LAWRENCE, Kan. — The MetroNews team of photographers and videographers takes its weekly look inside West Virginia football following the Mountaineers’ seventh loss of the 2013 season snapping it’s run of 11 consecutive bowl game appearances.

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  • Big Larry


    It's our only hope....

    Its all the little insignificant fan can do....

  • Allen

    They came out and ran option football. Big East was a weak conference. He is correct. WVU became soft in the Big East. As far as BCS. Call it what you want it is easier to prepare for a team if you have a month to do so. Especially when the opponent does not want to play yo in the first place. The only true BCS victory was the Sugar Bowl against Georgia. Georgia was the SEC champ and WVU was Big East champ. Georgia wanted that game.

  • Bob

    Didn't WV, as a Big East Rep to the Tostitos Bowl, not play the Big 12 Champ Oklahoma a few years ago and wipe them off the map.

    As I recall Pat White is the only undefeated QB to play and start in 4 bowls. Any Big 12 QBs with such a record?

  • Troll is back

    Upon further review thankfully Holgorsen gets another shot next year, upon further review some will still complain in these post to no avail, upon further review Holgorsen is the future so deal with it. Personal note to Dana, thank you for your time and effort so far, I for one appreciate you willing to relocate to West Virginia and coach our flagship university. I hope you can get things righted and lead us to being a respected opponent in the Big 12. I respect your position, your decisions and stand beside you 100%. Looking forward to ISU game first and foremost then looking forward to seeing how you come out next year and silence these unknowing critics that just don't like you because, well I'm not sure and it doesn't really matter so good luck Saturday and let's go Mountaineers.

    A believer in you,

  • pghmountaineer

    NC Lady, Well said.

  • NorthCentral WV Lady

    I'm tired of Holgerson pooh poohing the Big East. We could have competed with Big 12 Teams and even won the Big East Championship in certain years- does he know anything about Va. Tech, Miami, Boston College - with a guy named Flutie? Probably not - that would be beneath him. I don't doubt he had a great offensive mind and a credible resume to back it up when he was hired. But he obviously DOES NOT have what it takes to be a head coach - at least not yet - maybe never ! If I thought he cared about anything other than himself - this would be alot easier to swallow.

    • Troll is back

      In the 20yrs of the "Big East" WVU only won two championships outright, the first year of the Big East 1993 then again in 2005, they also shared five titles among two- four other teams. Hardly classify's as dominate in my opinion, in fact the shared titles came after the good teams left ( Miami, VT and Boston College )

  • wvrefugee

    Haha! My first comment in August when I saw these atrocious new uniforms was, " we can get our butts beat in the old uniforms can't we?"
    Seems I was right!

    • Mtn. Man

      Nostradamus back atcha dude. Thanks for the reply Sat. I was a little off but not by much.

  • Lyle in Style

    Maybe this team - coaches, players, everyone - needs to be a little less concerned about the looks of their uniforms and a little more concerned about football fundamentals.

    • jeff

      Why couldn't we have later time games when it was warmer ? Now that it's cold they have a later game.