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Bolstered by his 154-yard rushing day at TCU, Charles Sims is third in the Big 12 at 83.8 per game.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The 2012 Texas game made a momentary hero out of Andrew Buie, the kid with the straightline bursts running for 207 yards and two touchdowns in what so far stands as the pinnacle of West Virginia’s still-brief tenure in the Big 12.

Though Buie’s currently on a season-long hiatus from the team, the Texas defense will be facing an even better running back Saturday in transfer Charles Sims.

The senior transfer grew up in Houston and spent his first four college seasons there, becoming a Conference USA standout in the long shadow of the Longhorns.

“I always wanted to play Texas,” Sims said this week. “Growing up as a kid, that’s all you heard about was Texas.”

Sims saw film from West Virginia’s 48-45 win in Austin last season, and hopes this season’s reshuffled offensive line can have similar success.

“The O-line just established the front early in the game,” he said. “We want to be physical like that again.”

After a season-best 154 yards against TCU, Sims has climbed to third in Big 12 rushing at 83.8 yards a game. His 38 catches lead all conference running backs. Most of those catches have come on quick screens near the line, de facto extended handoffs that allow Sims to put pressure on defenders in space.

“This guy can go,” said Greg Robinson, who replaced Manny Diaz in Week 4 as the Longhorn’s defensive coordinator. “He can really go, obviously. He’s got speed, but he can put the foot in the ground and make the cut. I think he’s tough.”

The offensive guard tandem of Quinton Spain and Mark Glowinski was stellar at TCU, and the man between them certainly noticed.

“They’re just two physical guys who like coming off the ball and smacking people in the face,” said center Pat Eger.

As West Virginia gains more experience installing its power scheme, the unit’s execution needed to pick up—and the TCU game may have been the sharpest outing yet.

Four of the five current offensive line starters saw action at Texas last season—only Glowinski, who did not travel while redshirting—has yet to face the Longhorns.

“Mark’s the type of kid where you don’t have to get him ready,” Eger said. “He’s just a physical, nasty kid who likes coming off the ball. He’s ready for whatever.”

Returning to the starting lineup last week in the wake of Ronald Carswell’s suspension, receiver Mario Alford netted a season-high 63 yards on three receptions.

With Carswell subsequently ruled out for the season, Alford seems a sure bet to remain at outside X-receiver after struggling in the slot.

“He’s starting to get more confidence, and he didn’t have any at camp the beginning of the year,” said quarterback Clint Trickett.

“In camp you’re going to get yelled at more than you are in-season, and you’d just see him get down. I’d have to pull him aside and say, ‘Hey, it’s a long process. I’m going through it to and our time will come.'”

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  • pghmountaineer

    There is no reasonwhy WVU can't be very good rushing the ball next year. They have a stud transfer from Pitt, Rushel Shell who is like Noel Devine and Steve Slaton with more powerful legs. He will be fun to watch. And this will help our quarterback imensley.

  • Big joe

    If Holgs team don't improve after next year he will be gone! He is awfull and it won't get any better.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    I'll say this about Clint....He isn't the best QB WVU has ever had...but by god he is one of the toughest physically we have ever had. He takes a beating and just keeps coming back.

  • WVcoal

    Sims is a helluva ball player. I only wish he could have played his entire career as a Mountaineer. Can you imagine having Sims, Austin, Bailey and Geno on the same offense for 3-4 years!?! Probably would've beaten Clemson by about 84-33 in the Orange Bowl.

  • a person

    i really hope your a girl

  • a person

    whats the website

  • a person

    people these days are so immature! oh goodness well hopefully people will eventually grow up

  • tristan

    Clint Trickett is probably the best quarterback I've seen since Joe Montoya!!! Wins the National Championship and Heisman next year!! Roll Mountaineers!!!

    • Pruntytown

      There is not enough room for you on this pond. Stop fishing in my waters.

  • Preston


    • OldLB

      Your not even the best team in that county!!!

    • Lee

      Those snuff rubbers up there in Preston dont even own the County

    • WVcoal

      Aren't the Knights going to Bridgeport tonight to get another spanking? That's what I thought.

    • Jason

      in drop out rate?

  • MoMoney

    It's a terrible shame that the idiots Holgorsen and Dawson have not used Sims to his full potential all season. I've said all along that Sims should be getting 20 carries a game. With lackluster QB's, you don't have them throwing 45 times a game. Just stupid offensive coaching.

    • Jason

      It is a case of coaches being stubborn and not coaching to the strengths of their players. Holg is so set on making is passing schemes work, he has blinders on...good coaches evaluate the strengths of the players they have on roster and make the offense fit around the players...while recruiting players to fit the mold of the schemes you would like to implement ultimately...Sims is a talented runner and WVU has no real QB or WR's this year..they should have focused on running the ball more this year instead of jamming the gimmicky passing stuff down the players throats...also..other teams are starting to figure out Holg's O...after that big bowl win...they wont sneak up on anybody anymore...YOU NEED A BALANCED ATTACK.

  • smitty 13

    Best AD in the country, what are you smoking? If he was best he would be at Texas!!!! They could see through the smoke!!!! Now we are stuck with him, what a sad thought!!! We will make lots of money but our athletes will pay the price. Also the money we make in this new conference will soon be spent to improve facilities to try to keep up with the big boys!!! Sounds like the Smiths trying to keep up with the Jones!!!!! Very sad time to be a wvu fan!!! Basketball is coming and it looks lot like same!!!

    • stevewvu

      I'll settle for wvu having the second best AD in the country.


    It looks to be a great game this weekend in Mo-town, both teams are playing better, but Texas is playing a lot better all the way around. Texas should win this game...I am looking forward to seeing what Dana & company have put together as game plan and how well our kids will be able to execute the game plan.... this game is huge for WVU and what it could do for the program and yes just like last year. We need to win the game for many reasons and one of them is for Oliver Luck the best AD in the country.Let's Gooooooooooo!!!!Mountaineeeeeeeeeeeers!!!!

  • rekterx

    I'm thinking it's just about the right time for Charles Sims to have a big, big game. If the Oline improves a bit more this week we may see that game Saturday night.

  • Wv

    What is up with carswell .He is a deep threat

    • WVcoal

      ...but he can't catch the ball once he gets deep.

    • Pruntytown

      You are correct. A THREAT to reach DEEP in your pocket and steal your wallett.

  • SamWV304

    Man i knew i was missing seeing somebody on the field bouncing around like a rabbit on steroids being chased by coyote. (Besides Tavon#1Austin) Man I miss seeing that dude make people look stupid, with the flying Wv on. I hope Buie comes back. He's got talent for sure i thought anyway. Simms go chew me some Longhorn meat with those "Sweet Feet ".So I can make us all nsome Texas style West "byGod"Virginian Beef Jerky.LetsGooooo..

    • Bobby M

      Few things Friend!

      Buie was not SO great as you may think! Remember all those MANY outstanding runs HE had??? Yeah I dont either!!! He had two good games in Orange Bowl and Texas and THATS it!!! Heres my nickname for Sims AND Buie! I call Buie Mr Weebles! Because he was all weeble wobble TOP heavy runner with NO good balance!!! One hit below the waste and Mr Weebles came crashing DOWN! I call Sims Mr Tripps because he always seems like he's "THIS CLOSE" then gets all trippy FEET and splashola! He's down!

      Mr Tripps is FAR better than Mr Weebles Friend! Because Mr Tripps is always "this close" to breaking a super LONG run and someday I hope HE will rumble ALL the way!!!!!