BLACKSBURG, Va. — Eron Harris saw the crack in the Virginia Tech defense, burst through the lane and elevated over the rim for a finger roll … that lipped out.

Retreating downcourt, he squeezed his head in disbelief at the 4-for-17 shooting performance taking shape in what became an 87-82 loss.

“My shot wasn’t falling … I was even missing layups,” said Harris, whose 16-point effort was a disappointment given the number of times he penetrated the lane. The shot chart showed Harris made only 2-of-11 at the rim, while point guard Juwan Staten was 3-of-10 on close shots, many of them contested by Hokies defenders who blocked 13 shots.

“A few of us were missing layups today,” Harris said. “I don’t know if it was because we were trying to seek contact and we weren’t looking at the rim like we were supposed to do or what.”

As Virginia Tech players slapped high-fives with the students inside Cassell Coliseum, Harris burned over the 17-point lead West Virginia squandered.

“We’ve got to learn how to play consistently,” he said. “In my opinion, we were way better than that team.”

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  • pghmountaineer

    Good point Don. Huggs is fixin it. Good to see he's fixed all the problems from last year.
    I think we might be able to make a deep run in the NIT this year.

  • don

    No doubt, we areMUCH better than last year, but still light years from being competitve in the big 12. The best piece of coaching Huggs has done was to dump the junior high players after the 2012 debacle

  • don

    Believe it or not, Eron, but you have to concentrate on layups just like any other shot. Forget about style points and put the ball in the basket.

  • Allan

    WVcoal…..try taking that pink stuff and see if that helps! If not, call me in the morning.

  • wvtd

    the best team always wins. maybe he was thinking about Fairmont state.

  • pghmountaineer

    Be patient folks. Huggs is fixin it.
    Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mountaineers!

  • Larry Wiseman

    I agree!! We are way better, could be, we were trying too hard at the last 7 mins. Also, it looked like we are rushing our shots, when we don't have a clear shot (are you reading this, Staten!). Quit trying to get fouled, and concentrate on the shot an the rim. I still say we need to SCRAP the new rules!!

  • Allan

    Eron, the truth of the matter is…if you were way better than VT, you would have won. Putting all this aside, you have a very young team and players who really haven't played much with y'all and it will take time. What you and kevin need to do is keep after the new guys and get them in the practice facility every waking moment they aren't in class, library or studying…have you not learned anything from last years disaster?

  • Matt

    The good ole fickle fans.

  • Greg

    So many people who comment here think that the color of Huggs' wardrobe is the problem. I guess that's not really the problem is it? Maybe it's just a youthful team after all.

    • wvrefugee

      Maybe it's the color of his character???

  • WVcoal

    Watching this team play makes me sick to my stomach.

    • squad

      don't then

  • pghmountaineer

    So glad to see all the problems from last year have been fixed. Go EEEEERS!