BLACKSBURG, Va. — Though Remi Dibo sank five 3-pointers in a display of the perimeter shooting that made him crucial to West Virginia’s recruiting class, it went for naught as the Mountaineers blew a 17-point lead in an 87-82 loss to Virginia Tech.

“We didn’t stick to our plan, and we let them come back,” said the junior college transfer. “A basketball game in college is two halves. You can’t just play one half as hard as you can and then, in the second half, relax and think everything’s going to be easy.”

Click the video to see Dibo’s postgame comments.

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  • Mister Man

    Absolutely, Remi. That's what needs to be said. Way to step up.

  • Dave

    Good job Remi. You sound like you could be one of the leaders for this team. Good luck with your career and we're glad to have you as a MOUNTAINEER.

  • wvrefugee

    Yeah, kinda like jacking up a shot everytime you touch it Remi! Holy Pittsnogle!!

  • pghmountaineer

    Just 17 more wins and we're NIT bound.
    Ya baby!

  • Oh no!

    Remi! You been watchin' too much WVU football!