MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — His offense posted 40 points, but Dana Holgorsen took no satisfaction in his quarterbacks completing only 18-of-36 passes.

After seeing missed throws and six quarterback fumbles between Clint Trickett and Paul Millard, West Virginia’s coach thought his unit underperformed at critical times during Saturday night’s 47-40 overtime loss.

“You have to be able to max protect and throw and catch on the outside, which we did about 50 percent, which is disgusting. That’s been pretty common all year,” Holgorsen said.

Click the video to see Holgorsen’s complete postgame news conference.

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  • appikid

    I watched the entire game and even though we lost, I saw improvement!!! Come on now! Our defense was very good until they wore down some! We are a young team from the head coach down, let's give it some time! Hey, I have been one of the biggest critics in the past this year, but have decided to look at the positives instead of the negatives! This is our team, and it's time we just get behind them! I believe this team faught with all there hearts! Let's GOOOOO Mountaineers!

    • Mike

      You're probably right. Might as well curb the criticism. We certainly know that Holgorsen is not jumping to a better job anytime soon!

  • El Supremo

    Forget about personalities and colors of shirts for an honest evaluation. Think about quality of athletes recruited for a minute. If you watch a sufficient number of college football games over the years, would you compare WVU's players to a team in the SEC, ACC, PAC 12, Big Ten, Mountain West or the MAC.

    Secondly, ask what WVU coaches recruited Geno Smith, Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey?

    Next look at the "coaches tree" that produced Dana Holgorsen? Where would you rate the accomplishments of Hal Mumme and/or Mike Leach.

    Finally, what to you think of the character and hubris of Coaches Mumme and Leach?

    Do you see anyone in Morgantown like that?

    • Mike

      No doubt Holgersen needs a good QB to run his system, and he's totally struck out so far. Recruiting may be tough. Quality recruits in the East don't want to play half their games in Texas and Oklahoma. Kids in the Southwest don't want to play half their games in the East.

    • Teddy

      I would see the best comparison is a D-3 High school team

  • Dennis

    This team now needs to do something that it has not been able to do all season - win back to back games. The reward for doing this is a trip to the pinstripe bowl to play in the snow against an American Athletic Conference team. I hope this is not our destiny year in and year out.

    • Teddy

      I expect us to win our next 25 games!!

  • Dan

    Holgerson did not drop the ball from his noodle arms. Millard targets the feet more often than not. It is amazing how he can under throw to the flat time and time again. QB is killing us, and O-line is a weak spot. Poor Trickett needs to eat some sandwiches and lift weights. I have never seen such a slight built guy wanting to play football in my life. This loss is not on the coaches in my opinion, its on the players.

  • Retireeee!!!!!

    Don't be blaming the quarterbacks. 40 points is way enough to win a football game.

    • Teddy

      not when your opponent scores 47

  • Bill Banard

    some of wv fans are really stupid when it comes to sports .i can tell they have never played a down of foodball in there life.

    • Jay

      "Foodball" sounds like a delicious game.

    • Funky B

      So you never went to an English class then?

  • Allan

    I can't blame Millard, fumbles mostly because the left tackle couldn't block, or other line issues and the OC calling long pass plays that take too long to develop and especially dangerous if well covered and no outlet pass available. Never seems to be a plan B, it's always this play or nothing. The interception was caused by a D lineman hitting the ball or arm of QB and it fluttered into the arms of a linebacker I believe? Once they started with shorter passes, things started to happen, but shorter passes aren't very flashy or spectacular. Yes the team made some mistakes that cost them the game, but it's coaching it's coaching it's coaching.

  • wvajoker

    Leroy j gibbs what more would you expect from the Herd trolls. They know the Green Pieces will never play in the same caliber
    of competition as WVU so the Green Trolls try to belitte WVU to try to give themselves some respectability. It just does the opposite.
    I watched the entire game and did not see Dana fumble the ball once, so who gets the blame. As far as arrogant, that is the pot calling the kettle black. There is no arrogance like these Green Trolls using their standards. Of course their character leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Jason

      I disagree, Dana did not fumble. But it is the players faults they misses blocks that led to fumbles, missed assignments by the players ultimately rests on the coaches shoulders for not coaching the players properly. It is late in the season, mental breakdowns are for game 1...not this late in the season. That is coaching.

  • leroy j gibbs

    Millard did better than I thought he would considering he was the BACKUP quarterback.I don't get all the negativity .c'mon man!

  • William

    MISTAKES - The only mistake I see is Dana "The Man in Black" Holgerson!
    He needs run out of Morgantown ASAP

    • William

      As long as Dan "The Man in Black" Holgerson is head coach at WVU
      I'M LOVIN' IT
      When you hire people with poor character, things could in up in a
      BIG MESS - WVU football & basketball

      • nutbut

        Willliam, Just get out tomorrow. Go out into the sun. Go and be around people. Go to the library and read a book. Go to the hospital and volunteer for a few hours talking to people who are experiencing the highs and lows of life.

        It is okay. There is a world beyond the comment page.

        Go to Chick-Fil-A and buy a sandwich. Get some lemonade. Eat under the shade of a tree.

        Say hello to a neighbor. Go read to kids at a local school. Write a letter to a veteran overseas.

        Get the point?

      • Jay

        Please tell me that you know the phrase is "end up," not "in up." That could have been a typo in haste on your part. Still, I am going to have to read where you've typed that you know it's "end up."

        Please restore my faith in Americans.

  • Steve

    Love how Mrs Dana never takes any of the blame. Always the kids fault. Has got to be the most arrogant and over rated coach in America at any level. Grow up drunkerson and take blame for the dumpster fire

  • wvtd

    well, at least we have the bright spot of wvu basketball coming up. cheer up everyone.

    • Big Larry

      Sorry but No....

      That will be even worse....

      Kansas can make that statement and be correct but not WVU.

  • derek

    Cant understand why we cant recruit better QBs to WVU. Mac schools have better QBs than what we have sitting. This game would have been locked down when momentum was ours in the first Quarter. Holgs recruit us some QBs they are all around you PA OH KY everywhere. No moral victories wins or losses.

    • Keith J

      Sometimes you just have to get lucky. Don't think Pat White was heavily recruited. Gino was offered only after Boyd changed his mind. There are reasons why MAC QB's end up at MAC schools. Just as we are finding out there are reasons people go to JC's.

      • AlternFan

        Its called doing your job! I bet holgorsen doesnt spend anytime watching recruits highlights. Might interfere with his night life.

  • Justin

    U know we can't pass period...our C+ line can't protect for our D- QBs so how about a change in philosophy...slants, screens u know instead of go deep, go deep. In 1 year Patterson has revived a horrible defense in 3yrs our offense has faded. Who recruits for our offense? We can bank on a freshman QB next year which means what another rebuilding year?

    • GregG

      Holgorsen has no one to blame but himself. 4 of our 5 TDs came from rushing. What do we do in OT knowing that we have to score a TD to take it to a 2nd OT? Sure during the game we killed ourselves with turnovers, but when it came down to the end, we went away from what had been putting points on the board all night.

  • big tom

    I like the way dana protects his players,,,, I think he threw every single one of them under the bus, and didn't mention one time that poor coaching was part of the reason for the loss.... Nothing like a team man like dana,,, rapidly, I am losing respect for this assistant who is trying to become a HC...