MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The only son of late West Virginia University Head Football Coach Bill Stewart says his dad would have considered the naming of the football stadium at his alma mater, Magnolia High School, an honor.

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Blaine Stewart

“He valued Magnolia High School and New Martinsville so much and, just for them to do this, he would be really happy about it,” said Blaine Stewart.

He was a guest on Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline” from the campus of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va. where he is an accounting major and a redshirt freshman on the JMU football team.

Stewart and his mother, Karen, were planning to be in New Martinsville on Friday night for the naming ceremony.  From now on, the home of the Magnolia Blue Eagles will be known as Alumni Field at Bill Stewart Memorial Stadium.

“It’s something I wish he could be here to see,” said Blaine.

Bill Stewart was a Magnolia High School graduate who often spoke proudly about his Wetzel County roots.  Following his death from a heart attack in May 2012, his funeral procession traveled from Morgantown to Magnolia High School.

“We’ve always kept New Martinsville close and that’s something I’m going to continue to do in my life also,” said Blaine Stewart.

The stadium naming ceremony was scheduled for halftime at the Magnolia-Oak Glen game.

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  • barb

    The ceremony really brought tears to my eyes. It was very Stew, and extremely well done. It very well represented the spirit of the Old Gold and Blue, as did Stewart.

  • Bruiser

    Just sat through the ceremony at Alumni Field Bill Stewart Memorial Stadium and it still breaks my heart that he is gone. They played his "leave no doubt" speech, his son Blaine gave kind words, along with Owen Schmitt tribute and at the end both sides sang "Country Roads". I thought all comments above and wishing their son Good Luck show the many classy people we have, but too bad William had to show his level of character if he has any.

  • WVU_93

    A great honor for a great man. No true Mountaineer will ever forget that Coach Stew was there for us when Michigan left us without a head coach for the Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma sure won't!!

  • Joe

    I'm also guessing that Owen Schmitt will be speaking and, just like after his Fiesta Bowl post-game comments, there will not be a dry eye in the house!

  • Joe

    Blaine, Thank you and your Mom for all that you have done in ensuring your father's lasting legacy. He is greatly missed, and plese don't ever underestimate the pride and honor of Mountaineer Nation to have Bill as our coach.

    RIP, Coach....we got it from here. You truly Left No Doubt.


  • Chef Camille

    Very well done Magnolia

  • Medman

    Stew's only problem was that he had a true soul, character and a value system that did not fit those in charge at WVU.

  • GoEers

    A great honor for a great human being.

  • wvrefugee

    Great tribute for a great man and family. Good Luck at JMU Blaine from the previous defensive staff!

  • D.P.

    William - Go jump back into bed with Big Larry!!!

    Blaine - I heard your interview and you sure are an impressive young man!!! Certainly a "Chip of the ole block." Your Father was a GREAT MAN and the naming of the stadium is a WONDERFUL TRIBUTE TO HIM!!!!!

    I wish you and your Mother ALL THE BEST!!!

    • Sherry

      Well said!!!

  • Country Roads

    My gosh William! Your distain of WVU and all that it represents is very similar in how Islamic Militants hate the United States of America. Go crawl under a rock and see you in the next ice age.......

  • Bill

    William---You trying to rain on the parade is totally unnecessary,

  • William

    I live the Mountaineers with all my heart and think they have the best football coach, basketball coach , and athletic director in the country. Lets Go !!!

    • Art in Ohio

      This is in very bad taste and uncalled for. When I see your name I will not read you comments.

  • longbeards

    Coach Stew was there for West Virginia when he was needed the most! God Bless!

  • Heart Shot

    Coach stew was a true mountianeer!!