STATEWIDE — Seedings stayed true to form in Class AAA during Friday night’s opening of the high school football playoffs around the state. No. 3 Capital used a strong second half to put away No. 14 Hurricane, 38-10. Kashuan Haley led the Cougars with 268 yards on 19 carries in the win.

No. 4 Pt. Pleasant took down No. 13 Logan for the second time this season, handing the Wildcats a 41-14 defeat. The win was just Pt. Pleasant’s second ever at the Class AAA level, and first since 1979.

The Big Blacks will be home next week to take on Wheeling Park, which ran over South Charleston, 55-34.

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No. 5 Wheeling Park beat No. 12 South Charleston 55-34 in week one of the playoffs.

No. 8 George Washington had to survive a battle against No. 9 Oak Hill, 21-14 in overtime. Oak Hill was led by Jarrell Green and Jalen Jones offensively in the loss – Green finished with 176 yards, while Jones added 112 yards and a score.  Oak Hill trailed 14-6 at the break and forced the regulation tie with a touchdown and two-point conversion with 2:44 left in the fourth quarter.

GW scored first in the overtime session, and then held Oak Hill scoreless on its ensuing possession. Draven Riffe finished with 145 yards on 19 carries for the Patriots, but came out of the game with that recurring ankle injury that has nagged him the second half of the year.

In Class AA, top ranked Wayne beat Philip Barbour, 53-25. The Pioneers rushed for 477 yards on the ground in route to their 34th straight victory. Wayne will have a rematch in the quarterfinals against Sissonville, which took down Mingo Central, 28-18.

No. 2 Bridgeport controlled No. 15 Roane County, 54-20. Anthony Bonamico totaled 227 yards and three touchdowns on 13 carries in the win for the Indians. It’ll be a quarterfinal rematch for Bridgeport as well, taking on No. 7 Fairmont Senior.

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Bridgeport took down Roane County 54-20 in week one of the playoffs.

The Polar Bears were impressive in a 49-28 win over Keyser. Fairmont Senior, though, lost starting quarterback Austin Norman for the remainder of the year with a broken ankle. Norman had tallied 234 yards through the air and four touchdowns on 12-of-15 passing before the injury in the fourth quarter.

No. 13 Robert C. Byrd snatched up a nice win over No. 4 Frankfort, 21-17. RCB sophomore quarterback Julian Marino connected with Julian Malfregeot on a 27-yard touchdown pass with 3:16 to go to give his team the upset win. Marino finished the game 13-of-24 for 222 yards in the win.

No. 11 Nicholas County upset No. 6 Wyoming East 35-14. Wil Mayes, finished the game with 146 yards and three touchdowns on 24 carries to lead Nicholas County to the quarterfinals.

In Class A, top ranked Madonna rolled No. 16 Tucker County 52-0. Running back Elliot Nero had five touchdowns in the win, while quarterback Ross Comis through for four scores.

No. 2 St. Marys stayed unbeaten with a 21-6 win over No. 15 East Hardy. St. Marys ran the ball 62 times for 332 yards in the win. The Blue Devils will face No. 7 Greenbrier West in the quarterfinals – the Cavaliers took down No. 10 Notre Dame, 54-7.

Notre Dame was held to just 49 offensive yards, while turning the ball over four times. Greenbrier West quarterback Malik Boatwright rushed for 108 yards and three touchdowns in the win.

No. 4 Williamstown won a 27-25 thriller over No. 13 Wheeling Central. Also, No. 6 Moorefield edged No. 11 Meadow Bridge and Jake Parker, 22-16. Parker finished the game with 137 yards on 31 carries in the loss.

You can see all the scores on the MetroNews High School Football Scoreboard.

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  • trueblue

    Anyone who bashes any secondary school is pretty sad, u must be an unhappy individual. Same story different year. Wahama, williamstown and st marys must recruit to.

  • Tom

    After reading this article, I can see that several teams were "took down" and "rolled." Garrett, mix it up next time and throw in owned, schooled, punked, and trashed. Magnolia is going to do all of these things and more to Moorefield next week.

    • wildcat fan

      i hope they if you play there, funny no calls on moorefield all night. meadow bridge put them to the test and being such a small single A school we have the same boys on both sides of the ball..and still shouldve won that ball game..i see magnolia winnin that one big. if refs let the boys play football that is.

  • Indian Boy

    Martinsburg and the EPH is a high growth area with steady population growth. Lots of new families coming to the area. Simple, more families more kids. Few more years the EPH will own WV highschool sports.

  • JD

    Martinsburg gets their kids from Maryland and DC.

    • roger

      Hey jd, you dont know what your talking about. And to make a comment like that, you are an IDIOT!!!!

  • Big joke

    Oak Hill got robbed!

    • sportsfan

      Oak hill got robbed? Haha the "big joke" is the playcalling by eddie souk haha

  • WV Bud

    Put the private schools in their own class. What is wrong with that? Also 4 A should be a class. Just makes sense.

  • Pioneer

    Typical Madonna over a weaker opponent, and keep your starters in the game well into the 4th quarter

    • al

      Hey Hillbillie they must all be weak because we run over all of them just like next week when we run over wahama

      • Pioneer

        Can't disagree with that al. Just goes to show the advantage most of these private schools have over the small single A schools

        • getchasum

          Just think if you could have 5 of the best players from 5 local schools and add a few from other states. I think that has the making of a good team...but thats against the rules....for some.

  • Fanofnone

    I agree why should the tax payer shoulder the cost of anything related to private schools.

    • Hank

      Those private school parents pay taxes just like you. They also pay tuition.
      Madonna is the only private school that won their game anyway so what's it matter?

  • lifetimehunter

    I still don't think private schools should be involved. All private schools should play in a league of private schools at the cost of the parents and school.

    • Wow

      Then the parents of the private school kids should get a tax rebate equal to the average amount spent on each kid in the public schools.
      Why should they have to pay twice for their kid to go to school and not be able to play in the state sponsored playoffs? By the way they do pay for their own fuel and motel travel not the state. Sounds like you could have used a private school education.

      • lifetimehunter

        Sorry wow I say wrong. You make the choice. If public education isn't good enough neither are public school sports.

        • trueblue

          Wow with the sucess williamstown, st marys, moorefield and wahama has experienced they must recruit well also.

          Know what ur talking about before running ur mouth about private schools.

          • Marcus

            WOW Nerve struck!! HA HA well I guess with that high dollar education your not suppose to be subject to criticism!!

      • Marcus

        Must not have been on the recruiting radar to be able to get that education.

    • al

      I give it to private schools. There are athletes and academics not like public school where there is no discipline

      • Marcus

        You said it al, if you can't win with your own kids import them and let yours cheerlead!!

      • Marcus

        Al, Just put out new mandate 2015 private schools will be bumped up a classification to AA! Better go get some players! You recruit better than Doc Holliday at Marshall!!

      • Pioneer

        Don't forget big dollars your private schools have as well as the ability to recruit

        • steve


          I am a parent I pay to send my children to a catholic School and i pay to send children ( thru taxes) to a public school and don't compaln. People do not subsidize my children

          • Pioneer

            I'm not talking about subsidizing students to go to a private school. The issue is the advantage the private schools have in athletics over the public schools. Not only in football but look at past basketball champions for the last 10-12 yrs in single A and see the advantage the private schools have over public schools.