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Proviso East (Ill.) point guard Jevon Carter signed with West Virginia on Wednesday for the class of 2014.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia basketball announced the signings of two three-star guards Thursday, the second day of the early signing period for the 2014 class.

Jevon Carter from Maywood, Ill., and Daxter Miles, of Baltimore, Md., signed national letters of intent.

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Former Dunbar High standout Daxter Miles is spending this season at Notre Dame Prep in Fitchburg, Mass.

The 6-foot-2 Carter is a senior at Proviso East High School, where his team was the Class 4A state runner-up in 2012 and finished fourth last season. WVU coach Bob Huggins compared him to former Mountaineers standout Truck Bryant.

“Our staff saw Jevon in July and all four of us fell in love with him,” Huggins said. “He has the ability to score as well as run your team. Jevon definitely has a great knack of getting his hands in the passing lanes and deflecting balls.”

Carter averaged a team-high 18 points per game at Proviso East last season and then played AAU basketball with Next Level Performance, where he averaged around 19 points and seven assists this summer.

At 6-foot-3, Miles committed to WVU as a senior at Dunbar High in Baltimore last season but projected to need a year of prep school and subsequently enrolled at Notre Dame Prep in Fitchburg, Mass.

At Dunbar he averaged 15 points, six rebounds and 3.4 assists in leading his team to a 26-2 record and the Class 1A state championship. (Miles recorded a double-double with 15 points and 11 rebounds in the Poets’ 54-52 win over No. 9 New Town in the state title game.)

“Daxter will significantly upgrade our team’s athleticism,” Huggins said. “He has very good speed with the ball and a great knack for finishing at the rim. Dax will be able to play multiple positions for us. He has outstanding athleticism that should be make him a very good on-ball defender.”

Miles played his AAU basketball with Nike Baltimore Elite.

West Virginia currently has juniors Juwan Staten and Gary Browne at the point, with sophomores Eron Harris and Terry Henderson at shooting guards.

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  • mike

    We landed a couple "threes". That's news?
    I guess we need something to talk about. I am sorry, but the negative waves don't seem to quit coming out of Morgantown and I am trying to be positive.
    And then like you guys wonder at the comparison to "I can't shoot" Bryant. Love the kid but he was not a good shooting guard.

    It will be news when we one day get a "5" or start winning some games. How long does WVU have to be building a team.
    Lets Go Mountaineers, lets get with it!

  • The Big One

    More like Suck Bryant

  • Ed

    Comparing one to Truck Bryant?

    Oh brother.

    • Shawn

      He's comparing his body type not his ability.

  • Bill

    Not another "Truck", I love the Mounties and agree that he scored 1500 pts but he missed that many shots and had way to many turnovers at crucial times during the game. I'm not impressed!!!!!!

  • blugldmn

    Hey William what were the stars on the recruits the last time we went to the final four?

    That's right zilch....

    Every time you open your mouth you provide evidence of what a dummy you are.

    • VMan


  • blugldmn

    Probably not a good comparison.....

    Give the kid a chance..

  • pghmountaineer

    Like I said, deep breaths and relax. The Huggster is fixin it. Good to see he fixed all of the problems from last year.
    In another 3 or 4 years he'll have us making a deep run in the Big 12 tourney.
    Look out Jayhawks, we're gunnin for you!

  • JohnZ

    I am so tired of all the hating in mountaineer nation. We are not NC, Duke, or Kansas. Huggins took us to a final four for crying out loud! And now fans expect that EVERY year? People need to get some perspective. I for one think we are lucky to have a coach of his caliber. You can't be a fan only when the chips are up, clowns.

    • WV Bud

      You are right Johnz,too many clown on here.We are not and prbly never will be on thesame level as Duke and KenuckyThe Tarheels in basktball and the Tide in football. That said we still have a pretty good coach inHuggins. Jury is out on Dana but give him a chance an Luck is what we need as a AD.

    • BH

      A Final 4 every year ? Of course not, but WVU fans should expect better than a 13-19 record.

    • J the C

      If we were runners up this year in the NCAA Tournament, these same guys would criticise Huggins for not winning it.

    • J the C

      Johnz, that's what many posters do best! I just ignore them for the most part. My guess is that creeps like these abound nationwide.

    • Rick S.

      You are correct -- making the Final Four every year is not realistic.

      But to be fair, Bob Huggins is one of the most successful and winningest basketball coaches of all-time, and he is one of the highest paid basketball coaches in the country. Having a winning record every year, making the NCAA tournament every year, and finishing in the top three of the Big 12 every year are very real expectations that should be met.

      • Robin

        No, but making the tournament and going deep in the tournament is realistic. When you make good money as a coach and have new facilities built for you and the team it is not out of order to expect making the tournament every year.

      • wenkev

        Yeah, except the years before, he had recruited talent to match Big East style of play not Big 12. Takes a while to adjust.

        • Rick S.

          You are correct, it is a different style of play, and good coaches and players adapt quickly -- just like they have to do with this season's rule changes. The roster turns over 50% every two years, so the adjustment should not take long. Also, the Big East was a much deeper and better basketball conference than the Big 12, and the current competition is not nearly as stiff.

    • Big Larry

      Oh Please...

      Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins is

      "Over-Rated"..."Over-Paid"...and "Over-Weight"

      • wow

        You must be looking in a mirror, just look down at your shoe and remind yourself your shoe size and your IQ are the same number before you post on this site.

  • John

    Over the past 3 years, Huggins is .500. Hardly signs of a great coach.

  • Matt

    Fickle, fickle, SO CALLED WVU fans.....

  • William

    That picture of Daxter Miles tells it all - He's "VERY HAPPY"
    Will 3 star recruits get you to the final four?

    • J the C

      Yes they can. What do you expect fool? The fours and fives don't graduate from high school and ponder, " Gee, I wonder if I can go to WVU?"

      • Mister Man

        Yes they do.

    • ron

      We live off 3 stars all the time, give me a bunch of them with heart. I don't see a lot of 3,4, or 5 stars in WV. We went to the final 4 with a bunch of 2 and 3 stars, as I recall Butler,which was the best player on the team, was not a 4 or 5 star.

  • D.P.

    Great to have you two as Mountaineers!!!!!

  • Rock Solid

    Take your stars and put them back in the sky! Two,three, fifteen, it is all garbage. Two recruits and of course one of them needs remedial school. My God we are turning into a vocational school for non college students. WHY are we so far down the ladder, that we can't get students qualified to attend COLLEGE.? We can't even recruit students who are worthy playing at MAC schools, where at least they are smart enough to enroll without remedial education before they show up. I'm not dissing MAC schools I'm complementing them! They are better than us in enticing STUDENT ATHLETES! We seem to get the bottom dwellers. Some work out, but why do we have to gamble on the fringe players, the good schools don't. Guess we now know why the ACC thinks we are not worthy of consideration to their dance. Wonder why a truly gifted WVU president is bailing?? Get off a loser and saddle up a winner, Clemson! Yet don't be sad we have Larry and the rest of the losers. The state is full of them!

    • Rock Solid

      Sent a comment yesterday about the lack of quality athletes that we only seem to attract. The sad personel at this station must have thought that it was too close to the truth and held it for moderation. What a bunch of amateurs running this station. Seem to be a lot like most of our recruits, belong in remedial school, not a top tier university or professional broadcasting station. Either they can't handle the truth or they are just inept. I'll vote for inept! Let us see if they will post my response from yesterday or if they don't want freedom of expression because it might hurt their feelings to hear someone tell the truth.

    • J the C

      Sorry, but leaving WVU to be President of Clemson University is hardly a bailout! I don't know what his new salary will be but I bet it tops the chicken feed he was paid here. WVU is hardly the top of the academic ladder. It is, however, my school and I love it, win or lose.

    • wow

      Just how would you get the top players to come to WVU ? 99 percent of the top players are from other states and players normally don't go out of state unless it is to one of the top programs like Duke, UK , UNC and the like. We have to get middle of the pack players and mold them into better players. Now if you can get the top players to come to WVU I'm sure they would pay you very well. I doubt that you can so all you do is complain about other peoples work, so take your meds and go back to sleep.

    • Greg

      At the end of the day WVU is one of only 5 schools in the country that's in the top 25 in all-time wins in both football and men's basketball. I'll take that and sleep better tonight knowing it. Guess we haven't stumble too far have we?

      And why is everyone so bent out of shape because we're not in the ACC? Please explain why WVU would be better off there? The ACC is the worst BCS football conference year in and year out. It's falling apart again right now after getting off to a decent start. Were you at the Texas game Saturday night? I guess you'd rather watch the WVU-WFU game over the Internet on ESPN3. Outside of Duke and Carolina in basketball, what else have they had? They have a hard time getting 4 teams in the dance every year. Academics? Heck, Carolina, the ACC's bell cow, just went through the biggest academic scandal in the history of the NCAA. Miami? Need I say anymore?

      WVU got snubbed this time because it took the high road last time around and didn't aggressively pursue VPI's spot. That's the bottom line. Remember that the ACC didn't want VPI as they brought nothing to the table UVA didn't. Deal with that and enjoy life at the adult table. Let the ACC fans sit at the kids table.

      • Rock Solid

        @Greg: Way to go Greg, talk about WVU being in the top 25 overall in all time wins in basketball and football. God how sad, who are you Notre Dame? Must live in the past because you can't get respect like you assume you deserve? Throw out your garbage about the ACC and scandals at North Carolina and Miami. The point was even with problems at those schools, they still didn't want WVU. What does that say about the state of WVa.? Not good enough to be invited to a lousy conference? Way to go Greg,keep proving why we are not prime rib and barely hamburger. The ACC is different than the Big Twelve because of regional affiliation. That means DISTANCE Greg. Keep thinking we dissed the ACC, that we turned them down. Really smart Greg, duh? Let us travel thousands of extra miles but we showed the ACC that we took the high road and didn't pursue joining their conference because we were too good to care about VPI joining? You must be delusional and stupid.The ACC didn't want us then, and never will until we sit at the big boy's table instead of the community college table.

    • Troll is back

      Not everyone goes to "remedial school" for academics, some go to develope their game an extra year to prepare for big time college. No where in the article did it specify why he went so until he tells you personally why he went keep your derogatory assumptions to yourself.

      • Rock Solid

        @Troll is back: He is not the only one! We are getting a plethera of remedial school graduates. That means a lot Troll if you are confused, you know "many", more than a few. I assume he told you personally the reason he went to remedial school since you question that he didn't tell me.

    • Todd Armstrong

      Maybe you need to be a fan of a mac school and not of our beloved mountaineers. Huggs is a great coach, all you people need to quit belly aching and be a true fan and get behind the team

  • pghmountaineer

    Ya baby. Another Truck Bryant.
    We're back!

    • cpwv

      Your sarcasm is tired. If either one of these recruits puts up Truck Bryant stats then they will have had wonderful careers.

      I'll take 1500 career points any day.

      • GoEers

        Truck Bryant played in 4 NCAA tournaments including a Sweet 19 and a Final Four. Hey Pgheer why don't you name the # of sweet 16's and final fours that your favorite team played in?

        And don't claim to be a Mountaineer fan you troll!

        • GoEers

          typo: Sweet 16

          Non typo: pgheer is a jealous marshall fan troll just like his boyfriend big larry and his sister william

      • J the C


      • Concerned

        Well said.

    • Greg

      Lets hope he's not as hard-headed as Truck was.

  • Mister Man

    Good luck, gentlemen. Welcome to WVU.