MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Watch Bob Huggins in his postgame news conference after West Virginia’s 96-83 win over Duquesne on Sunday.

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  • GoEers

    Basketball team looks solid offensively. Looking forward to this season.

  • leroy jethro gibbs


  • mark

    Did anyone out there catch Huggs saying that one of his new recruits reminded him of Truck Bryant? How comforting.

  • Jack

    This team will be fun to watch. They have continuity and play with rhythm. They have multiple scorers which proves you can play good defense and rebound, but if you don't score points you usually don't win. Best of luck to Huggs and the team.

  • don

    No doubt about it; this team is light years ahead of last year. Now Huggs has something to work with. You can teach defense but offense is a God given talent. These guys have that. Huggs will surprise some teams this year as he develops a good nucleus going forward.

  • Harvey Lantz

    Huggs has a good team to watch..I don't know how far they will go,,I just believe that unlike last year's team,,this is a team that can grow into a great team with a few more additions,,and they are coming...big harv

  • pghmountaineer

    Forget about Macon. He can't qualify. Holton is still up in the air.

    • GoEers

      sounds to me like you're very happy about it

    • mark

      Thank you. Holton must really have good hang time.

      • Hop'sHip

        Thank you. A little humor is appreciated here. Smiles have been difficult these last couple of years for followers of WVU athletics.

  • mark

    Can anyone tell me the status of Holton and Macon? Are they out the entire year? Still with the team? Practicing?

  • Allan

    I know it's the Dukes, but we loss to them last year…so at least we improved there. Williams looks like a keeper, he shows athleticism and rebounding abilities…just needs to learn how to play under the boards at D1 level. Good to see more than one person shooting 3's, this helps when one of them has a bad night…others are there to pick up some slack. They seem to be more comfortable with each other than last years team, Dibo and Watkins could be helpful if they can improve on defense and stay out of foul trouble. But, staying out of foul trouble this year with the new rules will be very difficult. At least I am hopeful this year and know we could be spoilers for a few teams if they are not careful.

    • big tom

      looks more like a beilein team than a huggins team.... that's good

  • big tom

    very young team,, but,,, finally , hugs got him some shooters,,, no rebounders except Williams, but maybe we can outshoot them this yr..
    out rebounded by Duq....sad...

    but then again,, Beilein's teams were always out rebounded, but we prided ourselves in few TO's..
    this looks like a fun team,,, now if we can keep in the injury bug away from us, and let these guys grow,, we'll do pretty good, not great but ok

  • richard

    yep, they are going far this year. I could tell that when they lost at VA TECH!!!!

  • Alum

    My son and I were at the game yesterday and it was much more enjoyable watching this team than the one a year ago.

    I hope the team can avoid the injury bug (held my breath a little when Williams cramped up) and that the short bench doesn't hurt us the way fouls are being call.


  • Dave

    It looks like Huggs recruited a nice team. I'm excited about this group of guys. They play good team basketball. They have a few wrinkles to iron out just like all teams this time of the year. I think Huggs has a coachible bunch of guys that could make the tourney if they work hard.


    • Kevin

      I hope so,, can't afford to lose to another Virginia Tech ,,, have to win those games,,I think next yr will be the year though ,,,