CHARLESTON, W.Va. — U.S. Representative Shelley Moore Capito is giving back.

Capito has donated the salary she received during the October government shutdown to various West Virginia charities, in the amount of $7,733.33.

“Since the Constitution requires members of Congress to be paid, I have donated the salary I received during the shutdown to seven outstanding West Virginia non-profits and charities,” said Capito in a release Friday.

The charities are: the Appalachian Children’s Chorus, the Appalachian Reading Center in South Charleston, the Craik-Patton House in Charleston, the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, the Kanawha Pastoral Counseling Center, the Larry Joe Harless Community Center in Gilbert, and the Tamarack Foundation.

“These organizations give back to our community in so many ways – improving literacy, strengthening families, providing health care, preserving our history, and promoting the arts – and I am proud to support their work,” Capito stated.

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  • wvman75

    Democrats on here are questioning her motives for donating her salary instead of questioning Manchin, Rockefeller, and Rahall's motives for not doing so. Typical liberals.

  • Craig L. Gay

    Rep Capito ...What is next for her..a gift to the TEA PARTY. All the money lost on this SHUTDOWN, pushing back the refund season at the IRS by 2 weeks..for what? So King Boehner can look good!! How do a few TEA PARTY folks and others, Rep Capito? shut down the Government because they didn't get their way. Stop the fighting and start working together to move the economy forward and the folks out here better and more secure JOBS! Shutting down the GOVERNMENT is not the answer for anything anytime. BTW the Congress needs to work more on the business of the people and less on themselves!!!

  • wvrefugee

    Shoot, she made 20k during that time from the coal lobby! What a FAIL gesture!

  • D.P.

    Stephen - Are you inferring that Shelley PERSONALLY cost us $24 billion? Pal, you are either EXTREMELY STUPID, or EXTREMELY MISINFORMED! What about the TRILLIONS BHO and his Dem Flunkies have cost this country??? WV has been ROYALLY SCREWED out of TREMENDOUS AMOUNTS of money due to Saint Barry and National and State Democratic Politicians' Policies!!!

    Thank goodness the Republican House has been able to keep our SOCIALIST/LYING POTUS (and his minions) in check!!! They have spent and wasted money like drunken sailors (and I sincerely apologize to sailors)! Obamacare (the LATEST SCANDAL of this disastrous Administration) obviously has been and will continue to be a DEBACLE that will harm the Democratic Brand for decades!!!

    Stevey Boy, this will not only ensure Shelley's victory, but also will enable the Republicans to RETAIN the House and REGAIN the Senate!!! Thank God, because if this weren't the case, we would be addressing one another as "Comrade" in the future!!!!!

  • Stephen

    What a joke and the joke is on West Virginia.

    How about that $24 billion you cost us? Please lady, you make think we are stupid but we are not THAT stupid. (Well just a few of the people posting on this site ALL THE TIME might be on the extreme ignorant side)

  • RogerD

    I guess this is news worthy. She usually votes to give other people's money away.

    • Kathleen


  • D.P.

    Shelley - WHAT A WONDERFUL GESTURE!!! Fortunately, there a few decent politicians in Washington!!!!!

    Obama forever - THAT'S MORE FRIGHTENING THAN THE SCARIEST HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE!!!!! Thank God this LYING/SCANDALOUS LOW LIFE COMMIE will be NOTHING but a Bad Memory after his last Lame Duck Term!!!!!

    Tom wv - I couldn't agree more!!!!!

    Jason412 - I'd highly advise you to have someone (anyone) proofread your comments as they make very little sense!!! Also, it would behoove you to take a remedial spelling/grammar (3rd-4th grade level) course!!!

  • JTC

    The Exxon at exit 179 in Parkersburg is still called the Arch Moore Exxon, that is where the money exchanges were made. ( according to the locals)

    • BAC

      Get your "history" straight. NO MONEY WAS EXCHANGED at the Exxon near Parkersburg. That was where John Leaberry wore a wire to try to trap Arch Moore into saying something incriminating. If you would read the transcript, you'd find he said nothing. Haters like JTC just take a lie and blither about it but they do not know what they're talking about and don't even care!

  • BAC

    Shelley is the real deal--an honest, straightforward individual who most certainly is not in it for the money. The job of a member of Congress is very, very demanding and tiring. We're fortunate to have someone of her caliber willing to run for the Senate and to serve West Virginians in D.C.

    • wvrefugee

      Yep, she learned it from her daddy! #crooks

      • BAC

        Offer proof, any proof, that her dad was crooked. What he did was the same thing that Byrd, Rockefeller, Neely, Sprouse, Randolph, ALL his Democrat opponents did--raise $$ and spend cash on election day. Only difference, they put Arch in jail and the others have gone free.

      • wvman75

        Ask our current governor about his daddy.

    • Mark L.

      Honest? Straightforward? NOT IN IT FOR THE MONEY? She's one of the most corrupt politicians listed in the book "Throw them all out" written by a CONSERVATIVE!.

  • wv worker

    If we have no money for food stamps, no money for Medicare and social security where did that money come from? Isn't it strange when they want money its there when the American citizens need money its gone. I know food stamps is not popular but they do feed families and children that use them the right way. But they have cut them from $57.00 to more a money but you can see they haven't cut their money. It was good to give back, but her and the rest of the good people on the hill need to give back MORE.

  • Obama forever

    no big deal for her, she can just open another drawer of her dads desk

    • BAC

      There was never any proof, whatsoever, that Arch Moore took a bribe from anyone. What he did was the same thing all your Democrats (Byrd, Randolph, Sprouse, Rockefeller, Neely, John F. Kennedy, et al) did since 1863: raise money and spend cash on election day. If you didn't do that, you simply did not win. If you think what Arch did was unique, you are incredibly stupid or naïve.

      • Michael

        Like daddy, like daughter! Capito has never done one thing for the average or struggling West Virginian.

      • Obama forever

        you are as about as dumb as they come. moore was a cheat, liar and a crook and that was why he went to prison. he did have bribe money found in his desk. you need to reread wv history. did he go to prison for being a good govenor? geez!

        • BAC

          Prove it. You just believe the Charleston Gazette which is full of lies. No proof anywhere that Arch ever took a bribe from anyone. You don't know your history, you just blither and repeat lies and distortions.

    • Tom wv

      I'm not sure but did little barry keep his pay.?? Atleast she donated it to deserving wv charities. Maybe little barry will donate his to another golf course.

      • Roger

        Just another loop hole for a good tax write off ... Shelly will get her money back plus more at income tax time!!!!!!

        • The bookman

          Spoken like a guy who gets more than he pays! Tax time is not the annual "I just won the lottery" moment that far too many Americans celebrate!! And I'm sure Capito grimaces just like I do when I see how much I have paid and what we get in return from this failed government! Other than providing a reasonably safe place to live, what else are they doing right?

  • wvman75

    This was a good and honest thing to do.

    • Linda SL

      Hey Congresswoman Capito, please get your staff off of the WV Metro News site. I bet it is all on taxpayer time too.

      • wvman75

        I'm not on her staff. I would be if she asked me, though. At least she has fought for West Virginia and not gone along with the democratic agenda and what it stands for. That's a welcome change.

    • Jason412

      Im sure its been chalked up as a campaign expense, after all something like that seems like it'd easily win her more votes then 7 grand of TV commercials or whatever.

      • The bookman

        Is that a fact or opinion....I would suggest that all will be deducted as charitable contribution on her 1040...not a fact, but a more reasonable opinion and certainly not misinformation put forward as fact!