MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Arizona State’s Steve Patterson will be hired as athletics director at Texas, ending a search that began with West Virginia’s Oliver Luck as the frontrunner.

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Oliver Luck, last week labeled by Texas sources as the frontrunner to become the Longhorns AD, saw the job go to Arizona State’s Steve Patterson.

The University of Texas announced the hire Tuesday afternoon. It becomes official once UT regents approve the move during their meeting Nov. 12-13.

“Steve Patterson emerged as the perfect candidate to build on Texas’ athletic success and DeLoss Dodds’ legacy,” said UT President Bill Powers. “Steve helped build an NBA championship team and brought the Super Bowl game to Houston. Far more important, he’s run a winning program at Arizona State that places students first and is committed to their lifelong success.”

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, citing an unidentified source, reported that Luck “thought he had it” Monday night. So why was Luck bypassed?

Chip Brown of tweeted: “Oliver Luck’s close relationship with UT president Bill Powers made him the early front-runner. But Patterson blew advisory committee away.”

Another tweet from Brown: “Steve Patterson’s management and marketing skills and no-nonsense approach to making tough decisions gave him the edge.”

Patterson would replace longtime Longhorns AD DeLoss Dodd, who is retiring after three decades.

The 55-year-old Patterson and Luck, 53, interviewed Saturday before an advisory committee that was assembled to assist Powers in the search. Both men hold law degrees from Texas and have ties to professional teams in the state.

“It is Oliver Luck’s job to lose,” a source told Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News last week. “He’s No. 1 and No. 1A on their list. Then there’s everybody else.”

Within minutes of Tuesday’s breaking news, Carlton tweeted: “Steve Patterson went from candidate to frontrunner to new AD at Texas in about 2 days, source confirms. Great interview I’m told.”

Luck became West Virginia’s athletics director in June 2010, overseeing a department that generated $80 million in 2012, ranking 28th nationally. That’s less than half the $163 million Texas brought in last year, which was more than $21 million better than No. 2 Ohio State.

While Patterson has only been an AD since March 2012, he previously served as COO of Sun Devils athletics and possesses NBA and NFL management experience, working as GM of the Houston Rockets and senior vice president of the Houston Texans.

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  • David Warnick

    How long will it be until we find out the next team that Luck considers better than WVU and will they reject him too? Stay tuned for the never ending soap opera "WVU Who?".

  • D.P.

    Oliver, I'm ELATED you didn't get the job and I REALLY, REALLY hope you stay at WV!!! You've done a GREAT JOB at WV and thanks to you and Dr. Clements (and numerous others), the future looks very bright!!!

    But please DO NOT even consider bringing RR back!!!!! Unlike RR, had you left WV you would have done so WITH TOTAL CLASS!!!!!

  • Moon

    See it through Oliver. Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer.

    Do us proud brother.

    VR Moon

  • Moose ak

    Let's go WV,beat Texas!

  • WV Bud

    I agree with you Independent View .I too would like to see WVU in the top ten every year, go to a bowl and have a great record. But its crazy to think that just because we always had a winning record in the Big East, we would just continue in the Big 12. We can and will.Just takes time.Dana needs a little more time and I hope Luck stays for awhile.Why cant West Virginia people see the future?

  • Morgantown

    Someone told me that our athletic facilities/administration is envied by many, including some NFL teams. Has anyone else heard that?

    No matter what, LET'S GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!

    • Shadow

      Check with RichRod. Arizona just bought him a $70 million facility, something like he wanted for WVU.

  • Tom

    Overall, this is good news for WVU.

    Go Mountaineers beat Texas!!!

  • Big Larry's Wife

    Why does my husband spend so much time on this website embarrassing me????

    • Joe

      BTW Mrs. Big Larry, what exactly is he referencing with the word Big in his name?!

    • Joe

      We have all been wondering that ourselves Mrs. Big Larry!

  • John

    Great to know as a wvu graduate that our AD used us as his fall back. I for one will not look or respect Luck the same way!

    • Jock Strap

      So you have no ambition in life to further yourself? If Sheetz doubles your Go-mart wages you won't leave because of loyalty? The man is respected for his accomplishments, Texas is not the first school nor will it be the last school to come calling. WVU is lucky to have him on board.

      • John

        Lucky? I give him credit for creating more income by selling beer at the stadium. Outside of that he panicked and put us in a conference that is geographically not a fit. If he would have taken his time and let things fall in place we would have been in louisvilles place and headed to the acc.

        As far as ambition goes if he wanted Texas that is fine. However that doesn't mean I (a wvu grad, an 1100 club member, Mac member, and season ticket from nj) or anyone else should have get down on their knees and kiss his feet. As far as I'm concerned he hasn't accomplished anything significant as an athletic director at my Alma Mater yet. Hopefully now he will concentrate more on what he needs to do where he is rather than we he'd rather be.

        • Jock Strap

          My bad, the new baseball stadium, general facility upgrades, membership into the 3rd ranked football conference and doubled revenue without full payouts from conference yet aren't really accomplishments, I guess if we would have waited around instead good things would have just fallen in our laps. In case you weren't paying attention over the years the ACC never once in all their raids wanted WVU but if we held out another 20 years who knows what could have been, playing Memphis, Temple, SMU oh how I long for those games over Texas, Oklahoma and the likes what a mistake. Wish I was going to see WVU and Temple Saturday night instead of WVU and Texas don't you ?

  • derek

    I think UT is saving face by hiring Patterson maybe Luck just turned it down.

  • Independent View

    Texas' loss is WV's gain! Eddie P. couldn't carry Ollie's jock!
    Quick give Ollie a huge raise and get him off of the market, he's the best thing that's happened to WVU athletics in 30 years. And, give Holgerson a little more time, he's on the right track. To the naysayers that call for his head on a platter, obviously, you had no concept of the difference in competition levels between the Big 12 and the Big Least!


    Doesn't anyone in Indiana want him? He could be close to his son. Please find him another position soon.

  • The dude who made comment

    Neal, if you think we had the personelle in place to compete n B12 under Stewart u r smoking crack. BS had three really good offensive players, thats it. Our only victories would b Kansas and maybe Iowa St. Maybe. No Texas, Ok St, Baylor, TCU, etc

  • Dave

    I am glad Oliver Luck will still be WVU Mountaineer AD. Just another thing I will be thankful for when I'm slicing the turkey.

  • Phil M.

    It's a great day to be a Mountaineer !!

    Now bring on more expansion !!!

    • Larry

      More expansion of what?