LAWRENCE, Kan. — Kansas coach Charlie Weis, freshly doused in Gatorade and freshly freed from the burden of a Big 12 losing streak that predated his hiring, told players to enjoy Saturday’s 31-19 win over West Virginia. As the postgame locker room footage showed, they were more than willing.

“It’s a great way to start the end of the season,” Weis told his Jayhawks after they snapped a 27-game conference losing streak that stretched back to 2010.

“I do enjoy watching the smiles on everyone’s face. That’s my enjoyment. My true enjoyment is watching everyone else be happy. And you want to know something? That’s pretty nice.”

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  • Justin

    LAME.. why put this garbage on wv website.. kansas sucks.

  • Allen

    Some only live in past while others look to the future. If you only look behind then you will eventually hit the brick wall in front of you. Looks like you 3 continue looking backward and hit the wall.

  • Jack

    Gone are Jeff Hostetler, Major Harris, Pat White, Geno Smith, Marc Bulger, Steve Slaton, Noel Devine, Tavon Austin, and Stedman Bailey. Also gone are Don Nehlen and Rich Rod. We will just have to settle for the memories.

    • Justin

      you want some cheese with that whine jack?
      thats what happens in college sports, the players move on after they graduate..

  • William

    Call Charlie Weis

  • Big joe

    We r really bad when Kansas beats us ! It's time we get a new coach.

    • Justin

      id prefer some new fans.. lame you are joe