MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Bob Huggins liked many facets of his team’s season opener: the 56-percent shooting, the 16-to-8 assist-to-turnover ratio and the adequate defense.

But rebounding, well, that wasn’t a category for the win column.

West Virginia was outboarded 30-28 by an undersized Mount Saint Mary’s team, a flaw somewhat obscured by the 77-62 final score. The two post players in WVU’s starting lineup, Kevin Noreen and Devin Williams, played 44 minutes and grabbed three rebounds combined.

But their coach blamed himself for devoting more time to other areas during the preseason. With an overhauled roster requiring focus on schematic points involving defensive alignments and the offensive system, Huggins suggested rebounding drills have been overlooked.

“We didn’t emphasize rebounding as much as we had before,” Huggins said. “When you don’t do things well and go back and look at your practice schedule, almost 100 percent of the time you didn’t practice it. That’s my fault.”

Click on the video to see Huggins’ postgame news conference.

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  • Kevin

    I think we need to be patient with this team it will be great games and no so great games,, but the next 3 yrs,,, back to a top 20 team,, it's possible this yr , well see

  • Larry Wiseman

    I have only seen this past games, like everyone else, but I can see te difference in the game!!!
    Let's put everything back the way it was, The game was much more interesting to watch, and it NOW takes longer to Play, what with all the fouls!!! LETS SCRAP ALL OF THE RECENT CHANGES, & GO BACK TO PLAYING BALL MEN'S STYLE, NOT THE GRADE SCHOOL STUFF THAT I SAW !!! LARRY W.

  • Allan

    I know it was only Mount Saint Mary and remembering last years game against Northern Kentucky, we at least got off to a better start. For the first time in awhile, I saw some paint dwellers score on 4 to 6 foot shots that were missed far too many times in the past...though I sometimes miss that jump hook from the Turk. The team seems more comfortable with each other and scoring is coming from everywhere and three's are going in at a better rate than in the past. Now how they do against better defensive teams with more athletic players, we shall find out soon.
    All and all, think the young men did a fine job and there is hope for this year. Keep working hard, listen to Huggs and get better on defense..the rest will take care of itself.

  • Jay

    Williams was just talking to the media about grabbing 20 or 30 rebounds per game! At this point, 2 rebounds would double his production from the Mount St. Mary's game.

    Less talking. More working.

  • Matt

    Huggs has something to work with this year. Great game guys. Off to Blacksburg!

  • DUB V

    uhhh? so does that mean ur gonna start practice rebounding...