LAWRENCE, Kan. — Taken in its ignominious enormity, this 27-game conference losing streak makes Kansas football seem like an FCS program masquerading as a Big 12 squatter. In truth, that may be a slap at FCS programs.

Precisely three years and nine days ago, the Jayhawks won their last league game, 52-45 over Colorado—a victory that astonishingly required a 28-point fourth-quarter comeback, a win that gave Turner Gill a brief burst of false hope.

“We just all hugged each other,” Gill said that afternoon. “We’re going to continue to yell and scream and continue to celebrate. This is a great win for our program. This is a great group of guys to be around and we’re going to continue on in this direction next week.”

The next week Kansas lost 20-3 to Nebraska, beginning a putrid, extended sequence of misery that continues even today. Now, some three seasons along and with the weight of Baylor’s conference-record 29-game streak closing in, here’s a rundown of the losses:

No. 1     at Nebraska   L, 20-3
No. 2     Oklahoma State   L, 48-14
No. 3     Missouri   L, 35-7
No. 4     Texas Tech   L, 45-34
No. 5      at Oklahoma State   L, 70-28
(Note: The Cowboys, fearful of bullying accusations, yanked their starters at halftime.)
No. 6     Oklahoma      L, 47-17
No. 7     Kansas State   L, 59-21
No. 8     at Texas   L, 43-0
(Note: Kansas finished with 46 yards of offense. Not a typo.)
No. 9      at Iowa State   L, 13-10
No. 10    Baylor   L, 31-30 (OT)
(Note: This was almost a streakbuster, considering the Jayhawks led 24-3 in the fourth quarter. Of course, there was another ramification: If KU converts a two-point try in overtime, Robert Griffin III doesn’t win the Heisman.)
No. 11     at Texas A&M   L, 61-7
No. 12     Missouri   L, 24-10
(Note: Though Gill was fired the day after the loss to Mizzou, he was promised the remaining $6 million on his contract, which lessened the sting.)

No. 13     TCU   L, 20-6
No. 14     at Kansas State   L, 56-16
No. 15     Oklahoma State   L, 20-14
No. 16     at Oklahoma   L, 52-7
No. 17    Texas   L, 21-17
(Note: On Longhorns’ game-winning drive, QB Case McCoy hit Jaxon Shipley to convert a fourth-and-6. Why does that sound familiar?)
No. 18     at Baylor   L, 41-14
No. 19     at Texas Tech   L, 41-34 (OT)
(Note: Kansas ran for 390 yards but The Streak yields to no stats.)
No. 20     Iowa State   L, 51-23
No. 21     at West Virginia     L, 59-10
(Note: The largest losing margin during The Streak.)
No. 22    Texas Tech   L, 54-16
No. 23     at TCU   L, 27-17
No. 24     Oklahoma   L, 34-19
No. 25     Baylor   L, 59-14
No. 26     at Texas   L, 35-13
No. 27     at Oklahoma State   L, 42-6
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  • Robert

    i think we've got this one. let's go 'eers!

  • don

    Hey, at least here's a record we're capable of breaking! One of the few big 12 records this bunch will ever come close to.

  • WVWho

    WVU by at LEAST 31

  • Ducks In A Row

    The odds of us losing this one is somewhere in line with an entrepreneur taking the risk of opening an ice cream parlor in the Sahara Desert. It ain't happening.

    • Jay

      Would you like to revisit those odds? We're not good enough to take anyone lightly, as evidenced by today.

  • Tim walters

    Who wants to bet wvu stops the losing streaks. Kansas 28 wvu 27.

    • Greg

      I'd like to take that bet but WVU has a knack of making heroes out of nobodies. That's not a knock on KU, just a fact. Lets hope it doesn't happen tomorrow.