At a meeting in Parkersburg at the offices of the WVSSAC, the 1st round pairings with dates and times were announced Sunday morning:


Friday, November 15, 2013    Kickoff:  7:30pm

#14 Hurricane (6-4) @ #3 Capital (9-1)

#13 Logan (7-3) @ #4 Pt. Pleasant (10-0)

#12 South Charleston (7-3) @ #5 Wheeling Park (9-1)

#9 Oak Hill (8-2) @ #8 George Washington (8-2)


Saturday, November 16, 2013    Kickoff:  1:30pm

#16 Lewis County (7-3) @ #1 Huntington (10-0)

#15 Spring Valley (6-4) @ #2 Martinsburg (9-1)

#10 Washington (7-3) @ #7 Cabell Midland (8-2)


Saturday, November 16, 2013     Kickoff:  7:30pm

#11 Morgantown (8-2) @ #6 University (9-1)





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  • HOSA


  • Bob Redman

    Thundering Herd, I have to disagree with you on a point or two...Like you, I was a standout while playing for the Dogs as well....I have followed this program with dedication since my graduating back in the day.....but this team is definately not isnt as athletic as last yrs...not as physical as 2011....but it has enough juice...2nd, Capital is in their bracket and they pose a legitimate threat to anyone they play....the best WV HS football has never been that impressive when compared to the best of neighboring Ohio and Penn.....but with all that said....Martinsburg is the defending State Champs and until someone dethrones can say this, say that.....but, that is the FACT!

    • Marshall Thundering Herd

      Bob Redman--Nice to know that you played for the Dogs and graduation from MHS. You pretty much made my point with your post. I said that this years MHS team is mediocre compared to teams in very recent years. That is not to take anything away from how this group plays because they are hands down the best team in the state of WV. That is what lead me to say that the competition is down throughout all of WV. This Martinsburg team is definitely good; They aren't Special. And I do agree with your point, the are defending state champs so they must be dethroned, which I do not believe will be this year or the next couple when considering state wide competition. Also, Ohio and Penn. definitely have some good football. I think Martinsburg should consider picking up a game or two just for sheer fan entertainment.

  • just saying

    Oh yea hhs dad after their great performance against Winfield lol... There gonna cruise through the playoffs ha ha ha.. Face it they got lucky early. Be lucky to make it past Lewis county!!!!!!

    • hhs dad

      Hmmm lucky to get past Lewis County. . Point beats them by ten and huntington beats them 31 -7.. once again shows the difference in playing a triple a schedule instead of double a.. point needs to be worried about how many points wheeling will put on them

      • Jamie

        Play the game and quit trash talking kids

  • football boy wonder

    listen guys, no one knows for sure who will win , everyone can have their own opinion but the teams will play and no matter the records, no matter the teams they played, no matter the history or even where they play nothing definate and the teams will just have to lay it on the line and then and only then we'll find out who's #1

    • martinsburg :(


  • Bill

    Calling it now Wheeling Park over Martinsburg on the island.

  • Say What?

    Wheeling Park in AAA .
    Wayne in AA .
    St. Marys in A .
    Three public schools!

    • Actually

      A Catholic school will win Class A. As for Class AA and Class AAA, I hope a public school wins seeing how there are no Catholic/private schools in those classes.

  • HOSA



    You better RUN and HIDE here comes the DOGS !!!! Consider yourself WARNED !!

  • Nicole

    Really ? Lets see who even makes it to the championship before your worried if its fair if WP plays there.I mean Wheeling Central has played there tons of times for Championships.In 1991 WP had to play @ opponents home field which was horrible officiating.

  • jack

    All the teams in the playoffs earned the right to be there. Those kids don't make the schedules or pick who they play. We can all say who should be there or who is gonna win. But the fact is anyone can lose on any given nt doesn't matter where your ranked. Believe it or not those bigger schools can lose!!!!

  • Hawk Hopeful

    The first round match ups have some great games. UHS/MHS being the last game of the first round should be an exciting one to finish it off.

  • Northern..

    PARK has to win this game. This should be interesting.... I hope South Charleston brings a nice crowd.

  • Question

    How would it be fair for Wheeling Park to play at home for a state championship game? And if they were to play Martinsburg or Morgantown or even Capital, they would technically be the "Away" team at their home field and they'd have to switch locker rooms and home stands..

    • Marshall Thundering Herd

      Quite frankly, I could care less about Wheeling playing at home. In fact, it is sad that this is the first legitimate chance that they've even had to play in the State championship since it has been hosted on their home turf. Once again Martinsburg will win the State championship regardless of who they play in Wheeling, be it Wheeling Park or George Washington.

      • Reaper

        Yo gentlemen. Lets cool our jets a moment. First, I believe Martinsburg will be at Wheeling Island for the championship. I am a Park grad, if that makes me less of a fan, so be it. I call it with truth and fact. Fact, Martinsburg is the #1 team regardless of the polls. 2nd, why is everyone talking Park all of a sudden? Gentlemen, Park has to make it there. I think they have a better chance than University does, but they must first beat South Charleston. One game at a time. Last, SO WHAT!!! IF, Park makes it there, big deal. Both Stonewall Jackson and Charleston, AND CAPITAL, played for titles on their home field. At least you know, there will be fare officiating.

        • Old School

          Y I think Park is in the conversation is 20 over Steubenville. I'm a Dog alum and am proud that no team in the state has beat MHS in yrs, but I think it's been decades since Steubenville has lost to a wv team. Is Steubenville having an off yr?

          • Reaper

            EP. Not putting a lot of stock in the Stuebenville win, but you need to give it some credibility. Steubenille ALWAYS plays tough talent. NO WV team has beaten them in almost 50 years. Not to mention, Steubenville entered the Ohio playoffs with a number 8 seed and beat the #1 team. Their still a very good team.

          • EP Haters

            Let's not get all caught up in the Steubenville victory. They finished the year 6-4 and aren't very good this year. I believe one of their wins was against a 1st year school from Canada that is full of players that are playing be US Football rules for the 1st time.

          • Reaper

            One other thing. Steubenville didnt start scoring till Park put JV out there.

          • Reaper

            Nope. They drew the #1 team in the playoffs per the Ohio rankings in their region. Steubenville was ranked 8th and defeated the #1 seeded team at the other teams stadium. I think no team from WV has beaten Steubenville for almost 50 years.

  • Marshall Thundering Herd

    Lets face it everyone...Martinsburg is going to win its 4th State championship in a row. Being a former Martinsburg football standout and graduate, I know this my seem biased but it really isn't. I am a football fan first! The competition has been down around the state for the past 4-5 years. This Martinsburg team is mediocre compared to teams in the past. Nonetheless, they will win their side of the bracket easily considering there is very little competition there. They will go into the coast into the State Championship game and play against a team that can't match up with their speed and athleticism. Better luck next year everyone! Go Dogs!

    • 1Prouddog

      As much as I am proud to be a Bulldog fan I hesitate to agree with Marshall Thunder Herd. You have to play the game. I like the humility approach! Maybe that's the problem with the Thundering Herd?!

      • Marshall Thundering Herd

        1Prouddog--I didn't approach this forum with regards to humility, just honesty. But thanks for pointing it out. I more than anyone in here do realize that the game has to be played. I also realize that the talent around the state of WV has been down since 05-06. So when taking that into context with the weak side of the bracket that Martinsburg has; they should easily walk into the State championship. I'm a Marshall graduate, so I naturally root for them. However, I'm not going to argue that they're a great football team by WVU's standards. WVU looks to have shown their true colors in the Big12 with very mediocre competition. Anyways, I hope that the dog in your name is for Bulldogs. Class of '06

        • Jeff

          Nobody Beats Martinsburg In AAA.. Park is the next best team unless Chazzy gets crazy healthy in Mo town..Wayne, Bport, and Bluefield will fight out the AA.. And Madonna just takes the A title without a fight. Not that hard to figure out..

        • just saying

          I don't have a dog in the fight. But i think point pleasant has a good chance in the playoffs. They had a weak schedule this year but look at the points scored and points allowed against some of the schools that midland,Huntington, springvalley, and more played.They are a tough team that i think are gonna surprise some people. They only AAA team that has scored over 300 allowing less then 100. Defense wins games no matter how you look at it..good luck to all the teams this yr make your town proud boys..

          • hhs dad

            Wrong out of ten games Huntingtons defense has only allowed 93 points against them and their schedule was way harder than your double a schedule... you all beat Lewis county by ten, come saturday lets see how much Huntington wins by..

  • Jay

    Best games are WP v SC and the Mohawk Bowl 2. The seniors of Mgtwn and Univ played each other twice their freshman year with University winning both. I think it'll be another low scoring game. Park's got the speed to match SC, it will be a high scoring game. Great teams but the competition on the top isn't as intense as the bottom. Good luck to all teams