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Jim Clements led record-setting efforts during his 5 years in Morgantown.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Outgoing WVU President Jim Clements told the university’s Board of Governors Wednesday he wants the see the momentum created during the last 5 years to continue even after he leaves for the president’s job at Clemson University.

“I don’t want to see the progress stop because I’m really proud of what’s been accomplished together,” Clements said.

Clements was introduced as Clemson’s 15th president Monday. He spoke to the WVU BOG Wednesday afternoon at the beginning of an emergency meeting in which the board decided its next step. Clements said he would be in Morgantown until about January 1. He said he’s help in any way with an interim president or the upcoming search process.

Clements told the BOG there’s been great team success at WVU.

“I’m convinced, that although there’s never a good time to leave, the university is really strong and really stable with great people and a great team of people here and it will continue. It will continue,” Clements predicted.

When he arrived from Towson State University nearly 5 years ago Clements said he and his family just wanted to make a difference.

“Ultimately that’s all we wanted to do was come and do a good job, bring people together and I think the fact that the staff, students, the board and the alumni are unbelievably united—-so I think that together we’ve done some good things and made a difference,” Clements said.

Three of the president’s children will remain WVU students. He said he looks forward to returning often to campus and looks forward to seeing them graduate from WVU.


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  • blugldmn

    Says Larry the faithful go mart employee...

  • jake

    Can't blame him for wanting to better himself with more money for he and his family, that's the American way. If his children remain and graduate from WVU then he will be true to his words . I wish him the best. By all accounts he has been a great leader and I'm sorry WVU didn't have the resources to keep him.

    • Oh Did Ya?

      His salary at Clemson is the same as what he is currently paid at WVU.

  • Larry

    Title should read
    "Clements wants to see momentum continue, but will not give it a second thought once he's gone".

  • Brian

    It is difficult to find any fault or issues with the way Jim is leaving.
    By all accounts he is going for the right reasons (family history with Clemson and a - from what I'm hearing - substantial pay increase).
    Yes - he made the decision rather abruptly; but that is actually better in the long run as well - never drag a divorce out!
    Anybody that is honest and appears sincere in their reasoning will get nothing but a congratulations and best wishes from me!

  • polarbear

    Please, Please, Please make sure the good ol' boys network has no say in the next president at WVU

  • Greg

    I agree. And the first time ND bumps Clempson from a big time bowl game we'll see him again at the Big 12 meetings.

  • Rick

    Very classy statements. Glad to see his children will finish at WVU. And I believe him when he says he will help in the transition any way he can. Good luck,and God bless you, Jim.

    • Bill