MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Follow West Virginia’s game against Texas from Mountaineer Field, where Allan Taylor provided updates and analysis:


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  • J the C

    The total lack of football savvy by some on this site amazes me. We lose by a score in OT to a top 25 team that's on a roll, and you gripe. We lost because we don't have the depth that Texas has, and we ran out of steam. It was evident on defense. It was obvious, as the running game started to fail towards the end of regulation. Great effort team and coaches. Go Mountaineers!!

    • susanf1218

      It's just one excuse after another and the level of denial by some on this site "amazes" me.

  • susanf1218

    The good news - sort of - is that the WVU team played with more spirit and confidence than I have seen all year; the bad news is that Texas made a lot of mistakes, which is probably why the game was even close. And more bad news - inept coaching and play calling continues to lead this team into defeat.

    And I am really, really sick of the juvenile delinquents on this board who persist in name calling and labeling people as "trolls" and saying nasty things about Marshall every time someone dares to criticize anything about WVU football. What the hell does Marshall have to do with this?? Grow up!!

    • J the C

      Susan, "inept coaching and play calling"? We lost in OT to a better, more talented team. You have no idea of what you're talking about.

      • susanf1218

        You are seriously going to defend Holgerson's boneheaded play calls and his total lack of coaching skills?? Have you watched ANY of the games this season??

    • Big Larry

      WVU fans do not dare blame the coaches or the players for the losses and since they have no one else to blame, they blame Marshall University and their fans.

      It somehow makes them feel better...

      • susanf1218

        Good point. I'm not a Marshall fan, in fact Marshall used to be a big rival of my alma mater, Eastern Kentucky University, back in the day when they were both in the OVC. I used to call MU the Blundering Nerds!. Rivalry is one thing but the vitriol being spewed in some of these posts is beyond appropriate and really says a lot about the people who are making such ridiculous comments.

  • William

    As long as Dan "The Man in Black" Holgerson is head coach at WVU
    When you hire people with poor character, things could in up in a
    BIG MESS - WVU football & basketball

  • JimJim

    The real question now is, do you really want to be bowl eligible?

  • Marcus

    At this point don't go to a bowl!! We don't deserve it for one and it will be a very bad one with about 30,000 in attendance.

  • Ben A. Coach

    Great Game! Now get those flatlanders back on the plane and send em Home! #TAFT

  • Mike

    I'm proud of the guys too! They're a young team with a lot of heart, they are growing!! We'll get em in Austin again next year!! Go Eers!!!!!!

  • pghmountaineer

    Indian, you're right. They did have 8 in the box but we could have faked up the middle and give it to Sims off tackle.

    • J the C

      Thanks coach. When they load the box and your offensive line is tired, the running game fails. Holgs knew we couldn't punch it in at that point. You try the air.

  • Jock Strap

    I bet this circus loses one if not both the last two games. DISGUSTING

  • Mountaineer fanatic

    I am very proud of the way you played the game. Would have been a great win but loved our effort.

  • tw eagle

    the D is really building some mental toughness . . .that was continued pressure the whole game . . .got beaten on only two plays . . .

    Trickett is done , we've seen his best , and that ain't gonna cut it . . .Millard improved with time . . .can't put any 'touch' on the ball . . .ergo the tips , needs to learn to float them on occasion . . .probably taught to throw them all hard and flat . . .

    Holgersons O game plan SUCKED , at best . . .it took him almost a half to realize that WVU couldn't run the ball against 9 men in the box . . .thank God someone on the coaching staff can recruit D . . .the Ford is a wreck , Trickett has been wrecked , and Quack Quack don't know how to throw change ups . . .I vote we warm up Logan Moore as back up - I don't wanna see Trickett anymore , I don't wanna see Ford ,PERIOD - and Quack Quack , although he's not had much playing time at WVU , should have , in his prior experience ,
    learned to 'put some air ' under the ball when the occasion calls for it . . .

    second and 1 , need a 1st down to wrap game , and Holgie calls a TO to run wide ?
    NOTHING , to that point in the game has worked going wide - and this didn't either . . .

    STASH - again , a pressure situation , and stash uncorks another blooper kick , good thing it rolled 20+ yards . . .it almost hurt us at TCU , it killed us here . . .stash reminds me of the FG kicker RR brought in from mc neese st , could kick them through from 60 in practice - had trouble in games hitting from past 35 . . .

    bottom line , our HC ain't ready for prime time . . .Ollie needs to tell him to give up play calling - cause he really SUCKS . . .

  • Indian Boy

    Brilliant play calling ball on the 5, got to have a TD and you throw it 3 times. RUN THE DAMN BALL OFF TACKLE

    • 1095golf


  • Allan

    Did I hear the announcer correctly, they said there were around 100 recruits in the stands? If so, I guess they all will go to Texas.

  • pghmountaineer

    I know this loss, like the others, is hard to take. The big problem is we don't have a quarterback who can put the team on his back and will them to win. Also, I just don't understand how they didn't cover Shipley on 4th down. Everyone knew they were going to throw to him and yet they gave him a cushion. Coaching has something to do with that.

  • Allan

    The best we can hope for now is 6&6 and a really bad bowl invite for a really bad team and coaching staff.