CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A proposal to allow medical marijuana is once up for discussion by state lawmakers.

A possible proposal was examined by lawmakers Wednesday during an interim committee on health meeting at the State Capitol. A bill was previously rejected last year before it reached a vote.

During the meeting legislative staff attorney Charlie Roskovensky briefly explained the proposal and then entertained questions from lawmakers.

Under the proposal, Roskovensky explained how people would need to acquire a registration card in order to obtain marijuana, and that would start only through a relationship with a doctor.

“The doctor would make a recommendation that medicinal marijuana could prove useful to that particular patient,” he explained. “That patient would then take that certification and get their registration card from DHHR.”

There was concern raised during the meeting on whether people could be able to obtain fake cards and Roskovensky believed that it could happen but was unsure on how easy it would be to do so.

In addition, the proposal would not allow people to grow the drug themselves, but rather they would have to acquire it from state-created Compassion Centers.

“There would be five created in the first year and then those Compassion Centers would be regulated by the state where individuals could go there to get their product instead of growing it themselves,” Roskovensky said.

If West Virginia was to legalize medical marijuana, it would join with 20 other states and Washington, D.C. that have already done so.

But even if the state passed a law legalizing medical marijuana, Roskovensky said an individual could still be prosecuted at the federal level if the government chose to do so. Currently medical marijuana is illegal federally, but the government has chosen not to prosecute it.

Roskovensky could not explain all the details of the proposed legislation during the meeting as the proposal was in rough format and would need considerable massaging from lawmakers.

The issue could next be discussed at the 2014 Regular Legislative Session scheduled to begin in January.

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  • Fubar

    Marijuana was grouped together with hard drugs when the so called "war on drugs" was declared.
    This approach apparently has not worked - even with 40 plus years and billions spent.

    God is perfect
    Man is not
    Man made whiskey
    God made pot

  • MoMoney

    Why in the hell would they involve the DHHR in this?? The DHHR would screw up a one car funeral procession.
    Nevertheless, sign me up. Lets roll a fattie.

  • Ernest Johnson

    My mom and grandpas went blind from glocoma pot will stop that.i smoke and will continue rather I buy from the state or the street. U decide should the state make the money or the dealer. U decide STATE orDEALER. I bet the state could find lots of ways to spend ALL THAT MONEY

    • Realist

      Way to admit to a crime on a public forum...

      • Max

        Over 400 carcinogens in smoked marijuana, just a brilliant recommendation as "medicine"; the damage to your lungs and respiratory system from smoking marijuana is 100 times worse than smoking an unfiltered cigarette. You can live blind, but not without lungs, that is if you buy into the myth of smoked marjuana being medicine. The synthetic "marinol" was developed for glycoma why are we even discussing this...the government doesn't need anymore tax money to spend, I don't care where it comes from...the proponents of this just want another drug readily available to escape reality...we talk about a lost generation of kids to drug addiction...and we send a mixed message of legalizing something that even a first grader would tell you is not good for you...if we do this in WV, we just join the idiots in California and Colorado who have now discovered it was a bad idea. Kind of like the Democrats in the legislature promised us about would be well regulated and invisible; well we see where we are now...a "hot spot" on every corner and a state that is dependent on the revenue. PLEASE WV DO NOT BUY INTO THIS PROPAGANDA!!!!

        • Conchop

          The contemporary science does not agree with you. This draconian prohibition has cost our society hundreds of billions of dollars and has been a complete failure.

          Perhaps you should spend some quality time reading up on this subject.

          Perhaps we can forward you the BILL for all the costs the American taxpayer is facing for this un American prohibition.

        • Resilient Skies

          Max, looks like you are buying into the propoganda of kooks. Marijuana smoke has 70% fewer carcinogens as cigarette smoke. Cigarette companies have mixed nicotine additives to the tobacco to make it more harmful. Not so with marijuana.
          I have smoke marijuana for over 30 years. I had a physical just two months ago. My doctor doesn't know I smoke. He gave me a clear bill of health . My air/lung capacity is at 90%. Allergy season. A cigarette smoker for 30 years would have the lung capacity of about 25%-30%.
          So what gives? Quit spewing your misinformation and stupidity. Get the facts before you spout off.

          • thornton

            Then one has the 95 year-old guy who had 1/4# of bacon and 4 eggs every morning.....why some folks are blessed with heath, at times, regardless of lifestyle will always be a mystery.

            So, assuming health comes from a shot of whiskey or a hit of marijuana are both often wishful assumptions made solely to further an agenda.

            There is "misinformation" and then there is spun information...not sure which is worse. I know what I consider carries greater "stupidity."

            Again, I'm buying more Frito stock.

        • LeftySteve

          Vaporizing does no damage to the lung and that is the way most medicinal marijuana patients ingest their cannibus. Another common form is in edible as in brownies. I'm sure these would be available at said centers.

        • Max


  • Hillbilly

    You can also have "doctors" handing out MJ prescriptions for the fee just like they do oxy. And in a state with such a high percentage of people who are "disabled" and "in pain" I can see what is coming.

  • longbeards

    Lets see,,,,you can get a script for oxie,,,,,and a dozen other highly addictive drugs,,,but not of marijuana,,1000th less addictive...Time to change the law to what works and makes SINCE!!

  • Rick crank

    The use of this marijuana is for persons with a cornice disorder and I think the state would or could by the first in this area cause it is coming like it or not.

    • Realist

      Judging by your grammar and sentence structure, I am assuming that you were high when writing your post.