MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — In their weekly installment of “The Takeaway,” Allan Taylor and Justin Hoff break down the Texas film and look ahead to this weekend’s contest against Kansas.

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  • Troll is back

    So for all the people who think we were such a power house over the years here's a question, how many big east championships did WVU win outright in their 20 years of conference play? The answer 2 (1993 & 2005), shared with 1 other team twice (2003 & 2007) shared with 2 other teams twice (2010 & 2011) shared with 3 other teams (that's half the conference) once (2004), now that's dominating!

  • Big Larry

    It's a SAD SAD day to be a Mountaineer sports fan...

    ...Wherever you may be!

  • Allen

    This team has already improved and fans have not seen it. Open your eyes Mountaineers.

    • Jason

      improved? I would say inconsistent would be more accurate.

      • Brian

        Nah.... Jason (though I get your point, and the fact that you don't want to come across as negative, so I'll do it for ya. I'm in my mid 50's and don't give a crap what people think anymore!): "inconsistent" is not correct either.

        It's simple - we're just BAD.
        Have been for awile now (even counting that idiotic ranking at the beginning of last year).

        Does anybody even remember how absolutely LUCKY ("heavenly blessed" might even be a more apt account) we were to even make it to the BCS bowl against Clemson? I do!!

  • pghmountaineer

    Fan,Get used to it. These are "Coaches in Training". If they ever get their act together they'll move on and we're right back where we started. Luck has gone silent. He's waiting for the next job opportunity. The President is leaving for greener pastures, and our two major sports programs are in shambles.
    I just wish the Borad of Regents would man up and clean up this mess because the people running these programs are lost and collecting millions at the same time.

    • Elliott

      Wow! Just just saw the sky falling . . . Nope, that was snow. It's still a great day to be a Mountaineer.


    WVU has taken steps in getting better and I believe now this team is starting to come together, with that said ...OMG! we have played ten games & now we are starting to come together? I blame Mike Joseph and senior leader ship or news players / coaches in relaying to the players what is expected from them... O-line coach is new, Wide Receiver coach is new, Running backs coach New and Defensive back coach new...each one of these coaches needs to take blame on not coaching these players up to compete in the Big 12. Dana needs to meet with his coaches and find out what we are doing to get each one better. These kids were not ready to play as a team this year,they didn't know what was going to be asked of them (QB-PAUL needs to know when you are in the game we will run a fast pace offense and people are going to be on top of you..KNOW WHERE TO GO WITH THE BALL,RIGHT NOW!!!!) Each player needs to know how he is going to be used... Dana I think you are great but this all falls on you, get your coaches all on the same page so the players can understand what is expected from them...this team needs to spend time together in the off season watching video of every game in the Big 12 and NFL and know who is doing what & why....we will be able to play faster next year

    • Troll is back

      If coaching comes so damn easy for you guys why are you here posting in the middle of the day instead if coaching up your team. Me? I'm here cause I'm a welfare baby so get over it!

      • Jason

        You dont have to be a hall of fame coach to recognize some of these current issues.

  • Shawn

    All those who think he would come back are sorely mistaken. All he wants it to clear his name so that he's allowed to enter the state of wv once again.

    I mean he's 6-3 in the Pac 12. That conference in my opinion is below the rest of the Big Conferences. I just don't see him winning in the Big 12.

    • Moe's Jo

      Hows that 9-3 or 8-4 record you predicted working out for you now? Like Obama, you have no credibility.

    • Jason

      RR would never come back to WVU. That being said the PAC 10 is no chump conference, they have just as many teams in the top 25 right now as the Big XII does.

  • leroy j gibbs

    Moving on. Let's go mountaineers!

  • Jon

    Time to call Rich Rod back.

    • Pruntytown

      I believe he has already blocked all calls from the 304 area code. Sorry.