MARLINTON, W.Va. – A massive fire broke out early Sunday morning, destroying an entire city block on Main Street.

First responder Robby Sharp said the fire ripped through several buildings.

“It’s about one city block. It probably involved four to five different buildings,” said Sharp, the Second Lt. with the Ambulance Authority.

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He said the Marlinton Volunteer Fire Department got the call in the middle of the night.

“An apartment building and a retail store right on Main Street in Marlinton. It started about 3:30 this morning and has been going strong every since.”

Within a short time, the fire spread to two other buildings and crews attempted to save a fifth structure. At least 12 people have been displaced from the apartment building that was completely destroyed. The Red Cross was helping them find shelter.

Sharp said it took a dozen fire crews from around the region to get the blaze under control including every department in Pocahontas County.

“We’ve got fire departments from Randolph County, Greenbrier County, from all surrounding counties,” said Sharp.

The state Fire Marshal’s office was called in to investigate. As of Sunday, no cause had been identified in the blaze.

One firefighter has been taken to the hospital for exhaustion. His injury was not considered life-threatening.

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  • John Arnold

    John Arnold

    We were really shocked to hear this. we just moved from that area a few months ago. we first moved there after moving back from overseas.
    We really enjoyed are stay and living there. We enjoyed the people & the businesses. It is extremely sad to hear this happen to a very nice town & with the historical building that are lost. New ones will be built but not with the grandeur of the old ones had ! The saying goes they dont build them like they use to. I feel either someone made a big mistake or the Fire marshal was not doing there job proper in the inspections of the buildings. It could have been prevented I am sure. From the stories I hear about the guy from Florida that owns that main corner building, I would not be surprised he helped to make that happen??? I know how he was with some of the small businesses there. I think they need to look his direction also.

  • Boone

    Wonder what Don Surber has to say about that?

  • Tracey

    I am so sorry I love that town I hope everyone is ok. My thought and prayers go out to everyone there

  • JoAnn

    Was the opera house affected?

    • camjoe

      The Opera House was not involved. This quarter block includes Hudson's Variety, The Dirt Bean coffee/bike shop, Nation Wide Insurance, The Corner Salon and multiple apartment units within all four of the buildings involved. The fire has reignited this morning.
      Marlinton will persevere and recover from this.

  • Bottom Feeder

    What does Marlinton do that causes the good people to suffer so much? Fire, Floods...
    They are not Mingo County. They do not deserve this.

    • Mick

      I am from Mingo Co.Just because a few local politicians choose to be corrupt does that mean horrible things should happen to everyone here ...Bottom feeder is a good name for you..I hope you have a nice day...

    • Teresa Osborne

      Are you saying Mingo county does deserve it?

      • Bottom Feeder

        I'm only saying that we only need 54 counties.

        • Scott

          You truly live up to your name.Great people live in Mingo Co. yes there's politically corruption.Doesn't change for everybody who lives here. The same as the drugs and prostution in Huntington and Charleston changes all the great people that live there

    • grannybuzzard

      the floods are because we are right on the banks of the greenbeier river. some of the fires were arson, some carelessness, and a lot of bad luck. consider, a lot of these builings have been here since the early part of the twentieth century. it don't take much.

      • Shepherdstown

        Was the hardware store effected?