Pictured left to right; Riyahd Richardson, Maricco Sanders, Russell Bailey, Jr.

Concord University released the following statement Monday, Nov. 18:

“On November 15, 2013, three Concord University Football Players were arrested stemming from an incident off campus earlier in the week.  The three players in question were immediately suspended from the team on November 15, 2013, pending an investigation. The Concord University Athletic Department is fully cooperating with the investigating officers. Both the University and the Athletic Department were disappointed to learn of the situation. Concord University and its Athletic Department fully expect our Athletes to be role models and leaders in the community and in no way condone the type of behavior for which these athletes have been charged and will take the appropriate action.  At this time, the Concord University Athletic Department will withhold further comment, as it is University policy not to comment on open investigations.”

ATHENS, W. Va. — An investigation is underway after an alleged altercation in Mercer County last Monday involving three Concord University football players.

Mercer County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Russell Bailey Jr., 22, of Beckley, Maricco Sanders, 22, of Welford, S.C. and Riyahd Richardson, 22, also of Welford, on Friday in connection with the incident.

All three men are charged with malicious wounding, petit larceny and conspiracy stemming the incident at an Athens apartment complex.

Deputies said the three men went to the apartment for an apparent drug purchase when an altercation ensued. A gun was brandished during the incident but no shots were fired.

At this time the incident is being treated as a robbery/home invasion.

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  • Ragweed

    Execute drug DEALERS!!! Our drug problem will virtually go away.

  • Kate

    I just like the way metro news is reporting this and they don't cover or report ANY of the MEC games during regular season. There are a lot of in state kids playing football in the MEC! Would it hurt to report on the good things these players are doing in games? It would be better than writing about WVU's losing football team.

  • Joseph Goebbels

    More proof that sports programs need scaled back and down.. ..

    Soon it will take 2 years of college to equal the level of education our fathers received with a high school diploma.

    • mickey

      Straight from the pages of History.

  • Curly Joe

    Not what you think of when you think of Concord students. Is any community immune to this plague?

    • Joseph Goebbels

      Well, they can catch a football. That's all that counts... The President of Concord needs fired

  • Baby

    So Jacob it's bogus for 2 innocent people to press charges agains 3 grown men when they go in someone house and hurt a girl plus beat the hell out of her boyfriend? How about you stay the hell out of it cause you know how it feels, actually you don't know anything at all!!!

    • Jacob

      I looked up innocent on websters and it didnt say anything about drug dealers or pill heads.

    • Baby

      You don't know how it feels*

  • Joe

    Did Jabob just refer to himself in the 4th person ?! Lol!

  • Dale

    Jacob, if you know so much about police corruption, why don't you go to the media so they can do some investigative journalism?

  • LL

    It's about time these punks got arrested.

  • Tim C

    Jacob must have ties to Concord's football team.

    • Jacob

      Jacob has witnessed police corruption first hand, and yes, I do have ties.

  • Jacob

    Well congratulations wv metro news. You gave these pathetic excuse for police officers exactly what they wanted. A news article. For anyone who is wondering, since metro news can't do any investigation of their own, a drug DEALER is the person pressing these bogus charges. The police won't help you find your 4 wheeler, but they'll help out a drug dealer! Give a round of applause for WV's finest folks!

    • LL

      Jacob... Was your daddy the one to loan the Bailey's bail money?

    • GF

      The last time I checked, police performed criminal investigations, not media websites. If they weren't there to buy drugs, what were they doing in a drug dealer's apartment?

      • Jacob

        Apparently you've never heard of investigative journalism. Look it up. When did I say they weren't there to buy drugs AKA pot? What drug related charges were they charged with? Do you ever ask yourself questions or just take what is given? You'd have been a perfect Nazi!

        • Joseph Goebbels

          Son, you speak of what you don't know.. You probably don't even recognize my name.

          • mickey

            I recognize your name! Jacob should as well! Think he could have your DNA. LOL

          • Jacob

            Call it what ya want. Thats why we have court folks!

        • mauldawg

          Jacob You are a total idiot or a drug head yourself. You need to grow up. Your nothing but a little punk. To bad the police still must protect scum like you.

          • Jacob

            Mauldawg, you have a drug addled mind and are full of hatred, i cant help you. You need to get with the times ya prehistoric waste of a human body. What are you 200? See, i have a keyboard too...

        • Crystal

          Well.....surely they arrested the DRUG DEALER as well...right?

        • Greg

          Did you have your four-wheeler stolen and these same cops do the investigation? Just curious. Not sure why you injected this into your comment.