LAWRENCE, Kan. — For the first time in more than three years, a Big 12 coach had to explain a loss to Kansas. And for the first time in 14 seasons as a Division I coach, Dana Holgorsen’s team won’t be going to a bowl game.

“I guess this would be an all-time low,” the coach said after Saturday’s 31-19 loss at Kansas eliminated West Virginia from bowl contention.

The Mountaineers (4-7, 2-6) face a long bye week before wrapping up the season against Iowa State on Nov. 30. But Senior Day in Morgantown won’t hold the same fervor without a postseason berth coming up.

“We’ll have a lot of coaches and players sitting at home over the holidays and say, ‘Boy, everybody on TV’s having a good time going to a bowl game. Sure would be nice to do that,'” Holgorsen said. “But what do you do? You work harder. You recruit better. You stay the course. You develop your players. You buy in.”

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  • John

    Fire Holgerson today. He should have been fired last night.


    Sometimes I wish Louisville would have been taken instead of us for the final spot in the Big 12. Then, when the ACC came looking for a 16th team WVU would have been the only team that made sense. If we waited one more year we could have had played locally, recruited locally, and played rival games against teams like UVA, VT, Duke, UNC, Pitt, Syracuse, etc... Patients could have worked out great for WVU in this case. Imagine last years team in the Big East, BCS Bowl for sure! Luck has done a lot of good, but has done a lot of bad too. Not sold on Holgorsen being "the guy". PS - We open with Alabama next season. U-G-L-Y!!!

  • Beckie

    Holgorsen had never been a head coach before AND he had no ties to WV at all. Wrong choice from the beginning in my opinion and I have never warmed up to him.

  • MKW

    While it definitely stinks that WVU won't be going to a bowl game this year, it's not time to run Holgorsen out of town just yet. Art Briles, the head coach of the undefeated #3 ranked, Baylor Bears is only 41-39 overall (23-25 in the Big XII) in 6 years. He was only 7-17 in the Big XII his first 3 years, so patience pays off.

  • appikid

    Different than the Big East? We couldn't beat any of those teams! Man I get so tired of the same old stuff from the coach! All 3 sides of the ball etc!!!! How about we stink! End of press conference!

  • jlaw

    WVU had not peformed at a marginal level in sometime until you and your coaching staffs influence has run its course through this program. You can make every excuse you want, and you have, WVU lost to one of very worst football programs in America, to one of the very worst coaches.

  • Jlo

    Just as I predicted...conference shuffle is running teams and rivalries..WVU will be at the bottom of the BIG12 forever! Just as Maryland and Rutgers will be at the bottom of the BIG10 next year and beyond! Hopefully in a few years we can have another platonic shift and some of your rivalries will become geographically correct. In the mean time, the competition from area schools will get all the reigonal recruits as schools like WVU try to become someone they are not by recruiting second tier kids from Texas, Oklahoma, and know Kansas! LOL! Think about it, should WVU really try to comit kids to come play so they can travel a million miles to play shools no one within 5 states care about! I don't the players care either..I think they would rather be as competitive as they can be within their own domain...maybe one day in a new conference you will become a regional powerhouse again..Btw, thanks for leaving the Big East .You just limited my ECU student athletes travel time...

  • susanf1218

    Two words: Luck sucks!

  • B. G. King

    your bad

  • WVU Grad

    I saw the Florida coach on ESPN this morning saying his players were good kids and negative comments didn't help. He said he makes good money and is willing to be criticized. I really respected that. Coach Holgerson keeps saying he doesn't have players and is embarrased. I dont respect that. He doesn't represent most West Virginians that I know.....


      Holgorsen is not head football coaching material for an FBS power school, and I said that after his first year at WVU. I'm sick and tired of pretty boy Hogey not having the ambition to rally his team, and recruit; hell the QB and receivers last year were Bill Stewart's recruits. At best Hogey is an OC !

  • Jon


  • Staffer

    On the buyout:
    First of all I have not reviewed Holgs' contract. However, I am sure WVU can fire Holgs "for cause" and in doing so, not have to pay the buyout. I'm sure some of Holgs off the field behavior (both known and unknown) could possibly serve as an out for WVU. Moreover, his performance (lack of) may also serve as "for cause."

    Keep in mind at the end of the day, a West Virginia jury would make the call if WVU's firing was justified. I think I know how that verdict would turn out.

    #itsjustbusiness do the right thing Luck:pull a USC.


      Luck doesn't have the backbone to pull a USC. Luck would rather see another down year in 2014, than getting rid of Holgorsen, because he hired Hogey !

  • Benthere

    Joe Manchin, Eddie Pastalong and Mike Garrison started this downward slide that escalated into a train wreck. Bill Stewart was the pawn in their plan. Bill came cheap...lowest in the Big East and they knew he could be told what to do and keep his mouth shut. Also he would not put any pressure on Eddie and the gang to keep facilities up to date and they could continue to set on there asses. A baseball facility that high schools would be ashamed of...a swimming center that's half the size needed. Never conducted a national coaching search. Did you ever stop to wonder why all this went on at WVU. You think JR got all that radio money? Joe loved all the drama with RR because it took the spot light off his daughter and the degree scandal. Brother they played us like fools....and not a damn one of them are even mentioned in this mess. Just step back and think through all that drama around RR, JB and Bill Stewart. The FBI calls these clues I believe.


    The real problem we have is not only a bad situation in losing, but also an image problem. I have not cared for Holgorsen after his first year at WVU; he has produced no life in our program whatsoever. I was at the VT/WVU B'Ball game this week, and was absolutely embarrassed in the manner Huggins was coaching and showing his screaming butt. And finally, I was very disenchanted in Oliver Luck interviewing for the TEXAS AD job; because it tells me he'd like to get out of Morgantown! Now, I know many of you love "Huggy Bear'; but I believe he has become much more of a liability to the program than asset. Recruiting is the mainstay in any major college sports (football & basketball) programs for longevity, and I think our recruiting is being hurt with Holgorsen and Huggins ! Imagine having the coaches like Don Nehlen in FB and John Beiline in B"Ball; I think we would then do well in the BIG12, because these guys are good coaches.

  • richard

    DON NEHLEN was a good player developer. he is missed more than what pl want to admit. he was a really good coach.

    • appikid