CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Sources tell MetroNews longtime West Virginia Auditor Glen Gainer will officially announce his campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives in West Virginia’s First District on Friday.


Glen Gainer as been West Virginia’s auditor for more than 20 years.

Gainer, a Wood County resident who is in his 21st year as auditor, has been weighing a Congressional run for months now.

“I’ve probably overanalyzed it, to be quite honest,” he told MetroNews last month.  “But we wanted to make sure we made the right decision.”

Gainer was expected to meet with his core supporters in Parkersburg on Thursday night before making a public announcement on Friday.

If he wins the Democratic nomination in the May Primary Election, he could challenge current Congressman David McKinley (R-WV 1) in the 2014 November General Election.  McKinley is seeking his third term next year.  He was first elected in 2010.

“We’ll take it,” said Conrad Lucas, state Republican Party chairman, of Gainer’s candidacy.

“If the best they can come up with is an ethically challenged individual who openly endorsed Obamacare and Barack Obama, then we will gladly allow Congressman McKinley to run on his fiscally conservative record and his pro-coal and pro jobs message.”

Gainer is not up for reelection as auditor until 2016.

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  • Tim C

    Another establishment Democrat. When are you dumb&$% gonna learn?

  • D.P.

    Chris Zumbrunnen - Sure sounds like you're one of the "Lazy Ones" the rest of us are supporting!!! Relative to the government shutdown, that was DIRECTLY DUE to Obamacare and Obummer's ABSOLUTE REFUSAL to negotiate!!!

    When all is said and done, Obamacare will be the MOST COSTLY, SCREWED UP & WASTEFUL TRAVESTY EVER!!!!! Talking about a job killer, how many MILLIONS of jobs do you think this Socialist idea has already cost the country? BHO and the Far Left Dem Lemmings sure are starting to change their tune now that they see the peril Obamacare has put the Dems running for election in 2014!!! Fifteen Senators (all up for reelection) meeting with Saint Barry to try to dig themselves out of the VERY, VERY DEEP hole they've dug themselves!!!

    Fortunately, the GREATEST outcome of Obamacare is the Republicans will retain the House and it's looking more and more likely they will regain the Senate!!! Thank God, because if BHO had both Houses for his 2nd term, this Country would be on the road to European Socialism, if not outright Communism!!!

    And EVERYONE paying ANY attention knows how well that has worked in Greece, Italy, Spain and MOST of the other European Countries!!!!!

    Unlike Gainer (and the other WV Dem Political Hacks), McKinley has no aspirations of being a career Politician!!! I'm quite sure he's already announced this will be his last rodeo!!!

    A State Auditor without an accounting degree??? Wow-what a FRIGGING JOKE!!!Only in West Virginia!!!!!

    • EPMountaineer

      It is always easy to complain when its not your problem to come up with a solution. And if you believe there was no need for intervention in the private insurance markets then please tell us how was the existing sustainable? Or don't you remember before the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Before the ACA, private insurance was already increasing the premiums of their insureds while paying hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies less and less. Private insurance wasn't only making great money that way they were also making money off of Medicare. The Center for Medicare was paying private insurance companies more for management of its medicare beneficiaries then it cost the Center for Medicare to do on its own. The ACA changed that. Private insurance companies were reducing their covered payments to doctors and Hospitals, while Medicare wasn't getting any significant reductions. ACA changed that. Before, Medicare and Medicaid was paying upwards of $120 for basic doctor visits lasting no more than 15 minutes with a doctor. The ACA looked at what many private insurance companies were negotiating and reduced Medicare's coverage of a basic checkup, lasting no more than 15 minutes to $30. And put limitations on the use of certain tests, with the advice of the American Medical Association, which weren't effective or were unnecessary. One can't forget that private insurance costs started drastically increasing every year since 2001 and continued to drastically increase till 2010. Even though costs are still rising under the ACA, the rise of the annual increase has gone down. Long before the ACA, private insurance was already insuring fewer and fewer Americans. Many of the private insurance plans focused more on males and provided more coverage for male health issues and there were less plans with adequate coverage of female health issues. Overall, for males and females, private health insurance was limiting its coverage of more and more procedures. Worse yet, when insureds got sick, many private insurance companies just dropped them. Even the large corporations with access to the best private insurance policies were having difficulty covering the costs of private healthcare insurance. All the while, the large private insurance companies were recording increased profits.

      So the private insurance industry, which was already experiencing a downward trajectory for enrollees (losing customers), especially younger and healthier enrollees, and was already passing the increasing costs of having smaller and older pools of insureds along to the healthcare providers and the insureds for many years before the Affordable Care Act, huge costs which should have also hit their overall bottom-line instead of improve it, and you still think the Affordable Care Act is "too costly, screwed up, and a wasteful travesty." How do you define wasteful travesty? What is your solution for the long term sustainability of the healthcare system?

  • JTC

    Should be a great race! Cannot wait to campaign in support of Gainer and get rid of the arrogant McKinley!

  • Walls

    Glen is a quality opponent that has a spotless record as Auditor. He is well liked and respected.

    • melvin

      Seriously? On his watch, the state issued over a million dollars in payments to foreigners who set up a dummy account and submitted invoices. And most recently, this man snubbed his nose at the ethics laws and appeared in VISA ads.

    • WhgFeeling

      SPOTLESS?!?! All the bleach in the world couldn't wash away that unethical record!

  • Bill

    Hope he gets beat! Everyone wants change, but if an elected office holder tries to slow down governments growth and giving away more money then we have, he gets crucified. I know cut someone else's government payout just don't cut MY government payout! We don't need another democrat in office, we have way more now then is good for us.

  • Michael

    Gainer has the name recognition, the geographic location, and is very well liked. His staff is VERY well liked in NCWV.

    McKinley is not very likeable and his staff members are young, immature, and arrogant.

    McKinley only beat Oliverio because of the anger over Mollohan. That will not be the case this time as Gainer is friends with Oliverio AND Mollohan.

    McKinley is also in a lot of trouble in the Northern panhandle over his business doing poor work at a school.

    Gainer is going to beat McKinley. I guarantee it.

  • melvin

    Accountant, while I agree with you that Gainer is a career politician and not exactly qualified for the job, I disagree that his office employs mainly accountants. The auditor's office has very few accountants when compared to the huge number of employees. He mainly employs political hacks who are making large salaries and most of them are on "flex" time, meaning they come and go as they please. He doesn't audit his own office or staff, apparently. Where's Waste Watchers when you need them?

    • Accountant


  • RogerD

    Gainer's way to success will be his name recognition. Unfortunately that may go a long way here in WV. Many voters do not have the time or take the effort to inform themselves as to who they are voting for. That's one of the reasons we are where we are.

  • Accountant

    My biggest issue with Glen Gainer is that he does not have an accounting degree and is not a CPA. He is a career politician that should have not been elected. His degree is in political science. The auditor's office employs mainly accountants and contracts work out to CPA firms. Judges, prosecutors, and the Attorney General all have law degrees. The legislature should consider passing a law making it a requirement that the State Auditor possess an accounting degree, experience and the CPA designation. Although he has been in office for twenty years, I do not think he will be able to beat McKinley. The voters in northern WV threw Mollohan out after 28 years in office. I think the great people of WV are tired of career politicians who have been in office forever. We'll just have to see what happens in November 2014. Should be a good race.

    • Mike

      Agree on the credentials requirement for WV Auditor. Legislature should also require magistrates to have at least a bachelor's degree.

  • Chris Zumbrunnen

    David Mckinley voted to CUT FOOD STAMPS for 30,000 1st Congressional District West Virginians and also was part of the Tea Party FIASCO that shut down our Federal Govt and cost us $24 BILLION in doing so. It is WAY past time for McKinley to be permanently removed from Government in any capacity. He has consistently voted against the Average Working West Virginians BEST Interest since he took the seat in 2010 !

    • Accountant


    • Gary


    • Whatamoroon

      Cost who 24 billion? You? The people getting food stamps? I personally don't care if others get their "freebies " cut. All food stamp recipients are overweight anyway. It's probably why we lead the nation in obesity.

      • EPMountaineer

        The Tea Party Republican Shutdown of the federal government, which McKinley was an active participant, cost West Virginians a lot of money. Just considering the federal institutions and contractors in WV, West Virginians lost a significant share of the $24 billion lost nationally as a result of the shutdown. We can't get that loss of work and money back. Think about the private contractors, like Preiser Scientific, Inc, who provide services to our federal institutions, that had reduced work when facilities they provide services to, like NASA, were closed or had limited operations. The private contractors, like West Virginia University Research Corporation, which had funding/payments for their services delayed. The tourism dollars that were lost for the local stores and restaurants when national parks like Harpers Ferry and New River Gorge were closed.

        Your thoughts about food stamp recipients are sad. The supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) or "food stamps" as some still call it, had dramatic enrollment increases largely because of the Great Recession. From 2007 to 2011, the number of unemployed people increased by 94%. Over the same period, SNAP participation increased 70%. Thankfully unemployment has begun to fall. Further, SNAP participation growth has flattened out and participation is beginning to decline.

        SNAP is not helping West Virginians become obese. Highly processed foods including syrups and/or artificial sweeteners are very likely one of the causes of WV's obesity problem. Getting back to SNAP, heaven forbid these folks, who lost their jobs during the recession (a recession largely caused by the negligence of Wall Street), receive assistance for purchasing food. And it's not much assistance. Since ARRA, the average SNAP benefit per person has been $133.85 a month, which is now being reduced by $36. So about $1.40 per person per meal. One might say well let the nonprofits handle it. Well unfortunately the few community food banks, missions, churches, and similar orgs are not able to serve the dramatically increased need that came out of the recession.

        Increased SNAP funding around the recession has been and still is a very worthwhile investment for the health and educational needs of the children. If kids are hungry then there significantly less likely to be learning what they need to be learning to become successful adults. The estimated costs for the health and educational losses associated with childhood hunger are far more expensive than the costs of providing this short term access to food assistance.

    • Richard

      Yes, cut it all off, time for fat West Virginians to get off their butts and get jobs

      • Gary

        What jobs?

      • realitycheck

        lot of able bodied people in WV who have somehow been deemed "disabled" - read recently that WV has the lowest percentage of it's adult working age population in the workforce of any state in the nation.

  • Jim Donnan

    Gainer was fined for illegally helping Visa, a company his office conducts hundreds of millions of dollars in state business with. Ethics, dude.