In a meeting Sunday morning in Parkersburg at the offices of the WVSSAC, Class AA coaches met to set the date and times for the playoff games in round two.  We will have three games on Friday night, November 22nd at 7:30 and one game on Saturday afternoon at 1:30:


Friday, November 22, 2013    Kickoff:  7:30pm

#8 Sissonville (10-1) @ #1 Wayne (11-0)

#11 Nicholas County (9-2) @ #3 Bluefield (9-2)

#13 Robert C. Byrd (8-3) @ #12 Ritchie County (8-3)


Saturday, November 23, 2013    Kickoff:  1:30pm

#7 Fairmont Sr. (8-2) @ #2 Bridgeport (10-1)




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  • bmeeks

    I think wayne could beat any team in the state. they are very well coached and run the ball better than anyone can. just my opinion.

    • Larry

      Nah, a team like Martinsburg would destroy 'em.

  • Jeff

    No reason to have seedlings if your not going to go by the standard of having the highest seed play the lowest seed and right on down the line. Defeats the purpose so this week we have #1 playing #8 and #12 playing #13. Plus a #11 team not even playing the tougher #1 seed. Makes no sense!

    • Say What?

      Jeff, it makes perfect sense. Your thinking that after every round teams are re-seeded. They are not. Win and move on to the next round at your seed.

      • Jeff


        • WVU86

          What don't you understand Jeff? The teams are seeded AND then bracketed accordingly at the outset o the playoffs. If a #12 is playing a #13 in Round 2, it is because both those seeds defeated a higher seed in round 1. By the way, soccer does not do this in WV. Matches are played according to geographic section, then region. Each year the final four schools play each other based on a rotating basis, i.e. Region I plays Region IV; next year Region I plays another region in the seminfinals.

    • WJB

      Apparently you are new to WV High School football because it has been this way for years!!!! You don't penalize a lower seed by making them continually play the highest seed. If your team is good it's not a worry, play, win, advance. The rest will work itself out.

      • Jeff

        Not new just pointing out the normal standard but it's no different in soccer either and been out so long now I don't know if any other wv high school sport follows the standard either but they should. That's not punishing anyone to go by the standard. If anything it's punishing the higher seeded team(s) but I'm not even saying that. Just the fact is they should go by the standard. Just sayin.

  • ftballguru

    Go Grizzly defense!!! Keep playing hard and keep up the teamwork!!! Go get the Beavers!!!

  • Dana

    Bridgeport is there every year. No matter what class you put them in.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    At least four of the final eight are all teams that should be AAA. How hilarious! We really should have four classifications.

    • blu31

      You can't be serious about 4 classes! We don't have enough good teams in WV for the current 16 team playoff. Ohio does, PA does, VA does. but WV and MD don't. How about 4 teams from southern WV and four from the North and the winners playoff for the championships. That would work even if you have four classes - but I doubt you will ever see 16 teams in 4 classes.

      • Say What?

        4 classes? It could be done. A true small-school classification of, say <175 kids. AA up to around 400. AAA to possibly 900.
        Not enough for a field of 16? Then drop the fields to 12, with the top two seeds being awarded a first-round bye.
        Also, at least seven games on a teams' schedule must be in-class or higher, with no less than five games on a teams schedule being WV teams.

    • JACK

      Spoken like a true Shinnston. sounds like sour grapes to me.

      • WJB

        Really!! They played a single A team and traveled well out of their area to avoid closer AA teams and want to whine about who got in, give me a break!!

  • Larry

    Winners will be Wayne, Bluefield, RCB and Bridgeport.

    • ftballguru

      UHHH..Nicholas beat RCB 24-0!!! Go Grizzlies!!

      • WJB

        Grizz obviously not playing RCB, just going by matchups, nothing against Grizz, just a tough draw in Bluefield. good luck to all

      • Larry

        Sorry, but Bluefield will crush Nicholas Co.

    • WJB

      I agree, pretty good semi final matchups

  • AKA


  • 1986griz

    Go Grizzlies!!!

    • MyView

      Your going up against the best team in the state that money can buy

      • Say What?

        Your view is dumb.

      • Wow


    • David