In a meeting Sunday morning in Parkersburg at the offices of the WVSSAC, the schedule for round two games in Class AAA were set and we will have two games Friday night and two games Saturday afternoon:


Friday, November 22, 2013    Kickoff:  7:30pm

#8 George Washington (9-2) @ #1 Huntington (11-0)

#5 Wheeling Park (10-1) @ #4 Point Pleasant (11-0)


Saturday, November 23, 2013   Kickoff:  1:30pm

#7 Cabell Midland (9-2) @ #2 Martinsburg (10-1)

#6 University (10-1) @ #3 Capital (10-1)





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  • bulldogsrollsteubenville big red

    Bulldogs going to be tough this fall to beat. Besides Martinsburg plays tougher teams in VA and The DC area then what big red plays. the team in VA played a team from Cinci hat was very good but the VA team beat them 48-7 and the Bulldogs only lost by one point to that VA team. that's why I don't think no WV team is going to beat them

  • bulldogsrollsteubenville big red

    im sorry everyone but Martinsburg is the team to beat but I don't think no one will be up to their level of playing football. I would like for Steubenville big red to play Martinsburg. Steubenville big red wouldn't know what they would be up against if they played Martinsburg and the bulldogs would run up the score on big red and not stop. and I know the coach for Martinsburg and he said he asked Steubenville to play and the coach at big red said their schedule was all filled up and then found out it wasn't they had open days to play Martinsburg but never did cause they don't want to get beat badly by Martinsburg.

  • Bill

    Great game between WP and Point.I misjudged Point they are a great team and they absolutely belong up there with the big boys.Now lets get ready for Huntington.

  • Jamie

    Good luck to all teams tonight and Saturday

  • Moonshiner

    Ok. Preductions for this weekends games.

    Martinsburg 45 C.M. 14
    Huntington 24 G.W. 16
    University 31 Capital 17
    Wheeling Park 47 P.P. 20

    • Reaper

      Point chokes again!!! OVERRATED!!!

  • 304Livin

    At the moment Martinsburgs combined opponent record is 69-49. That's amazing. And Martinsburg is 10-1 with a 1 pt loss to the #5 team in VIRGINIA. HD Woodson is in their DC championship this weekend. Sherando is 10-1 and will likely win 4A virginia championship, State College lost by a TD in their 4A PA playoffs, Tuscarora is 9-2 and playing in the 2nd rd, Motown went 8-3. And Washington made the AAA playoffs. Sherando VA, Tuscarora VA, and State College PA could all compete for the AAA championship in WV.

  • Leon

    I believe that it will be Huntington and Midland in the Championship!!

  • HOSA


    • 1Prouddog

      Hey Hose A,
      Capital has to get past University...I wouldn't be asking for the Dogs yet! Shut that Hose off! LOL

  • Say What?

    I am not a Park fan, but for WP to put together a team that beat Steubenville Big Reds is worthy of my vote to make the finals.

  • khalil

    Who ever thinks point pleasant is going too beat Wheeling is just crazy! Cabell midland vs Martinsburgh will be a good game I think. Dont be suprised if Donte Hendricks doesnt go off this game. Then you have Capitol vs University which should be a good game cause Capitol has the speed and they are hard too keep up with. But University has a better football team. Then you have Huntington High! Huntingtons defence is just over welming. They have 4 studs on the defence of line. And they have great linebackers exspecially greg may who should be an all state linebacker. On the back end you have an all state saftey. But there offence struggles a little bit. But have the best backs in the state in Nick tubbs and Charles Crawford. Take away the outside you have paden christian coming right up the middle. GW has fallin off by there perfomances the last couple of weeks. They struggled to put up points against oak hill. Dont be suprised if this one is a blow out.

  • Steve

    If Huntington plays 4 quarters they should take care of GW. Don't be surprised if Cabell Midland keeps it close and has a shot at Martinsburg. All AAA games should be good this weekend.

    • EP Haters

      Martinsburg by 28...35-7

  • cel

    Martinsburg fans need a lesson in sportsmanship. No reason what so ever to disrespect others.

    • 1Prouddog

      Why are you pickin on Martinsburg? Jealous? Nobody disrespecting. People giving their opinion...hater!

  • Matt

    EP Haters, if we do beat Capital look me up at the game, i will have a red UHS jersey on with #15 on it. I talked with John Bowers and he seems to think that are defense can keep it close, i know that it will take the perfect game to knock you guys off but it will be fun, hope to see you there. Good luck.

    • EP Haters

      I'll bring the soup

  • Matt

    Cap High all day, good luck Saturday, dont know how you can be so sure of yourself on a win. University played there only bad game of the season agianst a great Park team, if not for that we would have the 2 seed, no biggie but Morgantown High has played us twice, and Wheeling Park once the combined points scored in those games was 23. Do you really think Capital is gonna light up the scoreboard or are you thinking you can shut down Hawks offense. Capital has not played an offensive team that does what University does, but anyway it will be a good game. Hawks 34, Cougers 13. One last thing 97 points scored agianst UHS was in the final quarter when we was winning so big the 2nd string had there pads off.


    Reaper i know what your saying about the schedules. But look at the points scored and points allowed like oak hill at GW. Point crushed oak hill And that was second string in at the end of the 2nd.Points offense can move the ball and control the clock well. And defense makes stops and are good at creating turn overs. it's gonna be a good game a lot closer than people think

    • Reaper

      PP Dad, Heres why I don't think this will be as close as you think. You said, "Look at the points scored and points allowed at Oak Hill at G.W." That game was won in O.T. by G.W. 21-14. G.W. beat South Charleston 34-27. It was Park 34-6 at half time. Wasn't even close. Yes, you beat an O.H. team 49-15. Park hammered a very good Steubenville team 42-22, and they didn't start scoring till Park put in the JV. Not to mention, Park shut down University and held them to 6 points. Parks defense is tough. The fact Point hasn't played any real competition stands in Parks favor. I think the fact that Park has put up as much as 38 points against Morgantown, shows how good their offense is. Point hasn't played a team like Park all year. Park has played teams like Point. Like I said, if Point wins, I'll be impressed.