WASHINGTON, D.C. — Gauley River first-grader Sophie Mullins says all she does is “work, work, work” at school so she sent a letter to U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin asking for relief.

Dear Sir,

My name is Sophie Mullins. I live in Craigsville, West Virginia. I am in the first grade at Gauley River Grade School. All we do is work, work, work. I need a break. Can you please help?



The senator responded with a phone call Wednesday afternoon. Manchin congratulated Sophie on her work effort and urged her to keep studying hard.



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  • James

    Sounds like many Obama voters to me.

  • Brian

    I'd have called her little lazy tail and told her to stop crying and that she would never amount to anything in life if she is already crying about her work load. Send her to a military camp.

  • blugldmn

    What she should have been told is get used to it because she is going to be working more and more for less and less to pay off the trillions in debt this Senator and his party have voted to enslave you , your parents and everyone else with for the rest of your lives.

    If you think its bad now..wait it only gets worse....

  • Cindy

    Hmmm....this child is lucky she gets summer breaks. Other country's whose students are far exceeding the basic expectations of our children do not. We are far behind the learning curve when comparing our children's education's to other places. Another example of the entitled generation. Parents need to get a reality check. If they continue to coddle their children, our country is doomed b/c their will be noone working to support Social Security & the gov't assistance programs. When I was a kid, I was taught to do what I was told & not to question it. And if I didn't like it tough...that's life.

  • Daniel

    The curriculum being taught needs to address the needs of every student, not every student as a whole! Big difference! Children learn in differing methods. Some hands-on, some from books and some from listening/lecturing. American politicians couldn't give a rat's-ass about this. They mandate things that make sense to them, not the children. There is a reason America's educational system is failing: POLITICIANS!!! Education is not their top priority. I believe this called "dumbing-down" our children. If they were more educated than those "calling the shots," there would no longer be a career politician! Plain and simple! I live and teach English as Second Language in Asia. If children in America think they have it hard with work, work, work...they would be called lazy and ignorant here. It's how societies get ahead of the game. THEY EDUCATE THEMSELVES!!! If America wants to remain at the top of the food chain, get to work and quit crying about every damn thing! Elect those in favor of education first, their personal interests second. You, the voters bring this garbage upon yourselves so quit crying about everything already!

  • PMQ

    Nice camera op BloJoe, you are a TOOL. Guess you finally found someone on your same intellectual level....a first grader. Please just go away.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    I don't care much for Joe Manchin...But that was a pretty nice gesture calling that girl. Who knows, it may have a positive impact on her entire life...I know if when I was her age a senator took time to call me, I would have never forgotten that day.

    • C.Hoffman

      I agree TGOT but it would have been a nice gesture if he did it on the QT. No, instead it's a huge PR campaign in an attempt to bolster his image after collaborating with the soetoro administration in the healthcare fiasco and attempts at unconstitutional gun control authoritarians are so fond of just to name a few major issues he has been on the wrong side of.

  • Larry

    Channel 8 had an interview with the girl and her mother, her mother said on there that her dad told her she needed to write her senator, so as I figured, they were behind it. I am shocked how much attention this got in the news.

  • wvman75

    He needs to start paying attention and respond to the people of actual voting age. It was a nice political gesture, and I'm sure the student appreciated it. We need a break from progressive democrats. The voters will make that happen on our own.

  • C. F. T.

    What is news worthy about a NoJoe calling a grade school student? NoJoe pandering has already cost him the next election and this child will still be to young to vote.

  • Truth

    Keep up the great work Joe! True West Virginians are grateful to have you. God Bless!

  • Don Jr.

    I am recommending an introduction of a bill by Senator Manchin to eliminate obamacare altogether. I see this as his only chance (slim chance) for a political career in WV extending beyond his current term, same recommedation for Congressman Rahall. What would it take to get a recall election held?

    • Ragweed

      For whom, Manchin, Rahall or Obama? How about all three.

      • Andrew

        Federal officials, including Senators and Congressmen, are not subject to recall elections. Neither is POTUS.

  • DWL

    I'm sure NO SHOW JOE had the perfect answer - Become a politician and you can LIE - CHEAT - STEAL for a "legal" living while doing NOTHING!

  • thornton

    Shame to see parents use their child much like a hammer.

    Shame to see Manchin remain the vote-courting politician.

  • a concerned educator

    As a former educator, and current parent of two children in WV public schools, I can attest to the ridiculous amount of work students have. My one child spends hours each night, and on weekends, completing homework. Much of this work is worthless drivel that has no importance whatsoever to real life.

    Children need to be outside playing, not sitting at home behind a desk working on homework each night. I am not saying that there should be no homework, but the amount should not be what my children constantly have. It is no wonder students do not like school or that the dropout rate is so high in many counties.

    I loved school, but I bet if I was a kid today, I would hate it! Education is no longer relevant to most students. It is shear drudgery where every kid has to take the same classes in high school in 9th and 10th grade. If students had more options, they would be more satisfied, thus more interested.

    Why is it that many workers in this country work 40 hour weeks, but we expect students to go to school all day and then come home at night and complete hours of homework? It doesn't seem like much of a life to me.

    • Bill Hill

      Why is it that many workers in this country work 40 hour weeks, but we expect students to go to school all day and then come home at night and complete hours of homework?

      Because politicians, Union hacks, and bureaucrats are doing running the education system. A lot of what kids do in school is worthless not to mention indoctrinational in nature. Also parents have quit being parents and turned their kids over to the nanny state. That's why!!!

    • Tom

      Hopefully your child will spend enough time in school to learn the word is "sheer" and not "shear." Are you sure you are a former educator?

      • a concerned educator


        It was just a spelling error. Relax. We all make mistakes, even educators.

    • Don Jr.

      I agree. A good parent would have more worthwhile information to teach a child after school than filling the time with all this drudgery homework. Kid's need more time to play, work, and learn from activities their parents.