LAWRENCE, Kan. — For the first time in more than three years, a Big 12 coach had to explain a loss to Kansas. And for the first time in 14 seasons as a Division I coach, Dana Holgorsen’s team won’t be going to a bowl game.

“I guess this would be an all-time low,” the coach said after Saturday’s 31-19 loss at Kansas eliminated West Virginia from bowl contention.

The Mountaineers (4-7, 2-6) face a long bye week before wrapping up the season against Iowa State on Nov. 30. But Senior Day in Morgantown won’t hold the same fervor without a postseason berth coming up.

“We’ll have a lot of coaches and players sitting at home over the holidays and say, ‘Boy, everybody on TV’s having a good time going to a bowl game. Sure would be nice to do that,'” Holgorsen said. “But what do you do? You work harder. You recruit better. You stay the course. You develop your players. You buy in.”

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  • JimJIm

    This just in: "Three sides of the ball" is rated the worst coach speak in the league!

  • Joe

    Im sorry im not buying in I think wvu needs to buy holgerson out. The offense was inept all season with his players. The excuse about the early start time 11 am cst was still 12 est and the teams clock wasnt affected. We have made every team we play look like world beaters. This season is inexcusable. Luck needs to step up and act like a CEO since college football is a business and let the air raid fly of to another locale. If anyone thinks next year will b any better when wvu gets hammered by Alabama on national tv next August.

    • Forrest D. Poston

      The problem with getting rid of Holgorsen, though I think it's a good idea, is that it's still Luck who would do the hiring and probably use the same "glitz-first" criteria. WVU won't play like WVU until Luck stops trying to turn the school into a branch campus of Texas and Oklahoma.

      • Curious

        Oh, now WVU is envisioned as a branch campus of Texas and Oklahoma?

        West Virginia Tech became a branch campus of WVU, and completely lost its football program--only one of many losses.

  • Midwest Mountaineer

    All I want for Christmas is a new coach and quarterback
    Holgerson has to go and Luck should too for making such a poor decision

  • Richard

    Now let me see if this how it went! We hired Luck as AD and in between his numerous visits back to Texas and to Stanford to watch his son, he brough in an impersonal new coach to replace a true gentelman. Then, Mountaineer football began a fast desent to the bottom. Now what has Luck accomplished, oh, I forgot, he brought in the sale of beer in the stands, probably his biggest accomplishment thus far.

    I hope the new president cleans house and send both Luck and Holderson back to Texas!

    • Dennis

      Use the beer to have a party to get rid of both, then get rid if selling beer at the stadium..

      • SAF


  • Yogi Wahoo

    Many of us over a certain age can remember watching the poundings we took from pitt, PSU on a regular basis, but we are still WVU fans. Bowden, Nehlen, the guy who left for Michigan all had bad years, but we still were WVU fans. Yeah not winning sucks, but we are still and will always be WVU fans. Most people 12 years ago when asked would have never dreamt that WVU would win a Sugar, Orange or Fiesta Bowl, much less all three. There will be ups and downs with this program but no matter what I for one will always be a WVU fan.

    • Forrest D. Poston

      Don Nehlen moved the program upward, making much of what RR did possible. RR brought attention when White, Slaton, Schmitt, and Reynaud hit the scene together, and Stewart then started the work of plugging holes that RR's recruiting created. Stewart managed 9 wins through that stretch.

      Then Holgorsen comes in and does fairly well most of the time with the Stewart recruits who were reaching their peak, but problems (that some of us expected) started showing last year, becoming worse this year. It's not merely that WVU is losing. They are getting whipped. Worst of all, whether they win or lose, play well or badly, Holgorsen doesn't know what to do.

      Holgorsen may have some understanding of the x's and o's on the board, but he has no understanding of people/players. So as long as the game is played by real people, not computers, Holgorsen will not be a good coach.

    • GregG

      As a 20+ year season ticket holder I will agree that there has been some bad days at WVU and yes we still stood behind our team. But when you reach a point when MONEY is more important than all else then it is easy for me to say I've had enough. Luck don't give a damn about anything but $$. But Luck ignores the fact that this is West Virginia. Where we have a few million dollar donors the likes of a Texas have BILLION dollar donors. If he wants to live like the Jones, then he better take his butt back to Texas. He, and he alone is pricing the fans right out of the stands. I'm sure in his world, he is sitting there's ok, if there is only 20,000 fans sitting in the stadium next season I'll just raise the beer from $7.00 to $21.00 a bottle. Greed, ya gotta love it!

    • Greg

      Well said. Keep in mind that at the end of the day WVU is still one of only five or six colleges whose football and men's basketball programs are in the top 25 in all-time wins. I can say with all certainty that I think we can survive a couple of bad years. I was a student during the Cignetti-Gardner years, truly the darkest period of sports in the history of WVU.

      • Duane from Morgantown

        The only D1 school in the top 25! We as fans have short memories. What does WVU and marijuana have in common? Punchline anyone? We've had a few elite years, but we are not an elite program. Sorry but that's the truth :(

  • Gilbert Gnarley

    That is as low as one can get. Someone at WV Metro News pull this posting from your website.

  • Shadow

    I would have to say that losing to a team that hadn't won a league game in 27 starts ranks as "Stewart's Revenge". Saying that, I give my respects to the team members for their forbearance.

  • Shadow

    Word Problem. If it takes $11 milliion to buy Holgerson's contract and WVU is $20 million in the hole getting into the Big 12, how many bee rs have to be sold to break even?

    • gv

      That is a math problem.

    • Jim

      probably about 5 mil if they keep playing like they are. Should be able to get it done in one more season.

  • Jim

    We owe Stew an apology ! Maybe we should be careful what we wish for. I believe his record out shines Dana's

    • Will

      Stew's record may be better, but you must take into account the competition, and there is little comparison. I'm not defending Holgorson, but Stew not being the HC was needed.

      • Forrest D. Poston

        First of all, the primary violations were from RR. If you look at the violations under Stewart, they range from being over practice time by 15 minutes one week to a few players wearing spider pads a day early. Yes, there was a problem with one too many staff members, but that was a carry-over from RR...something the compliance officer should have caught. The charge that the program promoted an atmosphere of non-compliance was utterly bogus.

        What was a disgrace and cowardly was Luck's capitulation. Michigan stood up for RR even when his violations were much greater and got penalties/charges reduced. Luck ran away and hung Stewart out to dry. It was despicable and should have resulted in Luck being booted out of the state.

        Meanwhile, blaming Stewart for not bringing in the full number of allowed recruits each year is also ignorant. It's about quality, not quantity. There's no point in bringing in people just to sit on the bench. Maybe, just maybe, one of them might have managed playing time, but you bring in the players you expect to contribute, not just someone to fill a number.

        Stewart was a better coach, period.

        • 1095golf


        • Forrest D. Poston

          And keep in mind that it's clear that Luck intended to fire Stewart all along, whether it was because Luck wanted it, Kendrick wanted it, or both. Stewart's record had nothing to do with it....except that maybe 11 wins that year would have been enough.

          So I believe that Luck looked at the NCAA investigation as an opportunity to undermine Stewart, and he sure made as much out of that opportunity as he could.

          Stewart once said that "you never leave your wingman." And that was one of the very first things that Oliver Luck did.

      • wvrefugee

        Terry and Will are idiots! Quit blaming the dead guy!!! He sure didn't get to take credit after the Orange Bowl win did he?????? This is Luck and Holgorsen's FB program now, no excuses!

    • Terry

      Let me get this straight. We owe a man who broke NCAA rules and contributed to us losing scholarships an apology. Anyone who thinks we were better of with a coach who was not capable of recruiting a full class obviously doesn't know how the business of college football operates.

    • John

      Some of this is Stewarts fault for not recruiting full classes his last two years.

  • Pride

    Young kids can improve. Need to recruit a multi-dimensional QB. We got millions into to Coach H. Gotta stay the course.

  • chasmo

    please, RICH ROD , come back - atleast you & your players did NOT quit . today's game [???] was absolutely WORSE THAN HORRENDOUS - 4th and 1 , 3 time outs ,on the 48-49 yard line and WE PUNT ?? game over as they score before half- Please, RICH ROD , come home !!! a total total disgrace for WVU

    • Jay

      Why the h*** do you want Rodriguez back?!? Arizona is 6-4 this year and lost to Washington State today.

      • Harpers Ferry

        News flash Bozo, we lost to KANSAS!!!!!!! Washington State is actually a pretty good team, KANSAS IS NOT!!!!!

    • Greg

      Yes, Rich Rod was a total disgrace for WVU. You hit the nail on the head with that comment.

    • Terry

      13-9. He quit.

      • Debra


  • Yogi Wahoo


  • george

    so is it lack of talent or lack of coaching ....or both>?????????

  • JL

    Man, you gotta be kidding with that tasteless comment. Kidding or not, Bill Stewart was a great person - and that is past disrespectful.

    • big tom

      telling dunlap to dig up dirt on holgie was classless,,, getting the program in trouble with the NCAA was classless, and stupid,,, and being hired by a bunch of drunks after RR's players won a bowl game was even more tasteless.....stewart was a gomer

      • Forrest D. Poston

        big tom, Stop acting as if rumors were reality. There were claims that Stewart asked Dunlap to dig up dirt, but there was no proof. This is significant because Dunlap had already been trying to smear Stewart's reputation with skewed stories.

        Also, Stewart was well aware that the press hadn't been on his side for a long time, so odds that he would ask this of Dunlap are small.

        And given the way Stewart had been treated by Luck up to that point, if Stewart did make this request, it would have been utterly justified.

        It's said that so many people have been so willing to fall for the blasted obvious smear campaign, going back at the very least to Luck's refusal to offer any defense in the NCAA case. Now, that was classless.

        • Forrest D. Poston

          (And that should be "...sad that so many people...")

      • JSS

        Stewart was a class act! He was a gentleman. He inspired his players to do the best they could even when losing seemed possible. Ask any of his players --they respected him, admired him and looked to him as a father figure. That's old school coaching. Whether you win or lose, your team will be willing to follow and play harder.

        Big Tom, Stewart was not perfect but to besmirch a man's name in death is classless and indefensible. I hope you are not a native Mountaineer. With your hard heart and vicious statements, I would be ashamed to call you a fellow West Virginian!

      • 1095golf

        u r stupid ,like 2 say more,but I cant on here..

      • BH

        Show some respect. Talking bad about the dead is horrible and cowardly.

  • Jim N Charleston

    WVU has to get better QB play.

    • DAVID