Photo courtesy Pocahontas Times
Former Pocahontas County Deputy Bradley Totten, center, was taken away in handcuffs when he was charged last year.

MARLINTON, W.Va. — A former Pocahontas County sheriff’s deputy faces 10 to 20 years in prison when he’s sentenced Friday morning on a sexual abuse conviction.

Bradley Totten, 41, of Hillsboro, pleaded guilty to one criminal count in July. Circuit Judge Jim Rowe will sentence him Friday morning in Marlinton.

Totten had originally been indicted on 66 separate counts stretching from 1995 to 2010. Those charges linked him to approximately two dozen women and girls over a 15-year period. Special Prosecutor Brian Parsons previously told MetroNews Totten would sexually abuse women after he had arrested them. Parsons said Totten also had sex with women on home confinement and on community corrections.

But Parsons opted to offer Totten a plea bargain instead of going through with all 66 counts. He said some of that decision was based on the opportunity of keeping some of the victims from testifying.

“There’s what you would like to do as a prosecutor in terms of securing a lot of potential jail time but you have to balance that with the interest of the victims and the interest of the public,” Parsons said after the July guilty plea. He also said he would not stand silent at Friday’s sentencing.

The sentencing is set for 10:15 Friday in Pocahontas County Circuit Court.


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  • P1

    Pocahontas County is a cesspool of corruption with dirty cops and other government officials running wild. As soon as the FBI and U.S. Attorney's Office is done with the goons in Mingo County, please send em over to clean up the stench in Pocahontas.

  • Jima.

    Jason412.......There is no way that he will be released that soon as you mentioned. The West Virginia Parole Board does not like Police Preditors.....he will do at least 10 years! Which is not enough!

  • EPBulldogs

    It just doesn't make sense to me that they allowed him to plea to less time than he was reportedly committing the crimes. A 15 year period of crimes while an officer of the law and he may not be locked up for even half that time? And wait that says women and girls so i'm guessing he was involved with underage youth? That alone should have him locked up for much longer.

  • MTNR

    Why does Metronews allow disgusting comments like MoMoney's to be posted?

  • Hillbilly

    He will get all the sex he can handle in prison.. might not be the kind he's used, to but "Hope and Change" are what we need in this country, right???

    • Fuller Malarkey

      I wish you were right. I'm sure part of his plea deal will be to do what little time he does in a facility set up for cops doing time. He'll be a hero there.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    A disgrace to all of the dedicated police was this allowed to go on so long? There had to be warning signs & indicators for the people around him to see... I'm a big supporter of Law Enforcement and glad to see this punk will never harm another helpless victim. Plea bargins are unfortunately a necessary part of our judicial system.

    • Fuller Malarkey

      it isn't possible this "officer" operated for 15 years, committing these types of assaults on women and girls without other cops knowing about it.

      "And this brings us to a point that has to be driven home with the pitiless force of a jackhammer: It is the guilty, collusive silence of good police officers that makes possible the ever-accumulating atrocities of the 'bad' ones." - William Norman Grigg

      IF police policed their own, these atrocities at the hands of police wouldn't be possible. Several cases a day are made known by the CATO institute.

      • toto

        actual point being, there are a lot worse than Totten in Pocahontas

    • el duderino

      You think rape by cop is rare? Wake up. It happens every day, a lot of them child rapes. Rape is more often committed by cop than any other profession.

    • Jason412

      The same thing is happening in Belington with the sheriff being accused by 5 young females of trading leniency for sex and wont even be in CIVIL, not criminal, court for another year.

      Wasnt long ago in Elkins a young 19 or 20 year old city cop was fired for his relationship with a minor. Why is it fired not indicted? But it is the same town who waited 2 years to fire Sgt. judy after calling Roy Simms a n****r, who was a promiment local black citizen who was involved in the administration of D&E college. Despite the incident being capturdd on his dash cam or uniform microphone. You dont seereadin either of those incidents on the news, besides 2 line vague mentions.

  • concerned citizen

    What's new....typical stuff in WV! Its all over the USA! Sex, violence and drugs has become the way of our country. Proof there is a devil and that 'hell is fire'! Jn. 3:16.


    I agree, his position was supposed to be one rich in trust and integrity. So he better get what he deserves..........I am sure a lot people will be watching.

  • Jason412

    Deserves a 25 to life plea, the deal part being its not life without parole. Though im sure he'll get a quarter of that as a sentence, and do 1/3 of that time. So count on this guy being released back to the same community in 9 months to a year.