MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Point guard Juwan Staten played a full 40 minutes and poured in a career-best 22 points as West Virginia won its season opener, 77-62, over Mount Saint Mary’s.

Along with six assists, Staten also shared the team lead with five rebounds.

Check out his postgame comments in the video above.

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  • Mister Man

    Aight, Juwan. Good job, buddy.

  • Joe

    My brother got the same response.

    You'd think for that much money there would be a WVU_IMG web page that streamed the audio.

  • GFS

    Well, I wouldn't know. I hate this new broadcast company. No tv , blacked out radio. This is a team I love and have for many many years. Those of us that were transferred out of state by our employers should not be punished this way. Wchs and Wajr at least had apps that I could listen to the game broadcasts on my phone. The new stations could care less about apps when I called them. And the next basketball game. ESPN at one in the afternoon when I am at work. Will not be able to get a radio broadcast for that game either. Im glad Ollie has a 4.2 million surplus this year. How about finding out a way to fix this. Very frustrated, dad gummit.

    • JS

      Try loading the app called "tune-in" I think our games are on the "local" list of radio stations.

    • Kevin

      I agree,, the radio coverage sucks,, 100.9 in charleston must not put out out a strong signal,, somebody fix this please

  • cutty77

    I know this Brandon Watkins,and Devin Williams are both going to be Great Players for WVU. With those 2 then throw in Harris,and Henderson the future looks bright for Huggs. Now somebody come with some type of catch phrase for Watkins,Williams,W,an W. Then Henderson and Harris. H,an H.

  • WVMom

    As it so often goes, "Live by the jumper and die by the jumper" could very well be our motto for the first half of the season. If our big guys develope and learn to stay out of foul trouble, we could have a very nice year with bigger and better things to come much sooner than later. Either way, a very good win over an eperienced team that was an eyelash away from the tournament last year.

  • leroy j gibbs

    I see a lot more pride and cohesiveness this year. Good job!

  • John c

    Very very athletic. Compared to last couple years. And super quick. And possibly the best two arent even playing this year. Huggs set up for a nice run for a few years!!!!

  • Allan

    I know Huggs wasn't happy with rebounding, but the freshmen did well for their first ever NCAA D1 game and it will all come together slowly over the season and hopefully by mid season, we might surprise some folks. Already they appear to be a more cohesive group compare to the last two years and show more athleticism and that gives me hope.