MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Having coached 355 games before finally experiencing an overtime, what did Texas coach Mack Brown think of his first?

“One of the best football games I’ve ever been involved with,” he said after the Longhorns played deep into the night to edge West Virginia 47-40.

“I’ve never been in an overtime fight like this. It was special. This was big-time. This was great.”

Merely reaching overtime took some doing. Texas (7-2, 6-0) trailed by 10 in the third quarter and needed a fourth-down conversion as it drove for the tying field goal at the end of regulation.

“I’ve never been in an overtime fight like this. It was special. This was big-time. This was great.” — Mack Brown

Brown worried that West Virginia (4-6, 2-5) might have a mental edge coming off an overtime win at TCU last week. But his offense picked up two third-downs on a touchdown drive to start OT, and the Longhorns defense made it stand by holding WVU four times inside the 5.

“They’ve had to fight and claw each week, and they continue to amaze me,” Brown said. “I told them, ‘You’ll have to overcome a lot tonight because that’s the way West Virginia’s going to be. You’re going to be down, you’re going to be in trouble most likely.’ Then that all that happened and they kept fighting until they finally won.”

Next up for Texas are home games against Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, before a season finale against souped-up Baylor on Dec. 7.

After six consecutive wins, can the Longhorns navigate the upcoming month to win their first league championship since 2009?

“It will be interesting to watch them the next three weeks,” Brown said. “I won’t bet against them.”

Ben Queen/MetroNews photo

Mack Brown celebrates with Texas fans after Saturday’s 47-40 win at West Virginia.
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  • Allen

    Thanks Juan, will try our best to get there next year.

  • JuanManArmy

    Born & Raised in Austin. Lifelong Longhorn.

    Heard from friends that traveled to the game that WV folks were classy & welcoming, like we are here in Austin.

    So it looks like we have a new good friend to spar with, fight against for 4 quarters, then shake hands afterwards from the heart (birds of a feather... both fan bases love making guests feel welcome).

    Y'all come visit Austin again next year (last year was fun having ya).


  • SamWvu304

    What happened to RB Dustin Garrison anyways? ,Anyone know? He'd pickd up the Td in OT. Just to beat Texas for not recruiting on his shoulder player like Pat White,Slaton,Schmitt. All were passed by several bigger schools in recruiting process. Which in turn regretted it on more than one occasion.That is Mountaineer football to me.better

    • Rick S.

      According to Coach Holgorsen in a recent press conference, Garrison is suffering from a hamstring injury that has been very slow to heal. Garrison has missed the past seven games (he last played, briefly, in the Georgia State game).

    • Allen

      He chose to leave the team, quitters will do that.

  • Big joe

    Holgs in critical situations makes bad play calls!

    • Allen

      Pick a profile and stick with it William.

  • fuz

    He up front and tells it like it is good or bad. They did a heck of a job just to be in this ballgame. will win the next two then the bowl game.

  • Jack

    Mack Brown is a class person and a very good coach. His team could have folded, but they fought to the very end and snatched victory from defeat and that's a tribute to him and his coaching staff. Best of luck to him the rest of the way.

    • William

      I bet you can't say ANYONE of these things about DANA 'THE MAN IN BLACK' HOLGERSON
      Now tell me some good things about Holgerson

      • Allen

        Dana could have folded as a coach this season due to the youth on offense and defense. No quarter back and no offensive line. He hung in there with his coaches and has fought to keep this team together down the stretch and will more than likely finish 6-6 with a club that should be 2-10.

      • Heryago

        He's not you.