LAWRENCE, Kan. — Join Allan Taylor from gusty Memorial Stadium, where Dorothy and Toto did a pregame fly-by on their way to Oz. In-game updates and analysis throughout the afternoon:


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  • William

    KANSAS 1 - 27 WOW!

  • Troll is back

    Winning 4 games or less is really nothing new, we have done it 27 other times in our history, that's 25% of our seasons with 4 or less wins.

  • Marty

    I bet they lose there next two games better be finding some coaches that d coach couldn't coach high school

    • Troll is back

      A fine example of spouting off without a clue, they don't have two games left.

  • pc

    "Practice?". . .uh, "Kansas? . . .Kansas! . . .Kansas?. . .You talkin about Kansas? . . .Kansas! . . .Kansas?". (With apologies to Alan Iverson)!

  • Troll is back

    You people are crazy, the only thing any of us know at this point is we aren't good this year and it's been a bad year, not the worst in WVU history but a bad year. These things happen from time to time, in the grand scheme of things it's really no big deal.

  • Shadrach

    It's a sad day (& year for that matter) to be a Mountaineer!

  • susanf1218

    My, my, my. Where, oh where, are the Holgertrolls and Luck's lapdogs now? Their silence speaks volumes! And I hate to say it - nah, I really don't - but I told you so!! I said that WVU would rue the day that they hired Luck as the AD. Thanks to his shameful treatment of a good and decent coach and his delusions of grandeur, we are now the at the bottom of the barrel and are the laughingstock of college football. Would I rather we be in a different, albeit less "prestigious" conference, you ask? Absolutely!! At least we might be winning some games, although with the current coaching staff we have, even that would be doubtful.

    • Billy

      Yes you did and you were ridiculed for having the common sense to know not to treat people the way the over glorified luck has. I always have heard that if it is not broke don't fix it. luck should have saw that 9 wins a year is not broke.

  • Troll is back

    You guys just need to get over it, just a bad year that's all, nothing less nothing more. It has nothing to do with the past and nothing to do with the future, just one bad season.

    • BH

      Make that 2 seasons and counting.

  • Fed Up

    I have the answer. Luck should hire Scott Tinsley as chief recruiter. He recruited the best players any high school could ask for when he was at Nitro..

  • JL

    Just watched Dana's presser after the game and the first thing out of his mouth was "this is not the Big East where you can show up and play a marginal game". Arrogant and wrong. Dana Holgerson does not know what he is talking about. He is a blame shifting joker. I saw a lot of great games in the Big East - and a lot of teams that would smash him into the corner, including the West Virginia Mountaineers.

    • 1095golf

      hes a joke!!!!!!!!!

  • Mtn. Man

    At least now we will not get humiliated in a bowl game.
    Check out my prediction post after the Texas-hangover article. Congrats to Shepherd U. Good game.

  • JL

    Is this what big time football looks like.

  • JL

    This will be the same old same old. People who criticize will be yelled at and called names, but this is a bottomless pit. How many times in the Dana Holgorsen era has an opponent scored in the final minute of a half. That is lack on concentration - a lack of effort - pore preparation and execution. This is a poorly run team. Dana is Bozo the Clown. Oliver Luck told us the program was going in the wrong direction and fired a coach during a nine win season - after a win at Cincinnati when Cincinnati was Cincinnati. This sucks. This era is ridiculous. Bad attitude, bad vide coach - AD who has auditioned for three jobs and is 0 for 3. The time for a change is now. Luck, Holgorsen and Huggins. We are years away - let's get started with the right people on the bus.

    • Billy

      I guess we will all be called Marshall trolls, fair weather fans, and told that we are not smart enough to understand football.

      • JL

        Anybody can call me whatever they want. I have been loyal to this team and this University through thick and thin - but this is stupid. The radio broadcasts sound like Robert C. Byrd High School games - the football coach would rather be anywhere but here - and our much sought after AD, college football's change agent, has run this school into the ditch. You think the evaluation committee at Texas didn't look at the Bill Stewart fumble and the Dana Holgorsen hire and think - "Do we want this for UT?"

  • Lo boy

    Unbelievable!!!!! We are now the Temple of the Big 12.

  • H.

    All I can say is way to go Dana... You have once again proven why you are not head coaching material!!