MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University President Jim Clements is the new president at Clemson University. Clements was introduced to a large crowd Monday morning on the campus of the South Carolina school.

“The bottom line is this–the board of trustees is convinced that we got the very best person to be our next president. He is the right fit for Clemson University,” Clemson Board of Trustees Chairman David Wilkins said just before he introduced Clements.

Clements, 49, wearing an orange tie, eagerly accepted the position.

“Clemson truly is a gem in higher ed,” he said. “It truly is. This is a real special place.”

Clements introduced his wife Beth and four children and praised Clemson for being a great family atmosphere.

He also told the crowd he would work hard.

“My mother used to tell me a lot of simple things. She said, ‘Jim, be a good person and make a difference.’ And I can promise that we will do our very best to help all of you working together to fill the vision set forth by Thomas Green Clemson,” he said.

Clements has been lauded for his role in fundraising at WVU and he promised Monday to help Clemson meet its stated goal in an ongoing capital campaign. He also predicted a Clemson football victory Thursday night against Georgia Tech.

Clements will replace outgoing Clemson President James Barker who has been in that role since 1999. 

Clements was hired to be WVU’s 23rd president in 2009.  At that time, he was provost at Towson University.

In his role at WVU’s president, Clements has chaired the boards of the West Virginia United Health System, the WVU Hospitals and the WVU Research Corporation.

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  • cutty77

    People all over The Country Love WVU people. I wish Jim and Beth Great Sucess. Another reason i liked him,he told Joe shove it too.

    • Hal Varian

      You randomly capitalize... The Country... Love... and Great.... Sucess [sic]... but not... i...

  • clay

    I remember folks whining about how much money he was being paid... mainly from other wvu faculty and staff who were not seeing salary increases they felt they were entitled to. I guess we know why he was being paid so well (by WV standards) as research, enrolement and fund raising all set new records. It seems the best and the brightest are destined to leave our state for greener pastures....

  • mark

    I've met him and he seemed like a fine fellow. However, they are all whores. (i.e. Rich R., Oliver L. etc.) There is simply NO loyalty anymore.

    • Hal Varian

      Do you work for... WVU? ...

  • Medman

    Clemson's first pick accepted the job and then backed-out.

  • Hal Varian

    He actually looks a little bit like Beilein... who also stuck a knife in our backs...

    • wirerowe

      Beilein did not stick a knife in our back. he did a great job for us and took a better job in Michigan.

      • Hal Varian

        That was... easy... can anyone see what I did... there?

  • Rob

    Will certainly be missed. Best Wishes to the Clements' family.

    • Hal Varian

      Moving below the Mason Dixon Line does not mean he suddenly owns his family...

      • Medman

        hal, Do you actually know where the Mason-Dixon line is? Your post makes no sense.

        • Hal Varian

          It makes perfect sense... Your obtuseness... is the problem...

  • Hal Varian

    For all of you butt hurt and calling for administrators who "want to be here" and (like you) would never leave the state... decades of those people is why WVU is... a stepping stone...

  • Free Markets

    Unfortnately, WVU cannot keep good leaders....anywhere. From Health Sciences to Stewart Hall.

    This is a sad day for WVU.

    • Hal Varian

      WV is not a state and Appalachia is not a culture conducive to retaining.... high quality leaders...

  • Doug

    So WVU academics were not good enough to get into the ACC but the president from WVU is?

    • Hal Varian

      That actually made sense to you as you typed it?

      • Doug

        Your name actually made sense to your parents as they named you?

        • Hal Varian

          Ok... I see what I am dealing with... and hope that you are not a WVU alumni...

  • Hal Varian

    I'm not going to lie... that orange tie rankles me...

  • Hal Varian

    Clements was everything WVU needs, because he is everything WV... is not. I hope we do as well hiring his replacement... and that the Old Boys (and Gals) keep their noses out of it.

  • Kenny H.

    What a week for WVU. First, dodging a bullet that almost tuck the greatest AD we ever had in Luck, Holgs, blows the game against Texas, and now Clements, our now former president, pulls a Rich-Rod, like a theif in the night, leaves for Clemson.

    This has to be the worst week in WVU history since that whole Rich-Rod thing in 2007.

    Talking about choices for new president of WVU, here are my Pre-Requistes:

    1. Some one with of course experience

    2. Some one with commitment

    3. Some one with WVU/West VirginiaTies

    That takes me to my top three candidates in that order;

    1. Joe Manchin
    2. Mrs. Puskar-(Widow of the Late Great Mylan Puskar
    3. Gaston Caperton

    • Low Rider


      Joe Manchin does not have the academic qualifications to be prez of the university. Typically you need a PHD or Law Degree. Mrs. Puskar is not qualified. Gaston Caperton at age 73 is too old.

      WVU needs to conduct a national search like it did when it hired Clemens, and get a dynamic leader for the U. We will always be a stepping stone for other universities, but that is who we are. Having said that, Hardesty stayed on as WVU president for a long time.

      • Hal Varian

        Joe Manchin is also... an idiot... aside from that I agree with you... up to your inbred loser... conclusion...

        WVU is a stepping stone because of attitudes like yours... we must admit it... then fix it...

      • Mike

        Hardesty stayed because he was an undergraduate student at WVU, Hardesty and was Student Body President. Someone that loves the state and the university will stay around for awhile.

        • Hal Varian

          You didn't...

          • Hal Varian

            ... and unlike Hardesty... Jim has done things at WVU to be a desirable candidate....

    • Debra

      I think Joe Manchin would rather be president of the United States, not president of WVU.

  • Life

    No wonder oliver luck was going too texas

    • Hal Varian

      West Virginians... I agree...

  • susanf1218

    Well, I certainly hope the Board of Governors picks someone to replace him who actually has the credentials - remember the Mike Garrison debacle? As for Clements, in my opinion, he has done a good job. He was very personable - he made it a point to greet the incoming freshman at Lincoln Hall when my son was moving in and he opened the President's home for the Young LIfe group to meet there. I just hope that Oliver Luck isn't a candidate for the job!

    • Hal Varian

      Tidbit: Mike Garrison was the original inspiration for South Park's Mr. Garrison.

      • Mike

        Do you ever post anything positive? Sad life.

        • Hal Varian

          Everything I post is positive... you just don't like it because... you don't understand it... and sad life? ... I'm not the one who is... unemployable.... and unwilling to take a job....

          • Mike

            I now have a figured out. You have to be an Ohio State Buckeye fan. Only their obnoxiousness rises to your level. Go back to Ohio.

  • Rich

    I thought we were losing our AD to Texas? I'm with Anthony can he take Dana with him? It's only a matter of time before Luck leaves for a better deal, we're stuck with Dana.

    • Big Larry

      Please take Huggins too...