CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A museum which spotlights the aviation of history in West Virginia is looking for a home. The state Airport Directors Association recently named three finalists as the host site of the West Virginia Aviation Museum.

Yeager Airport in Charleston is one of the finalists.

“Mainly because we’re the largest airport and in the Capital City,” said Airport General Manager Rick Atkinson.

West Virginia’s highest profile contribution to the world of aviation is General Chuck Yeager, the Lincoln County native who broke the sound barrier as a test pilot. However, Atkinson said there’s a lot of aviation history which isn’t as well known.

“At West Virginia State University, if it hadn’t been for the federal government taking Wertz Field to build¬†the rubber plant they would have been the Institute Airmen instead of the Tuskegee Airmen,” Atkinson said. “The first five pilots trained at West Virginia State.”

The other two possible locations are the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport and the North Central West Virginia Regional Airport in Harrison County.

Atkinson said Wheeling’s airport is already an historic terminal and houses an existing museum. North Central West Virginia Regional Airport is an important location because of its proximity to the aviation industry in West Virginia, which is robust.

A decision is expected after managers of all three state airports make formal presentations about why they should be selected as the host site.



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    We don't have any senators or congressman who could have saved Sugar Grove or any active duty bases. No more champions in the state for our representation. It's a damn shame, VA, Texas, Maryland, CA, and more etc. they all have multiple active duty bases. We are constantly defending our two ANG bases. Unbelievable. And yes, Ocean uses the flight path thru the Eastern Panhandle routinely to fly low level training missions. They are more than welcome here!j

  • charles

    West Virginia may claim high profile General Chuck Yeager however when he retired he left W.V. to live in California.

  • northforkfisher

    Sugar Grove would be used by other branches if the deadbeats senators would something 4 us instead of being stuck up the dc idiots butts. Sugar Grove now coal mining next then logging.

  • northforkfisher

    We should see if the navy will let us have an a6e intruder , a f14 tomcat and a f/a 18 hornet. They always use the eastern panhandle to train because the mountains are like overseas.

    • hillbilly

      But not good enough to retain the Sugar Grove Navy Base. WV is losing its only active duty military base, which doesn't amount to the funds wasted each hour by the federal government and none of our elected leaders in Charleston or DC are doing anything at all. For those who don't care, once they prove how easy to take this. What's next?

  • Amy

    Something else that will need funding.