MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Big 12 and its schools unveiled their 2014 football schedule, and the most eye-catching facet for West Virginia fans is a Thursday night home game against Kansas State on Nov. 20.

While the opponents have been scheduled for ages, Tuesday’s release verified the sequence of conference games and the slotting of bye weeks. WVU will be idle in Week 3 before hosting Oklahoma and again in Week 12 before the K-State visit.

Also, for the first time since joining the Big 12, West Virginia won’t have back-to-back league road games.

Thursday night games—a product of TV dictating schedules—are by no means a weekly event in the Big 12, but there are at least two other midweek matchups: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State (Sept. 25) and the Thanksgiving showdown between TCU at Texas (Nov. 27). A third Thursday game, Oklahoma at Iowa State on Oct. 30, could flex back to Saturday depending on network shuffling.

A look at the Mountaineers’ complete 2014 schedule, including a ho-hum season opener at the Georgia Dome:

Aug. 30   Alabama (Atlanta)
Sept. 6    Towson
Sept. 13  at Maryland
Sept. 27  Oklahoma
Oct. 4      Kansas
Oct. 11    at Texas Tech
Oct. 18    Baylor
Oct. 25    at Oklahoma State
Nov. 1     TCU
Nov. 8     at Texas
Nov. 20   Kansas State
Nov. 29   at Iowa State

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  • Toadman

    I don't care if we have to play MD in College Park or not, I only hope we beat the c--- out of them. They will be in the Big10 next year and I hate the B10. We need to take them to the woodshed but first, we have to get past 'Bama! Unless we get a ton better than we are now, it looks like an uphill battle. We need to improve in the next 3 games and find a QB, a consistant passing game, a defensive secondary and a coach! Gooo Mountaineers!

    • beller

      You are exactly right. We definitely need an upgrade at head coach. Bama will destroy us unless we make some big changes

  • J the C

    After the OSU game I was talking to a guy...75ish from Alabama. Has season tix. Tries to make 2 or 3 games a year. He knows another guy his age in 'bama with season tix. He DRIVES up for every home game. Now, that's a FAN!

  • JHT

    Lets worry about Texas on Saturday night.

  • Kevin

    Hey Jeremy... I am a fan I am just asking what do you think our record will be.

    It is just a question.

    Take a chill pill my friend.

  • Shawn

    I think we'll go 11-1 in 2014.

    • Kevin

      Well I like that record better Shawn... Hope you are right...

  • Kevin

    What do you guys think the record will be?

    I look at as 4-8 or 5-7

    Lose to Bama. Maryland (I am up in the air with this one), Sooners,Texas Tech,OK State,Texas, and K-State.

    • Jeremy

      WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! We haven't even finished this year, which I'm sure u thought we would win 2-4 games this year too. Don't follow the program if you don't like some of the results. Go root for some other school and cry on there boards because the ticket prices are too high, or the coke costs too much, why don't they sell Pizza Hut instead of papa johns. If you are a Mountaineer fan then stick with them through thick and thin! Stop whining about what are record will be 365 days from now!

  • richard you even follow college football? guess Stanford, Oregon, Oklahoma and Baylor to name a few, aren't BIG TIME! I kinda like Thursday games.

  • Matoose

    Thursday night games are terrible for the city but much worse for fans. There are fans that have season tix that travel 5+ hrs. They either skip the game or burn 2 vacation days to attend. The league/school and especially TV has NO consideration for the fans in the seats. As one of the big 4 or 5 leagues, we should not agree to Thursday (or Friday) night games period!

    • Kevin

      Wah Wah Wah.

      Sell your tix to true fans.

      • beller


      • SamWV304

        Wvu runs the table in "14"...thts what a true fans says. We will be much much more experienced by then. Clints daddy comes home this spring..takes the o-line back where it belongs. On TOP...crushing the foes in ground.. while the qb and wrs try and figure out how Dremius is already in the endzone.

  • Gem-Digger

    Not sure if you checked the map but College Park is not anywhere near Baltimore. Granted it is not over 2 hours away but it is not next door either.

    • Will

      It was MD's home game that they chose to move to Baltimore.

      • Chad

        Will is correct if you will recall our band was not allowed to play because it was a Maryland home game.

  • Shawn

    WVU 34
    Alabama 33

    • Allan Taylor

      @Shawn: Quite the early call. But will Carswell play?

      • Shawn

        Yea I think he comes back and teams up with Shelton Gibson. This teams is going to be experienced and deep next year. Trickett will have a year under his belt and you'll see a different QB out there in 2014.

  • Big Dave

    WVU gets paid a lot more to have the game in Baltimore than in Morgantown. I forgot the figures, but it's quite a bit.

    Not supporting the idea, just telling you why it's being played there.

    • Will

      You're getting the game in DC with JMU mixed up with this one. That was a MD home game at Baltimore this year. WVU gets back to back home games against MD in '15 and '16.

      • Big Dave

        Ahhh, thank you.

  • David

    How far have we fallen? Thursday nights are not for upper level teams. When was the last time we played on Thursday night?

    • stevewvu

      don't you just feel stupid now?

    • Simon


    • Class of 04

      Thursday night games in Morgantown are great! Remember all the VT games!

    • Will

      That's the way Thursday started, but it has grown into more of a premier time slot.

      • Will

        In fact, I'd say the fact that we had no Thursday games this year speaks to the fact that no one expected much from WVU this year.

        • Jeremy

          WRONG! There were ONLY 2 Big 12 games on Thursday so far this year. So much for that negative comment!

    • stevewvu

      David you are correct Thursday nights are not for upper level teams. I mean just look at these 2 games being played this Thursday night:

      #6 Oklahoma vs. #10 Baylor
      #3 Oregon vs. #5 Stanford

      These 4 teams are definitely not considered upper level.

      Do you have any clue what you are talking about or are you another Marshall troll that likes to make idiotic posts about WVU football?

    • Brent

      Baylor and Oklahoma are also playing this Thursday. Glad you keep up with college football.

    • Luke

      Pretty sure Oregon and Stanford are playing this Thursday.....

  • Alex

    Looks like a power packed schedule.. Six games in Morgantown not a bad schedule... Five home games with a big 12 team at home next year.....WVU will have a lot better team next year than they have this year..... With the schedule for 2014 win them all is almost a guarantee to play as one of the championship teams next year... That's where we as WVU fans have always wanted to be nothing like the old Big East just get in a bowl game... The big 12 is good or West Virginia..

  • Brian

    Because of the IDIOTIC decision by Ollie to move our "home" game to Balt.
    So yes.....essentially it is two home games in a row for Maryland.
    Folks will tell ya it was for "recruting" purposes.
    Great; I bet those D.C. area kids are knocking down our door now after a 37 point LOSS!

    • Doug

      William Crest one of the top duel threat QB's committed to WVU. He is from Dubar High School. IN BALTIMORE MD. Guess that answers that for ya.

      • Mike

        + 1

    • Will

      That was a MD home game at Baltimore this year. WVU gets back to back home games against MD in '15 and '16. Had to do with conference rearranging I believe.

      • Greg

        Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  • unclec

    Why are we playing maryland away again