MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Arizona State athletic director Steve Patterson has joined West Virginia’s Oliver Luck as finalists for the Texas job, according to reports by and the Austin-American Statesman.

If Luck is the choice, an announcement on the replacement for retiring Texas AD DeLoss Dodds is not expected before Saturday’s West Virginia-Texas football game in Morgantown. 

READ UPDATE HERE: Patterson hired by Texas

Patterson reportedly made a strong impression on the University of Texas advisory committee during a weekend interview. Luck also underwent an extensive interview Saturday, the same day WVU defeated TCU 30-27 in Fort Worth. 

The eight-member committee, which is assisting UT President Bill Powers in the search, will not interview any more candidates, according to the Austin newspaper.

At stake is not only a chance to oversee the most lucrative athletics program in the NCAA, but also a hefty raise for the chosen candidate, considering Dodds is earning $1.1 million this year. Patterson’s contract calls for a $365,000 base salary with widespread incentives tied to student-athlete APR, postseason appearances by all Sun Devils teams, and multiple fundraising objectives. Luck’s base salary is $550,00 with incentives capped at $150,000 annually.

Both Luck and Patterson have law degrees from Texas along with strong ties to the state. Patterson has worked in the front office with the NBA’s Houston Rockets, the NFL’s Houston Texans and with the Houston Aeros minor league hockey team.  He has been AD at Arizona State since 2012. 

Reports last week out of Arizona indicated Patterson turned down the Texas job, making his continued interest in the Longhorns is surprising to some staffers at his current school. On Tuesday, reporter Jeff Metcalfe of tweeted: “If Steve Patterson goes to Texas, will be direct opposite of what everyone was led to believe internally at #ASU last week.”

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  • eduardo

    Dana's class last year was one of the highest rated recruiting classes in WVU history

  • Dougie

    There is nothing to blame on Luck. The only things people can complain about is the performance of the football and basketball teams. That is on the coaches and/or players. Nobody can question either of those hires when they were done. Both looked like home runs. Luck has done a good job as AD.

  • Jack

    Mr. Luck plays a prominent role in both the business and sports world. I wish him the best if he goes to Texas, but I really hope he stays as WVU. You'll find out just how much he can accomplish at WVU in future years.

  • Big Larry

    I see all the Oliver Luck sympathizers are out in force.

    My question is...

    If he doesn't get the AD job at Texas, what kind of "Pity Party" will the sympathizers throw for him?

    Either way he gets a party.

    It should be interesting....

  • Alex

    If Mr. OL gos or stays WVU will survive...

  • Uncle Unctuous

    I can't find this site's comments policy. I'm wondering if it states that the commenter with the most capital letters and extraneous punctuation wins something.

  • D.P.

    Regardless of how it works out, I wish O.L. all the best!!! He has done a GREAT JOB while at WV!!!

    I'm not real hip on the Big 12, but it was our ONLY option!!! The various idiots who claim that all he did was "Make a phone call to get us into the Big 12" are COMPLETELY CLUELESS!!! The ACC would have been perfect, but sadly those SNOBS didn't want us!!!

    I, like MANY OTHERS, sure hope you stay at WV Oliver, but if not, I wish you and your family the very best!!!!!

    • Christopher B

      Finally......someone who understood the Big XII situation!!! Kudos to you for being intelligent!

  • wvrefugee

    I wonder what happens IF OL doesn't not get this position??? Does he become a lame duck administrator with no one being loyal??? I did however notice he has been handing out promotions this past week like they were candy to current athletic administration. Speaks volumes to me! GO!

    • Christopher B

      I really only think that there are just a handful of jobs that Luck would consider leaving WVU for. Texas is the most lucrative AD job in the country. For him to be considered for it, and refuse to interview would be stupid on his part. As West Virginians, don't we want to see our own go out into the world and strive and prosper and move on to bigger and better things? Contrary to what people in WV think, Texas is an infinitely better job than WVU could ever hope to be. Texas has more money, more resources, more EVERYTHING than WVU will ever hope to have. Now that we know he didn't get the Texas job, why do you people in the fan base want to just get rid of him? Just because he was interested in a better job? That line of thinking is completely self serving on your part. If you were offered to interview for another job, for almost triple what you make now, would you want the people that you currently work with to say that you should be fired, even if you didn't get the job??? Didn't think so. Take that bulls**t line of thinking somewhere else.

      • Rick S.

        Whether the Texas job is "better" than the WVU job is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, it is considered as more prestigious and I am sure it pays a lot more. But what is better for one person is not necessarily what is better for another person.

  • DaiAtlas

    I'm not so sure. The move to the Big XII has, right now, been good, but the travel and the fact that WVU is way outside of the geographic footprint of the conference is a negative. The football coaching staff that he has help assemble are not the greatest recruiters; so, I'm worried about future success of the team (who wants to always finish in the lower middle of the pack). The basketball program has some work ahead of it. I've got to give him credit for the upgraded facilities, but I know many of those were rolling before he got there. I'm not so sure about Luck's tenure at WVU... but, hey, we got out of the Big East.

    • Christopher B

      Here's the truth and the dilemma. WVU had no choice. We all know that the ultimate goal is to win the national championship. It's the only achievement that has eluded us. With the upcoming 4 team playoff, schools HAD to align themselves with the power 5 conferences (ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-12). We lobbied for the ACC first, and was immediately turned down. Then we get turned down by the SEC. The Big Ten didn't want us because of our seemingly low academic standards. The Big XII was it. It was the last and final option if we wanted to stay a nationally relevant program. The Big East/AAC loses their automatic bid status after this season. Then all of those teams (Cincy, South Fla., UConn, etc..) are basically just going to be one step above the MAC and CUSA. Is that where you really wanted WVU to end up? King of absolutely nothing except the Car Care Bowl or Pinstripe bowl, or would you rather live in mediocrity for a few years with the opportunity to make it back to a Fiesta Bowl, or Sugar Bowl, or dare I even say someday a National Title. We've lived in mediocrity before (the Nehlen era) and only Bill Stewart in all of WVU football history was able to produce 3 winning season his first 3 seasons. Also too, even though this is Holgersen's 3rd season, this is only his 2nd year of recruits, so his recruits at best are only either redshirt freshmen or true sophomores. His first season he didn't get a chance to recruit anyone because he wasn't the head coach during recruiting season. Stew was.

    • Jeremy

      Hey dummy, give Dana a chance with recruiting. Only his 3rd year. You can't expect a recruit to walk out of high school and be a star in college. Also you didn't say one thing about the revenue generation he has created from mid air (beer sales, tier 3, etc) the performance on the playing surface can't be pointed at the AD all of the time. The Athletic Dept. is WAY better off than what it was before Oliver got there. See the positive side of things for a while.

      • Christopher B

        remember this too......this is only his 2nd year of being able to recruit. His first season as head coach, he didn't get to recruit in the off season, and Bill Stewart was still the HC during the recruiting process. At best, Dana's recruits are redshirt freshmen or true sophomores.

      • DaiAtlas

        Coach has had 3 years to recruit... we should be seeing something. Unfortunately, we are not. Beer sales were in the works pre-Luck. I'll give you Tier 3, as Luck is the person that moved us into the Big XII giving us a better negotiating position. I would, however, fault Luck for not getting ENOUGH Tier 3 revenue. Oh well, not everyone is a master negotiator.

        • Jock Strap

          His oldest recruited class right now would be true sophomores or red shirt freshman. And if you hadn't noticed they are doing a good job recruiting, bringing in good athletes and actually filling all the scholarships that are available for a change. Pay close attention to the deficiencies on this team and most are the upper class men. In a couple years you guys will have to move on to another team I guess when things get lined out and the Mountaineer express is steam rolling thru the Big 12.

          • Christopher B

            Kudos to you Jock Strap. Someone who understands the fact that Holgersen didn't get to recruit his first year as head coach, because he wasn't the head coach during that particular recruiting season. His recruits are only 2nd year guys. Yes they have improved (at least defensively) from last year. I see shades of what could be in the future, if we can just build up the experience.

  • Bobby M

    If Luck is openly competing FOR starting AD job of Texas WHY WHY and WHY keep him around!???! I think if he doesnt get the Texas Job - WVU should just FIRE him anyway! Like "Oh really? Your staying because you did NOT get AD job at Texas? OK then how ya like these apples?! Your fired Friend!"

    • JW20

      Man.... Tell me one thing.. By the way I am a die hard WVU fan.. If you had a chance to go from making 550,000 a year to MILLIONS.. Yes with an "S" so that means more than one, would you not at least try to consider it!? I mean come on I don't blame the man at all but in the end he has done a lot of great things for WVU and they would move on with or without him so leave the man be..

    • Greg

      Why did he apply? Can you say pay raise? Either way, he goes to a million a year. At least now he doesn't have to pack up and move.

    • jfk

      why burn a bridge that you are standing on?!

    • Alum

      Wow, what a stupid post. I don't think I need to say anything else.

    • cutty77

      @ Bobby M,
      Spoken like a True Marshall Fan. You know Texas and Deloss Dodds had alot to do with WVU coming into the Big 12. Its nice that Texas Likes Oliver. What a Stupid Post you made.

      • Bobby M

        What on EARTH are you talking about!???! I'm a Marshall fan because A) I dont think we belong in a far away confrence like the Big 12 B) because I now think Mr Luck has the program in the WRONG direction C) I think its insulting to US (WVU) that he's shopping around for another JOB while being employed BY US!!??!?!?

        Guess what Friend!!? Looks like YOU are the one making stupid comments!!!

        • Christopher B

          You my friend, have absolutely, positively, 100% NO FRIGGING IDEA how intercollegiate athletics work making statements like that. You sir, are an absolute baffoon talking out of your rear end.

          • Bobby M

            Oh REALLY???!! And what school ARE you AD at again?!!! Ha! Right!

            I'm not suprised you dont get it Friend! Its called VALUE, integrity and respect for yourself!

            Tell ya what Friend I want you to try something FOR me! Go to work tomorrow an tell your BOSS that your going to look for another job BUT you'll only leave if you find something BETTER and you'll keep him UPDATED! Let me know how it WORKS for ya!

            SWISH! slamDUNK!!!! I win!!!

      • JaneM

        @Cutty. Bobby M ..William .. Rick S all are the same person ... He is upset because Mr Luck fired ..(William) Bill Stuwart .. Hired Dana As the coach in waiting. True fact... He has used other names on here too but mostly these ones.

        • Rick S.

          No, JaneM. Rick S. is not the same person as anyone else. I have not used any other names to post. And for you to not only suggest that, but call it a true fact, is totally wrong and totally destroys any of the tiny shreds of credibility you might have had.

  • tw eagle

    anytime changes are undertaken it is a painful process . . .Mr Lucks' time at WVU
    has brought many changes , the least of which is the break from the ' good ole boys'
    network of handling the financial ins and outs
    of the department . . .if Mr Luck decides to leave , WVU athletics department will continue to grow and prosper if it can maintain a perspective that reaches farther than the state borders . . .

  • George

    Though we are not in a very satisfying position at the moment, I think we will look back in the future and see Mr Luck's tenure here as forward progress for the WVU athletic dept. That will be the case whether he is here another month or for 10 more years. I wish him well regardless of what the future holds.