CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Longtime West Virginia statewide officeholder Glen Gainer announced Friday his plans to run for Congress next year.

Gainer, who has been the state auditor for 21 years, told MetroNews he’s been considering a run in the First District race for several months but the recent federal government shutdown pushed him over the top.

“The games that are going on in Washington—placing political agendas above the welfare of the people of this country and this state and particularly the First Congressional District, it’s time that the games stop,” Gainer said.

The Wood County Democrat made his initial announcement in Clarksburg Friday morning with a later announcement scheduled in Wheeling. He said his experience running statewide campaigns would greatly help in a congressional district race.

Gainer admitted running for Congress would be very expensive and he promised to work hard to raise the money necessary. MetroNews asked Gainer if the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) had promised financial support. He didn’t specifically answer the question.

Gainer said two-term Republican Congressman David McKinley has been out of touch with the residents of the First District.

“His performance has really been almost non-existent,” Gainer said. “He’s not been effective. He’s not leading and trying to bring change to the First Congressional District. And if anything, he’s been part of the problem.”

The West Virginia Republican Party was quick to respond to Gainer’s announcement calling him an “Obama endorser.”

“We proudly stand with conservative, pro-coal Congressman David McKinley to represent folks in northern West Virginia. If Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi think we need more liberals like Glen Gainer, West Virginia families have much to fear,” GOP Chair Conrad Lucas said in a prepared statement.

The GOP also pointed out out a pair of Ethics Commission investigations against Gainer in recent months.

Candidates will formally file to run for office in January.


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  • Daniel

    Maybe it's just me, but every time I hear a politician say things like, "I will change the way Washington, D.C. works," I keep hearing that teacher from Charlie Brown that goes: "Waa Waa Waa Waa Waa..." The saddest part is people ACTUALLY believe them!!! Joe Manchin said the same thing, as did every other political figure from WV. Has anything changed? Yes, the amount of ignorance you voters are able to absorb! No damn wonder the rest of America looks at WV and laughs! A state auditor without a degree in Accounting? What will Natalie Tennant do when she wants to be heard? Don her lady Mountaineer gear and fire the musket? Wow! Yes, things have changed! But only in the amount of ignorance you people have forced yourselves to believe! You keep asking for it, you will certainly get it. But it wont be the change you are seeking, I guarantee you this much!!!

    • Daniel

      P.S. Where do you think your beloved coal industry will be when O'Bama is finished in the White House? It will be like the Arab nations without oil. Worthless and without a backup plan! Look up the definition of insane! That is what WV voters are!!! The only words left out are "Ignorant Fools."

  • Susan Smith

    In the end...anything would be better than Shelley (Tea Party Pal) Capito. She was a long time supporter of the government furlough and anything else Boehner and Canter wanted. Finally she did the right thing. She will work for the Republican party..not the people of WV. The Dems better nominate a GOOD CANDIDATE!

    • Wowbagger

      I know your daddy and your grandfather were Democrats and taught you that you should be too.

      Susan, the Democratic Party is now dominated by progressives, who look down on you and consider themselves your betters except when they need your vote.

  • usafadec

    Great point, SJ! Gainer is truly an Obamacrat!

  • Get real folks

    Glen Gainer has served the people of WV well
    He is a man of integrity and will make the First District a Congressman they can be proud of

    • SJ

      How can Gainer be a "man of integrity" when he's being investigated for ethics violations?

  • Stephen

    Glen Gainer is a real person. David McKinley is an arrogant person that thinks he is better than anyone else.

    I'm for Gainer!

    • Wowbagger

      Glen Gainer is also a reliable vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives. I have met Gainer and even though he is a nice guy I can't risk voting for anyone who will help advance BHO's destructive agenda.

    • Really?

      I think they're both real people. Unless you're implying one is a robot. Such an intelligent comment you've made. I just love the topic of politics.

      • Stephen


        Robot, no, but the post explained it well. "Real" meaning down to earth. Playing ignorant on a term is truly showing your allegiance to the very arrogant McKinley. In fact, you sound arrogant like him...could it be you are him or his staff? Probably.

  • D.P.

    Joe the Plumber saw what a LYING PHONY Obummer was far before the rest of us did!!! I still have visions of how extremely uncomfortable BHO was when Joe was asking him if his plan was to redistribute the wealth! As with EVERY other answer Saint Barry gives, he did every thing BUT tell the TRUTH!!!!!

  • usafadec

    Your comment would make a great "Robocall" recording--I say you provide the text to Puccio for use!

  • billyed

    Glen Gainer will be Great for WV.
    David McKinley is for out of state corporate
    interest. McKinley is the one that has to have
    Joe the Plumber by his side.

  • usafadec

    Nice to see Puccio front and center in the photo!

  • usafadec

    Rex and Ken,

    You're dreaming! Obamacrats Tennant and Gainer don't have a prayer. Should be entertaining to watch them run from Obamacare, though.

  • Ken

    Glen Gainer in congress will be GREAT for West Virginia....

  • D.P.

    Glen Gainer-WV STATE AUDITOR: Not only is he NOT a CPA, he doesn't even have an Accounting Degree. UNFRIGGING BELIEVABLE!!!!!

    West Virginians, isn't it time to FINALLY QUIT electing these Dem Hacks???

    • Wowbagger


      Then his only credentials are his daddy had the state auditor's job before him?

    • SJ

      DP, you must have been reading my mind. How could anyone be the State auditor without an accounting degree or a CPA license? I've wondered that for years. And they wonder why our wonderful state is the laughingstock of the nation. Gainer is a career politican. Send him into retirement -- maybe he can apply to U. of Phoenix to get his associate degree in accounting in his spare time.

  • rex foster

    Glen is a great man. Long time leader for WV. Time to get a real leader in Congress.
    Gainer for Congress and Tennant for Senate.
    Should be a good year for Democrats in WV!!

    • melvin

      Glen? First name basis? You must be a friend or one of those high paid "local government specialists' on his payroll.

    • Public Ed

      You have got to be kidding. Both of these folks have done nothing but live off of taxpayers for most of their adult life. Tennant appeared on Hoppy K. program and wouldn't even answer a question he asked....and he asked it at least 6 times. Does that tell you how she will react to her constituents requests or needs!?! Its time to send both to the unemployment line. No more living off of the backs of the taxpayers

  • Docbegone

    I look forward to helping defeat Mr. Gainer. He has been at the public trough too long.

  • 2XLPatriot

    "Longtime West Virginia statewide officeholder" should be a clue that he will do the same as all of the other lifer politicians.....Absolutely NOTHING to help the people of WV! On the bright side, if elected, he will personally prosper and build a small fortune for himself.

    • liberty4all

      Agree about skepticism of long time politicians as well as many politicians personally profiting from their service, but it is a little comforting to hear reports that he has to work very hard at fundraising because he hasn't amassed a large amount of personal wealth while working for the State for 21 years.