UPDATE 11/19/2013   The County Commissioners’ Association of West Virginia and its members are not in favor of increasing elected officials’ salaries in 2014. The organization issued the following release in September.

(Read release here)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A group of state lawmakers is getting closer to proposing pay raises for county elected officials. A legislative interim committee discussed a proposed plan during a meeting Monday at the state capitol.

Organizations representing county commissioners, county clerks, circuit clerks, assessors and prosecutors have asked lawmakers to increase their pay. The last pay raise was eight years ago.

Senator Herb Snyder (D-Jefferson) discussed a proposed bill that would provide a cost of living raise of three percent every two years. The proposal is also retroactive which would provide a 12 percent increase covering the last eight years.

(Read pay raise proposal here.)

“This is a fair starting point and it kicks in every two years because elections are every two years,” Snyder said. “You know what you’re going to make when you run for office or the next batch runs for office.”

Snyder added the proposal would also keep in place the tax appraisal system that determines an elected official’s salary based on the worth of property in his or her particular county.

Del. Mike Caputo (D-Marion) said it’s a good idea to give small raises every few years rather than large raises several years apart.

“If we don’t move forward on county elected pay raises– in the future we’re only going to have the retired and the retained holding these positions,” Caputo said.

The committee will vote in January on whether to make the proposal a bill to be considered by all lawmakers. The legislative staff is checking on some constitutional questions about the plan.

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  • Tom wv

    What is wrong with retired people holding county offices?

  • Joe

    Hey they told you this in the last election. They are going to run the state like a corporation. Bonuses and raises to the top level, and the workers will starve with no raises. What is your suprise when they are doing what they told you they were going to do. CEO compensation at an alltime high and workers wages remain stagnent, just like in the corporate world.

  • Joe

    I don't suppose the proposal is written stating that any raise will take effect with the next elected person, not the current officeholder?!

    • Joe

      Why was my comment moved to moderated status? It originally posted fine.

  • BigEerFull

    If you read the proposal, it mentions that property values are directly linked to salaries of certain county officials. If this is the case, it appears that when I (along with everyone else) got my official letter telling me that my property had been undervalued and now I must pay an additional 10% in taxes, this request should be reduced by (drum roll please) 10%! I would like to add that the honorable Mr. Snyder says this would allow for incoming officials to know what they are going to make before hand. What ever happened to good old fashioned public service? It has nothing to do with what your county can do for you and everything to with what you can do for your county.

  • Amy

    State employees have not had raise since Governor Underwood yet our Health Insurance keeps going up. Democrats starve employees. Republicans put the State bankrupt.

  • wvtd

    yea they need a raise like we need our taxes raised again. give me a break. we have to throw out these career politicians beginning in 2014

    • Hillbilly


  • Scott

    Yes we certainly need to take care of the politicians.The rest of state workers who actually do something is just chopped liver