LAWRENCE, Kan. — Check out the gallery above for images from West Virginia’s 31-19 loss at Kansas on Saturday.

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  • wv4ever

    It is all about money in college sports. Why should the coaches care with millions dollar contracts and no way except to give them millions to make them leave. AD Luck has really made fools out of everyone that have given WVU financial support! We are rich with cash, so who cares about sports!!

  • WV Bud

    I dont think any coach is laughing after getting beat like WVU has this year.Just hope he can do something with this sorry team.

  • The Doc

    They all must go! We pay millions not to lose!

    • appikid

      So called better telecasting deal! So called better coaches! So called step forward! Hey, give it up for Kansas! 27 straight conference losses and WVU breaks it! How much did Stew make?????

  • Barry Bledsoe

    JoeG... I'll say it for you. Holgerson has to go.

  • The Doc

    They all must go!

  • clearanceman

    Oh man, Kansas lost 27 conference games in a row before beating us by a good amount today. At least they saved us from yet another embarrassing bowl loss.

  • JoeG

    Only 2 wins against FBS opponents and getting blanked at Maryland. I am not saying Holgerson has to go, but we have some house cleaning to do. I still love my Mountaineers!

  • 1095golf

    How can you fall this far in 3 years,tell me how!!!!!!!!

    • big tom

      well, just look at the BB team and you can see,,, it's called coaching or lack of it, or maybe their priorities are someplace else.