MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — His offense posted 40 points, but Dana Holgorsen took no satisfaction in his quarterbacks completing only 18-of-36 passes.

After seeing missed throws and six quarterback fumbles between Clint Trickett and Paul Millard, West Virginia’s coach thought his unit underperformed at critical times during Saturday night’s 47-40 overtime loss.

“You have to be able to max protect and throw and catch on the outside, which we did about 50 percent, which is disgusting. That’s been pretty common all year,” Holgorsen said.

Click the video to see Holgorsen’s complete postgame news conference.

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    Does anyone know how the players feel about Dana? I feel that is one big question.

  • Big brother to Larry

    Texas loaded the box for sure... They was forcing WVU to throw the ball, Known they know the quarterback was going to throw it in the ground on over the head of the receiver if he didn't he was going to get sacked or fumble it.. Because WVU quarterbacks can't run and is not a threat.... Thank God we got a quarterback coming in next year from Dunbar high school in Baltimore.... He is good from what I have seen on video 4 star....

  • Say What?

    To anyone who says we should've ran the ball, ran the ball, run the ball, run the ball, did you not notice that Texas had 8 and 9 in the box the whole game. Hence the reason they stuffed us on several third and shorts throughout the game. We don't have a dominant line to run on teams with that many in the box, we were outnumbered on every run play. the pass was there all game, we just didn't have the QB or pass protection to take advantage of it.

  • dallenfive

    I personally saw a lot of mistakes and weren't due to coaching, in addition I saw plenty of mistakes directly due to coaching. Fumbles and missed blocks. fumbles are purely on the player in almost every case, and the missed blocks on the offensive line I don't think are due to lack of coaching considering the offensive line at Stanford seemed to be pretty well coached and I don't believe a trip to a new time zone makes the O-line coach incompetent. I did see a lot of improvement in a lot of areas, and the defense played pretty well; unfortunately when the offense has a string of consecutive 3 and outs it puts a lot of pressure on a very young inexperienced defense. I see a lot of potential and some decent talent out there. On both sides of the ball. To say there wasn't any improvement or things to be somewhat encouraged about in the future is just plain sour grapes and operating on pure emotion and I get that. But come on guys, seriously we have issues, but the ship isn't sunk and the earth isn't going to swallow the University. We will overcome this and I do see good things on the horizon for this team, yes guys THIS team. And as far the Herd Lovers; I think we all realize that Texas and the rest of the Big XII cant measure up the likes of UAB an the power of Conference USA. come on guys, Texas is no UAB....Good job Big Green!

  • big tom

    I hope millard starts this sat... he seems to have a better command of the office and knows how to change plays,,, his passing is average, but clint's is much worse.
    Paul suits our team better,,, sorry clint , once you got your chance, you blew it,,, you look like a pretzel out there ready to break at any moment,,, and you certainly don't know anything about securing the ball, neither does paul... I go with paul for the next two games,, maybe we have no choice,,
    thank goodness, our defense went from 101st to 100th,,, keep it up guys, you're getting better.

  • wvnation

    You guys wouldn't know a good coach if it bit you in the butt. Look what ignorant fans did to Bowdan. He was also considered a bad coach by wvu fans in 79'. Give this man a chance. It's a whole new philosophy from the Big Least.

  • jdubindatub

    Was at the game. crowd was awesome and pumped the entire game. i noticed we moved the ball when we ran more fast hitting passes like slants and hutches. our qb's need to see when a defense lines up with 7 and 8 in the box you need to throw it fast. even if the coach calls a deep pass check out of it. I'm sure millard and trickett have played the game long enough to know that. With that said i am proud of our team. with 6 turnovers and to still only lose by 7 says a lot about how hard these guys played. I'm trying to be optimistic about this year. if we see the same results next year then i believe wvu needs to make a change. congrats to the women's soccer team today defeating oklahoma state for our first big 12 title in any sport. its good to be a mountaineer where ever you may be.

  • richard

    janem...stewart left the cupboard empty?? you are ignorant. I hate women who think they know sports. your comment proves my point. don't comment on things you don't know. the cupboard was not left empty. did you hear that on a sports program and thought you would use it? it's not stewarts fault we are losing. unless you have something useful to say that makes sense.....just shut up please!

  • Born to be mild

    Love how everyone is complaining on here. Good job WVU. We have a lot to clean up, and if we were more sound, we would've blown Texas out. We will get there. I don't want to be one of the programs running through head coaches every 3-5 years. This season so far, could've and should've been way worse than it actually is.
    For losing so much on offense from last year, to having the worst defense last year, I think we are rebuilding, and were not too shabby.

  • JaneM

    Sitting here reading some of the post about WVU one of the reasons it is difficult to hold what leads we have going into the last part of the fourth quarter..... We do not have much depth at all.... Can't rotate early in the game like we should because the players are not there.... Just don't have the depth... When it gets late in the fourth quarter they are tired.... Most of what we have is freshmen and sophomores...( William ) Bill Stewart left the cupboard empty... What we have is a lot JC transfers from last year and this year's players.... Listen to the coaches talk in their interviews look at the roster.... They know what the problem is, a good football person knows too... Thank God for redshirts next year...
    Got 15 or more plus some transfers that's great.....

    • Big brother to Larry

      @Jane I like your post, it makes more sense than bashing coach Holgerson every time certain people post on here..... As it looks like the things you said is very much true Bill Stewart did leave the cupboard empty....

    • William

      It's George Bush's fault!
      @Jane, Please go back to the kitchen.

  • appikid

    I watched the entire game and even though we lost, I saw improvement!!! Come on now! Our defense was very good until they wore down some! We are a young team from the head coach down, let's give it some time! Hey, I have been one of the biggest critics in the past this year, but have decided to look at the positives instead of the negatives! This is our team, and it's time we just get behind them! I believe this team faught with all there hearts! Let's GOOOOO Mountaineers!

    • Mike

      You're probably right. Might as well curb the criticism. We certainly know that Holgorsen is not jumping to a better job anytime soon!

  • El Supremo

    Forget about personalities and colors of shirts for an honest evaluation. Think about quality of athletes recruited for a minute. If you watch a sufficient number of college football games over the years, would you compare WVU's players to a team in the SEC, ACC, PAC 12, Big Ten, Mountain West or the MAC.

    Secondly, ask what WVU coaches recruited Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey?

    Next look at the "coaches tree" that produced Dana Holgorsen? Where would you rate the accomplishments of Hal Mumme and/or Mike Leach.

    Finally, what to you think of the character and hubris of Coaches Mumme and Leach?

    Do you see anyone in Morgantown like that?

    • Mike

      No doubt Holgersen needs a good QB to run his system, and he's totally struck out so far. Recruiting may be tough. Quality recruits in the East don't want to play half their games in Texas and Oklahoma. Kids in the Southwest don't want to play half their games in the East.

    • Teddy

      I would see the best comparison is a D-3 High school team

  • Dennis

    This team now needs to do something that it has not been able to do all season - win back to back games. The reward for doing this is a trip to the pinstripe bowl to play in the snow against an American Athletic Conference team. I hope this is not our destiny year in and year out.

    • Teddy

      I expect us to win our next 25 games!!

  • Dan

    Holgerson did not drop the ball from his noodle arms. Millard targets the feet more often than not. It is amazing how he can under throw to the flat time and time again. QB is killing us, and O-line is a weak spot. Poor Trickett needs to eat some sandwiches and lift weights. I have never seen such a slight built guy wanting to play football in my life. This loss is not on the coaches in my opinion, its on the players.

  • Retireeee!!!!!

    Don't be blaming the quarterbacks. 40 points is way enough to win a football game.

    • Teddy

      not when your opponent scores 47