BLACKSBURG, Va. — After a come-from-ahead 87-82 loss at Virginia Tech, WVU coach Bob Huggins lamented his team’s inaccuracy at the foul line and the fact “we missed about 106 layups.”

But there also were big-picture implications that could impact West Virginia’s resume come tournament time. With Gonzaga, Missouri, Purdue and potentially Wisconsin upcoming on the nonconference slate, Tuesday’s loss at Cassell Coliseum could loom costly.

“I think we’ve put ourselves in a big hole,” Huggins said. “Have you looked at our schedule? It’s pretty hard. We’re going to have to win some games people don’t think we can win.”

Though Huggins’ team committed 17 second-half fouls resulting in 27 Virginia Tech free throws, he was more disenchanted by the first-half lapse in which WVU’s lead shrank from 40-24 to 41-36 in the final three minutes.

“We screwed the game up in the first half,” he said. “We got up 16 and we stopped guarding, and when you stop guarding, people take advantage of you.”

Click the video to see Huggins’ entire postgame newsconference.

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  • Allan

    I think the great experiment with the new rule changes is changing the game for the bad not the good. Way too many fouls called, slows down the game and leaves no margin for error on the defensive end. Personally, they need to go back to the way it was…if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  • William's Mom

    Can someone please let William know it's time to make his bed and come upstairs for his mac and cheese and cocoa?

    Thank you.

  • wvajoker

    William, the big embarassment to the State of West Virgnia is your comments.

  • rekterx

    And there you have it at the very end.

    "You have to be really dumb to have to lose to learn. Why can't we win and learn?"

    How many more times will we hear this refrain this season?

  • pghmountaineer

    Some of you people have to relax. Huggs said "I'll fix it", and he will. He just didn't say what year, but he'll fix it. Sit back and watch the magic begin.

  • Big joe

    I agree with James, good job James

    • Joe

      I do as well. I really like their fight. We will get much better as the seasn goes along and with Terry back.

  • Big Larry

    And so it begins... another Bob Huggins Team that is young, inexperienced and rebuilding...It is what it is...

    Next year the same thing...the year after that...the same thing.

    After watching this team play its like watching the WVU Bob Huggins version of "Groundhog Day"...only the faces change but not the results.

    I'm expecting this team to win 15 games this year which will be two (2) more wins than last year so yes...I am being somewhat optimistic.

  • John b

    William, I'm a big critic of Huggins too, however there was no time in this interview when he threw anyone under the bus. Yes, he used to do it all the time a couple of years ago but he has gotten much better of not doing it. Truth is if we make free throws we win the game. Va tech shot the ball much better at the line than wvu.
    The one thing Huggs needs to do better is recruit. Even he couldn't deny the fact his classes have in general been below average.

  • Mountaineer

    Hey William, if you don't like the way Coach Huggins handles his team then don't watch them. If these kids didn't love Coach Huggins do you really think they would have come to WVU?

    • wvtd

      we will see by the end of this season how much they love him.

      • wvrefugee


  • Smitty13

    Only second game and hugs crying the blues already. Looks like last year already. Luck will probably give him another contract extension. Is it to late for Clements to take hoglike and hugs with him?

  • James

    The team is way better then they were last year, but they are young and inexperience, this team has no leadership yet, Nathan Adrian the home town kid from morgantown did a decent job, but I would have to start Dibo over him, Adrian isnt ready for this level yet, he isn't physical enough, this team will continue to get better, but in my opinion, next year is going to be the Mountaineers year, Let's go Mountaineers keep working hard

  • Mike

    Uh-oh, here we go again.

  • William

    Why would ANY High School Basketball play for Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins?
    He throws his players under the bus all the time
    He yells & screams at these young men all the time
    He has been a embarrassment to the State of West Virginia

    • James

      William have you ever played a Division sport in your life, you have your right to speak your opinion, but that is what happens when you play College sports, watch Tom Izzo tonite when his players mess up, I can guarantee you he will be in there face, its called constructive criticism, be it he may go a lil far sometimes, but I much rather have 830 win coach, then a 10 win coach, I don't know what to say, Coach Stewart was let go cause he was to nice and a players coach, now you think Huggins should go cause he yells, when I played I was taught if the coach isn't in your face getting on you, then he done gave up on you, I personally have no problem with his coaching techniques