LAWRENCE, Kan. — Join Allan Taylor from gusty Memorial Stadium, where Dorothy and Toto did a pregame fly-by on their way to Oz. In-game updates and analysis throughout the afternoon:


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  • 1095golf

    this could b worst loss in wva history 2 this team wow.....

  • ron51

    this is what happens when our def cord says I don't how to fix it

  • Allan

    What will happen next year…still no QB.

  • Ducks In A Row

    Who ordered the truck load of ice cream? (see post on previous board)

  • tw eagle

    about what I expected after a really hard game . . .Spain loafs on another kick and gets it blocked . . .hope this lazy turkey leaves for the pros . . .

  • Allan


    • 1095golf


  • Allan

    Typical. WVU playing down to its opponent.

  • Marcus

    I guess Kansas has only one way to go but up and we are the stepping stone! I'ts funny when a player misses an assignment and gets burnt for a touch down i,e Darwin Cook they fake an injury and act like their hurt to get the attention off of them like on the touchdown run with 31 seconds to go in the half.

  • Mike

    Wow. 17-7! Week 1 revisited. Speechless

  • leroy j gibbs

    Poor effort. Obviously wvu is a honey badger .they just don't care

  • Marcus

    This is Kansas!!! Just think if we lose we get Alabama!!! Whoop Whoop

    • Marcus

      In two games

  • Outdoor Man

    We have no quarterback. We have no coach. Pitiful!

    • WVNative

      Not to mention No AD! Why in the world was Holgerson given en extension and a crazy buy out clause without ever proving himself?

  • Marcus

    Why is Will Clarke still in the game?? (SERIOUSLY)

  • wv4ever

    We are nothing but pitiful! Kansas is like the worst team ever!!! Get rid of Holggie!!!!

    • RJ

      Can't disagree with this comment wv4ever.

  • OldSkool

    Get the ball to Charles Sims. He's carried 5 times for 37 yards and hasn't
    seen a touch since.

    • wv4ever

      in all previous years, we did nothing but make fun of the CUSA a player from the CUSA is suppose to be our savior!!! How low can we go?

      • Matt

        So true!

    • Marcus

      They have a game plan and he's not it!!