HONOLULU, Hawaii — A scuffle following the end of WVU’s 59-56 victory over Hawaii marred the trip the Mountaineers women’s basketball team made to the islands over the weekend.

Reports in the Honolulu Star Advertiser indicate a University of Hawaii fan came out of the stands to confront someone on the WVU bench. Mountaineers coach Mike Carey told the paper the fan had been heckling the team the entire game.

“He came down from the stands trying to go after my assistant coach,” Carey told the Star Register. “That’s what happened. Then someone grabbed him and stopped him. He kept trying to go, and people fell. That’s when the commotion started.”

Carey told the paper that his wife fainted during the fracas. The paper indicated Cheryl Carey recovered while on site and was healthy.

WVU athletics director Oliver Luck released a statement Monday morning:

“I have spoken to the University of Hawaii Director of Athletics as well as with our women’s basketball head coach and team administrator.  Our team is currently traveling back from Hawaii, and we are in the process of obtaining more facts about the unfortunate incident that took place after the game and prior to the trophy presentation. We will continue to work with the University of Hawaii officials to gather all the facts and bring the situation to a close.”

University of Hawaii athletic director Ben Jay was injured while trying to break up the fight. The Star Advertiser reported Jay was hit in the back and suffered severe back spasms. He was treated at the site by UH medical personnel.

“We were getting ready to do the awards ceremony and I saw the fight break out in the corner,” Jay told the paper. “I (went) over there to try and help break it up. We were just trying to peel people off and keep people from swinging. And then I got hit with something in the back.”

Jay released a statement Monday afternoon:

“We apologize to our fans and our visitors from West Virginia for the unfortunate incident that occurred following our women’s basketball game last night. We’re pleased that no one was seriously injured and we appreciate those who assisted with keeping it from escalating further. We will speak to the parties involved and take the appropriate action to address this particular situation and help avoid future incidents. Until all facts are gathered, we will have no further comment on this matter.”

The Mountaineers contingent managed to get on the bus and leave the arena. The team will return to Morgantown today after winning three games in the Rainbow Wahine Classic.

There’s some footage of the incident at the 2:33:00 mark of the video.


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  • tw eagle

    sounds like the asst coach for WVU incited to riot with his "calling down" of the fan . . .poor judgment , especially when at or near the head of a national sports program , should be
    dealt with severely . . .FIRED . . .

    why weren't there a half dozen W. Va . state police on hand for security ? oh , do you mean they are only for the mens sports ?
    with paychecks totaling millions of dollars , do the coaches with the armed escorts actually pay for this entourage , or is it paid for by
    the university ?

    • Bio2012

      You need to wait till all the facts are out. This was an act of protection from a UH fan who was allowed to go uncontrolled the entire game. This is a failure of the UH security.

    • Wv res

      Really? Bitter......aren't we?

  • Robert

    Ron Artest needs to show them fans how to behave.

  • Allen

    Good old bending, bending, bending laying blame on WVU.

    No wonder he is stuck doing womens games now.

  • Dave

    Before we all start to lay blame for the reason for the brawl on anyone lets get all the facts. Using stereotypes to give an opinion is a classless way to describe what happened.

  • William

    @ Kyle Wiggs
    Why didn't you report the WHOLE story?

  • William

    Why the heck is WVU women basketball playing in HAWAII anyway.
    What a big waste of money!
    But when you spend other peoples money, who cares
    He should be SUSPENDED it he said this to man in crowd!

    • John

      It was a tournament. It wasn't a waste of money. I'm glad you don't run out athletic department because you are clueless.

      • William

        Correct name - It was a VACATION!
        Did you see that be crowd at this Game?
        Was the crowd over or under 200?

        • Bruce

          Doesn't matter how many people were in attendance. High school games have security on hand but obviously it's not a priority at Hawaii college athletic events!

      • John


    • Joseph Goebbels


      • hailey

        go read a book nerd

  • Peter

    I guess you guys conviently left out that the WVU asst coach challenged the heckler to come down to the court.

    Make opinions and comments all you want from across the country, but you weren't there in person to know what really happened.

    Tell you coach too to calm down and stop whining so much too. Even after the game was over he was whining and yelling at his own players and the WVU fans. What is that all about?

    Anyway good luck in your season. Just letting you know the WHOLE story.

    • Joseph Goebbels

      Then that coach needs fired!!
      I swear, WVU sports department is out of control...

      • wow

        Could you have a more offensive screen name? Good grief.

        • Joseph Goebbels

          Isn't that what these message boards are for, propaganda?

          • Joseph Goebbels

            Oh, and Jason, what about "first and foremost" escapes your comprehension--- Now, tell these good people the dates he was "Prime Minister" ---well, actually you can break it down to hours if you like...

            And you give Goebbles far to much credit for Himmler's demented project.

          • Joseph Goebbels

            That's it Jason,, That's all you have???

            So you don't agree that only white people are bigoted, GOOD for you, young man!

          • Jason412

            He was also the Chancellor of Germany, equivalent to a Prime Minister in many countries. Is that not a top rank?

            "Joseph Goebbels
            That's just your imagination. Everyone knows only white people can display bigoted attitudes towards another group"

            Great post on personal accountability! Like taking personal accountability for being a follower to a mentor of the "Final Solution"

            But yes I agree its a good thing the internet wasnt around, because Im sure he would of tried to destroy it while he was burning books.

            Its whatever, you can support who you want. Im certain there's no changing who you look up to.

        • Jason412

          At first I was surprised by the name to, but after reading his views it seems copying the name of a top ranking Nazi is very fitting.

          • Joseph Goebbels

            So, all I've promoted here is personal accountability based on personal character,,, and those are the traits of a "TOP NAZI"? --

            He was actually the propaganda minister, first and foremost...
            Good thing the internet and these message boards weren't around in his time...

    • ron "from morgantown"

      Which Wvu assistant challenged the fan to come down to the court ?

      • Rudy

        I was there as well. WVU Asst Coach called on heckling UH Fan to "COME DOWN HERE!"...."COME DOWN HERE!" Unfortunately the UH fan did. Towards the end of the scuffle I saw the Asst. Coach in tears going in to the locker room. He knew he made a mistake.

        • Mike

          Ahhh the fan behaves like an idiot and it's the coach's fault. He shouldn't have antagonized the fan but had the fan acted like he had been outside his cell before maybe just maybe the incident wouldn't have happened. Great security by the way.

          • Jason412

            While it may not be proper manners, heckling fans have been around as long as competitive sports. You would expect the coach to be the bigger man, not challenge the fan. If every coach started a fight with every heckler basketball would look more like MMA.

      • Peter

        One of the African American ones. I don't know their names.

  • ron "from morgantown"

    If you ever watch Dog the Bounty Hunter , who is based in Hawaii , you see the seedy side of the Aloha state . Plenty of trouble ,lots of drugs and idiots .

    • Peter

      And West Virginia and her people are heaven I assume according to you.

      • WV Redneck

        Like the song says, "Almost Heaven, West Virginia".

        Nuf said.

      • Mike


  • Jeff

    "Why are they upset? They won." Really? So, if someone comes out of the stands and tries to hit you or your coaches, you should just be happy because you won? I rarely pay any attention to the announcers, for sporting events. They are opinionated and they have no journalistic integrity. I will never forget Michael Jordan's first game back, coming out of retirement. The announcers picked him apart because he hadn't scored. When he hit, he kept on hitting. The announcers pretended like they hadn't talked about him possibly not being able to come back. Bums.

    • Mac

      Yes, an idiot announcer trying to blame what happened on WVU fans. Pretty typical, no?

      • Bruce

        The bottom line is "NO SECURITY!"

  • Joe

    When is this neverending circus involving all our major sports programs ever going to end?!


    • Joseph Goebbels

      Yes, when reading about the WVU Athletic Department it seems I have a "WTF" experience about every other paragraph..

  • redgal

    I thought that was lousy too, the way the announcer automatically slammed WVU as though they started it.

  • Disgusted Fan

    My favorite part is when the announcers automatically blame WVU for starting it. I hope that Hawaii fan was punished.

    • WVU.Fan

      I have to be honest, Coach Carey was a bit whiny at all three games and it was a bit embarrassing compared to the other coaches. I understand wanting to compete, but when has a ref ever reversed a call based on a coaches complaint? It culminated with Coach Carey drawing a technical during the last game.

      I really don't understand why he kept on complaining to the assistants and fans after we had won the game. It made for a contentious atmosphere.

      Coach Carey, don't embarrass your fans anymore with that kind of behavior especially with children in the stands.

      • WVU.Fan

        Almost forgot, our girls couldn't even collect their trophy.

  • Ramman

    I lived on Oahu for five years and I know there is a small group of locals who are rude, crude and always want to fight hale's. (Hawaiian slang mainly for white people but sometimes for non locals.)

    • Rudeboy

      U dum Hale!! LMAO

    • Livinginparadise

      to Rawman - everyplace has people that are rude and crude, are you saying where you live, there is not a single person who is rude, really, let's everyone move to where you live. And they are called "haoles" not hales. A hale is a home or house in Hawaiian.

      • Ramman

        I missed the O excuse me. Also not everyone is like that in Hawaii, but it happens enough there to give the whole place a bad reputation. Ask any military not local stationed there. They will tell you the same.

    • Joseph Goebbels

      That's just your imagination. Everyone knows only white people can display bigoted attitudes towards another groups

      • John weaver

        Not funny.

        • wv4evah

          Right on John Weaver..but considering the screen name, not surprising.

          • Joseph Goebbels

            Maybe you would of appreciated it more if I were using "Oprah Winfrey" screen name--

  • David

    I was hoping the women's teams would fight it out by nude oil wrestling. Well thank God we won & nobody on our side was seriously hurt.

    • WVU.Fan

      Nude oil wrestling? Really? Have you seen our Women's basketball team? I'd be confused.

  • Chef Camille

    Maybe they could teach the football team a thing or two.