but I'm sure I speak for A LOT of people when I say you disgust us with your idiocy.

      • Rock Solid

        Andy: Congrats you are right on! Larry is a loser and always will be. I'll bet his parents are so sad that his mom carried him to term. The world would have been so much better off without him sucking up perfectly precious oxygen. Thank the good Lord that we get to keep Ollie. God does love WVa., now if we could just get His help to clean out the legislature, we could say we had a great year despite our football problems. Given time Ollie will fix that also.

        • susanf

          Real nice comment. Seems to me that you may have been a little oxygen deprived!

      • Hailey

        lil' brain Larry loves himself a lot , bet the guy has never been on a date with a l

    • Martinsburg Resident

      No just a sad day (any day) to be big Larry! Go Mountaineers!


        Yeah, right. Larry is on target.

  • jeco

    Looks like Texas found a hatchet man to fire one of the best football coach in the NCAA.

    • Frank

      In other news, poor John John just pooped in his cornflakes.

    • Shawn

      You're exactly right! That's what it comes down to. If Texas loses against WVU and drops 1 or 2 more to close the season then its over for Brown.