MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Two Morgantown High School students face juvenile criminal charges after a Wednesday morning fight that included one of the students suffering multiple stab wounds.

Morgantown Police were called to the high school just after 7:00 a.m.  Officers say a 17-year-old boy was stabbed multiple times in the arm and chest.  Witnesses told officers the 17-year-old attacked the 14-year-old in the hallway and then the 14-year-old boy produced a folding knife and began stabbing repeatedly.

“The school resource officer was able to respond very quickly and provide treatment to the victim,” said Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston.

Preston said the victim suffered both cut wounds and puncture wounds.  He was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The 14-year-old was released to his parents following a juvenile detention hearing. He’s been charged with unlawful assault and possessing a weapon on school grounds. A trial date will be set within 30 days.

The 17-year-old has been charged with battery. He was expected to be released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon.

Monongalia County School Superintendent Frank Devono said the two boys knew one another.

“We do know that one boy appeared to be picking on the other and this boy reacted in this way,” said Devono.

Devono says they sent out numerous communications with parents throughout the incident to let them know there was a situation and it was being dealt with by the proper authorities.

The school was placed on lockdown while officers cleared the scene. The lockdown was lifted by 9 a.m.


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  • Parent

    Shame on those who want to blame the school systems for problems. There is always the rare exception, but children act the way a parent allows them to act. Teach them respect and work ethic at home and there will not be as MANY problems at school. There bullying in schools. Geez, we now have stories of bullying in NFL locker rooms. Why do you think schools are going to be perfect! School personnel are dealing with so much now!!! How about supporting your school instead of always taking the side of your bratty child.

    • Leo

      Bless you parent, well said. Thank you, from a current teacher.

    • Parent/teacher

      As a parent and teacher in mon county I support what our school system tries to enforce regarding all policies. I really believe most problems in the schools stem from lack of parental involvement and control if their own children. It's time to start making the students and their parents responsible.

  • Samantha

    What's really ridiculous is that most students at other schools will never hear about this incident. How about a teacher reads some current state-wide school events to their students? Maybe Billy the Bully will think twice about picking on Freddie the Freshman because you never know if this might be the day Freddie stabs your bully a$$.

  • JB in Morgantown

    Amazing to read posts by people I assume are adults where they are calling each other names like 6 year olds. Perhaps that is indicative of why our children are stabbing each other in our schools. Sad all around. I'm a third generation MHS graduate. My children being the latest to graduate from there. Sad to see the campus becoming like a prison in the name of "safety"

  • matt

    This is why WV needs to get with the times like PA already offers a home based school system holds the schools accountable...I personally no the schools do nuthing about bullying in mon county...They reward the deliquents with special time and spend all there energy with them...There should be zero tolerance for bullying..A bully when recognized should be sent to another school or isolated from other students...If this kid whom is 17 was bullying a 14 year old thats rediculous and should never be allowed...

    • wv4evah


    • Proud West Virginian

      WV does have online classes that can be done at home. Morality at home & in society is what is missing.

  • Mom

    But was there a counsler on duty for the kids to talk to????????

    • Student

      Yes, there was.

  • S.

    Seeing adults name-calling and finger-pointing, bickering over who has balls and who doesn't. No wonder kids bully and attack each other when the ADULTS in this world don't know how to act.

    • wv4evah


    • ss


  • ss

    It doesn't matter where you live, violence can happen in any school, whether it is committed by students or outsiders. Remember Sandy Hook, NJ, and Columbine, CO. One school is no better than another, and blaming the school system is not the answer. I don't know what the answer is, but violence in our world is getting worse and worse.

    • concerned citizen

      The answer...JESUS...Bring prayer back in school!!!

      • jason

        Because the Bible expressly forbids violence, right?

        • concerned citizen

          Jason, The Bible teaches values and morals. You won't understand it without Jesus in your heart! Its a spiritual thing! Rom. 10:9-10

          • jason

            It seems pretty straight forward, what part am I misunderstanding. If my little brother comes to me and says he wants to be a Buddhist, I'm supposed to smash his head in with a rock. Right?

          • concerned citizen

            Nice scripture Jason. (Duet. 13). I may incorporate it into my sermon this Sunday at my church. Wish you could be there to get the understanding. Praying for you! Jn. 3:16

          • jason

            Deuteronomy 13:6, 8-15, whole lotta morals and love right there, concerned citizen, or does that part not count?

    • Jenny

      Funny how Jesus said this was going to happen.

      But what do I know? The Bible is just a fairy tale. Right?

      • zj

        You are was a fairytale! I'm glad people are coming to terms with this.

        • concerned citizen

          zj doesn't get it! I'm sure he evolved from an ape! LOL

    • jmr012

      Well written, ss. I agree completely.

  • yep

    Assuming the 17 y.o. was the aggressor and the bully, maybe he will mind his own business going forward and leave other students alone.

  • KT

    Unreal. There are so many issues in these schools. Saying this is one of the best schools in the state doesn't say much. WV is not know for There educational system! I'm so glad we got out of there. My kids are so challenged and in a safe environment now in a different state. Our schools too have zero tolerance.....

    • Proud West Virginian

      If you are going to complain about the quality of WV Educational System, please use correct grammar. In response to the murder, it happened during the summer outside of University High School. I saw these girls interact in a classroom setting & there were no red flags.

      • Helpless

        You are bulling by "Use correct grammar" We cannot teach our children to be positive when we adults bully others!

    • ss

      Just because there is zero tolerance doesn't mean it won't, or can't, happen. It just means it's not tolerated if it does.

    • jmr012

      I'm not praising West Virginia's school system, but just because a school system has a zero tolerance policy, that policy DOES NOT automatically make a school system a good one. It just creates a school to prison pipeline for a lot of kids.

      • Darren

        It is the school systems job to Educate the mass. If an unruly student interupts this, the student should be reprimanded or removed if necessary. Tolerating this behavior doesn't help the situation, but rather allows it to fester and grow. It is NOT the sytems job to raise our children.

    • Dan C

      This isn't the first instance of violence ever recorded in the world, situations like these happen everywhere. Criticizing the educational system in WV in reference to this situation is preposterous. Teachers are limited in what they can do when it comes to the magnitude of good morals and high standards they can instill into their students. Those things foremost need to be taught at home. WV has a great educational system.

      • Mike

        Dan you're wrong!

        • Dan C

          Everyone has their own opinion...the educators in WV taught me well enough to get me in medical someone, somewhere is doing something right.

      • Joe

        WV has a great educational system?! Can you list your source not to include the WVEA or AFT?

        • WV school graduate

          First off, I feel like it's necessary to say that I'm a 19 year old, fresh out of the school system in question. Got a couple things to say to you, John Doe. 1: I like how you asked for a source for his personal opinion. Maybe the thought came from his experiences in the school system in question? 2: How can you condemn the reputation of an entire school system, based on the actions of a few individuals who attend said school system? One person takes a knife to school and stabs someone, so the whole system must be jacked, right? Logic, sir. Can you use it? Kinda funny that a 19 year old kid understands the situation better than a teacher, wouldn't you say???

          • wv4evah

            excellent observation WVSG

          • mauldawg

            You understand nothing,you just think you do.

        • Sad Situation

          And if you can play sports or have the right last name you can go far.

        • Parent

          My WV school system is great. Our state tests and AP scores rank at the very, very top! I appreciate the fantastic teachers at my children's high school. I guess "KT" or "Joe" did not go to school in my system based on the spelling and grammatical errors in their postings.

        • Dan C

          I'm just speaking from personal experience. All of the teachers and educational staff in my area have been great. I guess the statement "WV has a great educational system" in general was a little far-fetched. Could be a lot better, could be a lot worse, i guess. But to base the assumption that WV has a bad educational system on the basis that a kid stabbed another kid in school is irrational.

  • Shepherd

    whatever happened to just a good old fist fight? Times have definetly changed since I was in school. Just hope everyone is ok.

    • Sad Situation

      A 14 year old against a 17 year old wouldn't be much of a fist fight. You can only take being picked on for so long. I have been there. No I didn't take a knife to school and would never condone that. But, It is a kid against a nearly grown man. Other people had to know this bully was picking on him.

  • Dan C

    I am going to chose my words carefully because I don't know the full story. Situations like these are tough to fathom. There wasn't just ONE victim, both boys were victims. Though I don't condone any type of violence or wish harm on anyone (and hope that both boys fully recover), I have no tolerance for bullies. I am not surprised by the outcome. Hopefully everyone involved learns many valuable lessons. Prayers going out to both of them.

  • A Lanham

    I am not all that surprised by the students reaction. This was obviously a preconceived fight, and the 14 yr old came too prepared. Although I have 0 tolerance for violence, if the young one was was being bullied for a long time, and then knew he was going to get beat, I can not say that I blame him. A human being especially being so young can only handle so much before they snap.

  • Rich

    Have heard nothing good about Morgantown High and University High other than they can play football.

    • Proud Graduate of MHS

      As an alumni of MHS I agree that something should be done to better enforce the rules and monitor the behavior of the kids. However, I also believe that if a kid was being bullied and no one stepped up for this him then shame on them! This is probably something that all could have been avoided if someone would have, how did you put it, "grown some balls".

    • Concerned

      Mhs is one of the best schools in the state. If you've heard nothing good, then you're not listening.

      • Big Dave

        Which school had the girls that killed their best friend, Skylar Neese? One of the Morgantown schools, but I don't remember which one.

        • Joe

          University High.

          • Pruntytown

            Hi, Joe.

  • John Doe

    I am a former WV teacher and am now teaching in SC. The school district I'm working in has a zero tolerance policy. One fight and you are expelled for the year. It works great. Mon. County should grow some balls and look into it. I don't see bullying in the halls, no profanity in the class room, absolutely no cell phones out at school. Works very well in the inner city here. Many of you would be in shock and fisgustef if you walked through the halls of a high school in Mon. County.

    • nrw

      John Doe the responses below are exactly the reason the school is the way it is. Everyone wants to overlook the obvious. Stricter rules and regulations make better and safer schools. If parents did their job better then the Education System would not have to be so regulated. I for one am with you John on this one. I've read and seen too many things left go lately in Mon and Preston County and the parents are defending the bad actions. Like the boy who threatened to kill some girls on the bus and peed in his hand and wiped on their faces. Really people get a grip. This poor boy obviously needs some help and more than a suspension. You who are in denial need to wake up. These episodes are happening more often. Parents need to step up and take SOME responsibility.

      • Lol

        So if a kid even defends themself they are gone for the year? Sounds like you are apart of the "intelligent" tea party. This was a freak thing and morgantown and university high are both not known for this type of behavior. Cute you brought your wife and track record into this.

        • John Doe

          I have worked at both and there are fights at both schools almost weekly. When they happen the rest of the students huddle around and cheer it on like they are gladiators. As a teacher it is very difficult to get through the crowd to break up the fight. I have witnessed teachers and even principles being cussed out. Then the same kid is at school the next day or one day later. I have sent students to the principle for refusing to give up their cell phone. To have the same student sent back to my class still in possesion of their cell phone. I have had students answer their cell phone while I was lecturing. The only freak thing that happened was this broke the news. You work one day in that environment and you tell me how cute it is.

    • jmr012

      You sound like kind of a weirdo, authoritarian freak to me, John Doe. The kind of "man" who has no "balls." You must have been terminated from employment in a school here in West Virginia, and after your teaching credential suspension was over, you fled to South Carolina to start the ugly cycle all over again. A leopard never changes its spots.

      • John Doe

        No, I have an excellent track record. I was even begged to stay. Moved down here for my wife's job. Just like what I see down here a lot better in the education system. I see respect for students and faculty here. Very nice change.

    • Funky B

      Shouldn't you be teaching instead of posting in a comments section?

    • Ron

      John Doe, where do you work, in a prison??
      Mon County schools are fine. You are the one without balls and should grow some.

      • John Doe

        You must be one of those wimpy parents that run Mon. County. Give little Johny 20 chances until he stabs someone.

        • Bill

          Chewing gum!!! Expelled!!! You must work in a school with three kids.

          • John Doe

            Chewing gum is a lot different than fighting, stabbing, bullying. The school has over 1,800 students that I work at. The B.O.E. here just doesnt put up with any crap. You are obviously not a teacher Bill if you think this these type of behaviors should be taken lightly. I guarantee you if these types of activities happened at your work the people involved would be fired and taken to jail. Do you work?

  • Big Dave

    I'm surprised this even made the news. They only seem to report things like this (and fist fights that happen at every school) when they occur at Capital.