At a meeting in Parkersburg at the offices of the WVSSAC, the 1st round pairings with dates and times were announced Sunday morning:


Friday, November 15, 2013    Kickoff:  7:30pm

#14 Hurricane (6-4) @ #3 Capital (9-1)

#13 Logan (7-3) @ #4 Pt. Pleasant (10-0)

#12 South Charleston (7-3) @ #5 Wheeling Park (9-1)

#9 Oak Hill (8-2) @ #8 George Washington (8-2)


Saturday, November 16, 2013    Kickoff:  1:30pm

#16 Lewis County (7-3) @ #1 Huntington (10-0)

#15 Spring Valley (6-4) @ #2 Martinsburg (9-1)

#10 Washington (7-3) @ #7 Cabell Midland (8-2)


Saturday, November 16, 2013     Kickoff:  7:30pm

#11 Morgantown (8-2) @ #6 University (9-1)





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  • Jay

    Best games are WP v SC and the Mohawk Bowl 2. The seniors of Mgtwn and Univ played each other twice their freshman year with University winning both. I think it'll be another low scoring game. Park's got the speed to match SC, it will be a high scoring game. Great teams but the competition on the top isn't as intense as the bottom. Good luck to all teams

  • Say What?

    At HHS dad... That is funny. Are you implying a high school tried to cheat another high school by turning on the sprinklers by accident Thursday night only to discover the mishap Friday morning?? And why does HHS only have turf shoes when they knew they would be playing on a natural surface?

    • Richard

      This is not aimed at Winfield. I do believe that there are some high school coaches who would do anything to win.

      • hhs dad

        Go to wchstv and watch friday night lights the overtime part.. they admit that before the crowd got there winfield had the fire department there wetting the field down..

    • hhs dad

      Well I guess coach seals made a terrible choice and actually thought winfield would be playing fair and honest.. plus most of the teams down here have turf. I think only winfield has grass

      • Say What?

        You're funny.

  • Chef Camille


  • hhs dad

    Listen lets not put wp in the championship yet.. and at winfield the only reason it was close was because they soaked the field down it was a complete mud pit.. Hhs plays on turf and only had turf cleats that is why it was close not because winfield was good.

    • DogsFan

      Let's be honest bud, Martinsburg plays on turf. They went down to Hedgesville, the worst mud pit in WV, and won 76-0, 49-0 at half. AND Hedgesville would dominate winfield. Martinsburg played 3 games on grass this season @Sherando VA (4A team 9-1) and won 27-13 while being up 27-0 with 3 minutes left. @Hedgesville 76-0 and @Musselman 48-12. All three of those teams could compete and beat Huntington. Sherando would destroy Huntington. And you're telling me you all can't put up more than 14 on WINFIELD? Good luck vs the dogs, if you can make it there.

      • Bill

        Winfield would crush Hedgesville the only teams in the MSAC that hedgesville could play with are Nitro,St.Albans and maybe Ripley.


        Yea, I would hope Martinsburg can handle most of those teams with a in-eligible player. The rule is Black and White, and they get away with it like they always do. Without Watkins Martinsburg is just an average team.

        • MartinsburgFan

          We will see who's ineligible come basketball season. Where's CJ Burks love again? Oh that's right. It's no secret it'll be reported. Just watch.

          • EP Haters

            I've heard CJ Burks say (yes him specifically) that he was transferring back to Baltimore, this was at the start of the year. Did he stick around?

        • 1Prouddog

          boo hoo HVILL!...and you call that football??? Wish you had Malik don't ya? Never would have said anything if he didn't leave you and your crybaby program, coaches and fans!!! We should've put up 100 on your sorry butts!! Give Martinsburg all the players you'll recruit from us and you have ONLY ONE baseball title.....besides the Gale Catlett years....CRY ON!!!!!

  • Doesnt Matter

    Wheeling Park will walk through to the Championship, that top bracket is weak, they'll beat SC, then Point, then they knock out HHS in the semi's. I don't even like WP but all the teams are in the bottom bracket this year.

    • jack

      Im glad u think so..if so strong why r they at the bottom..

      • Reaper

        Jack, P ark was ranked 6th I believe a few years ago. I think they beat Robert C. Byrd round one. Ended up with University at home the next week. AND LOST!! Dude, no disrespect. I love Park ball. Im just watching one game at a time.

    • 1Prouddog

      Big talk about a team that I have never seen play for a championship in a decade! WOW!

      • Reaper

        1Prouddog, dont let him get to ya. I dont know why a person would post what he did if not for being a Park fan. I am Park class of 89. I know our football history oh too well. We need to take one game at a time. South Charleston will be a challenge. As it pertains to Martinsburg, the dogs are still #1 till someone beats them.

  • dan

    After Huntington playing Winfield friday nt im not too sure about them.

  • 81 &33 little bro

    Hhs is going to want it all no one can stop nick tubbs , paden chrishtan or charles crawford on offense then theres defense the knicks boys dont let nobody get past them.

    • 1Prouddog

      Watch out lil bro....I'm not sre HHS can beat GW and Park back to back. That's a tall order for any team in the state! Just sayin'.....

  • Stacy

    A lot of strong teams across the board!! Playoffs ought to be exciting this year!!

  • Billie

    Good Luck to all teams, you will need it if you are playing anyone from the Eastern Panhandle this is where championship football lives. We get no respect from the WVSSAC or the chumps in Charleston,

    • Bill

      The only team in the eastern panhandle is Martinsburg,occasionly Musselman has a decent team.The rest are terrible.

  • WV Mtn. Man

    4 in a row. Go Martinsburg! From Princeton WV

  • Whatamoroon

    The best matchups will be SC at Park and MoHawk bowl 2. If you leave Friday you can see both.

  • hhs dad

    Haven't seen WP this year but the match up with SC should be pretty good match up.. speed on speed

  • Will

    Good luck to the Oak Hill(Mt. Hope) Red Devils against GW. Go get em boys!!

    • Mighty Mighty Devil


  • helter_smelter

    Where on this site are the matchups/times for the AA and A games?

    • Gerry

      Go to they have the pairings for AAA and AA but haven't posted the A yet, but if you go to rankings they have the A scholls that made it. Yeah Magnolia.

  • Capital boy

    #Cougargang!!!!!! Lets go cap!

    • MikeB

      Cap will get it handed to them by the winner of University/Morgantown. Sorry Capital Boy.