ST. MARYS, W.Va. – Pleasants County Senator Donna Boley is more than excited with the news that a ethane cracker facility is being considered in her district.

“It’s great,” said the Republican shortly after hearing the news.

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin is set to make a major economic announcement Thursday afternoon at WVU-Parkersburg’s Caperton Center for Applied Technology.

MetroNews has learned Brazilian company, Odebrecht, has purchased a large tract of land along the Ohio River at Washington. The company is interested in building a multi-billion dollar cracker facility on that site.

Boley’s district, which covers Pleasants, Wood, Wirt and part of Roane County, would benefit greatly from the project. She said she hasn’t been given the details but, from what she’s heard, it’s a game changer.

“It’s going to mean a lot for Wood County and surrounding counties,” she explained.

She has high hopes the facility will open up new opportunities for a state with many young people heading elsewhere to find work.

“I can hope it would mean keeping our kids here in West Virginia,” said Boley.

An ethane cracker would employ thousands of workers. Those jobs tend to be high paying. Boley stressed, at a time when West Virginia is struggling, this is amazing news.

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  • Larry

    This will never materialize.

    • wvman75

      Given this state is controlled by democrats, that's a real, though unfortunate, possibility. The rest of us can just hope. And vote.

  • Art in Mineral Wells


    Solar doesn't work at scale needed for industry and unfortunately doesn't work at night. Wind is great but gosh darn it those pesky windmills look so ugly perched on mountain tops.

    I am not sure how dangerous this plant may or may not be. I am sure there will be lots of safeguards going into it's design and the training the work force will receive. Companies don't build stuff to fail but to make a profit. Do some companies skirt the law or its intentions - sure. However with the C8 situation in Wood county people - companies - and governments will be closely watching.

    Sorry also. Electric cars are nice, still cause pollution and don't work well for long distances.

  • RHytonen

    Great, Coal is gone, but more deadly dangerous jobs to sacrifice West Virginians, and our apparently also expendable environment, to corporate greed for a few crumbs of the permanently damaging, but quickest almighty dollar.

    WHEN will we elect a government that actually CARES ABOUT West Virginia and its people over corporate money?

    It's not about "jobs," but about WHAT they actually DO. Why can't we (for instance) design and build electric cars, and windmills and solar panels, instead? For and by West Virginia -owned companies maybe? Instead of selling off the very land, (in this case air,) and water, or worse, fouling it forever? It would CERTAINLY make ME move OUT of Parkersburg.

    We need to stop letting pols make the short-sighted, destructive, extractionist, "easiest campaign buck" choices that are killing our state's resources and its people. And all those other states who get their water from the Ohio River too.

    • Bill

      I agree with another post, if you believe in all the planet savings of wind, solar and electric cars then start a company and go for it. I would suggest for starters on electric cars you get one that never needs to recharge off the power grid, since you don’t want the power grid to survive using terrible coal or gas. It would also help if it got 600 miles before needing to be recharged too.
      At the present time you are still free to move to any state you like. However you might want to call the moving company as quick as possible and get on the road. If the country keeps electing the type of people that are now in office, in a few years you might not have that option. You might want to just leave the country, and find you a nice place that has no electric power so you start helping the planet immediately.

    • Low Rider

      Get ready to move RHytonen. The announcement is going to happen, so get out your map and find a nice quiet little town with windmills and electric cars. When you get there tell Alice we said hello.

    • The bookman

      West Virginia is not your personal play land...for all to see, Rhytonen tips his hand as to the direction the Environmental movement will pursue as soon as coal has been removed from the equation...they will quickly turn their full focus to what they now call cleaner and more efficient natural gas...So much for an all of the above energy policy in this country...WV is an extraction energy producer of fossil fuels that continues to drive our economy...wake up Rhytonen!

    • Rick S.

      I think the reason we can't design and build electric cars, windmills, and solar panels instead is because there is pretty much no market demand for those products.

      Windmills and solar panels are great ideas, but unfortunately, they are not functionally practical to produce any meaningful amount of affordable electricity. Electric cars might work well in cities, but in rural areas where somebody might need to drive more than fifty miles, electric cars are not really a viable option. Plus, electric cars are based on electricity, which needs to come from coal and gas because of the aforementioned limitations of alternate sources.

      It would be great to have everything be environmentally-friendly, but an overwhelming majority of people do not want to have $300 per month electric bills, or live like the Amish and forego electricity altogether.

      But if you truly believe in electric cars, windmills, and solar panels, I encourage you to open up a plant and manufacture them. If you are correct, then you will be helping both the economy and the environment.