MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Though he was part of West Virginia’s first 100-point game in six seasons, guard Eron Harris sounded a lot like his hard-to-please head coach.

“I don’t really care about that—I was more looking at the things we need to fix,” Harris said. “That 100-point thing doesn’t matter.”

After burying Georgia Southern 101-68, Harris questioned whether the Mountaineers played decent defense or benefited from the Eagles’ poor shot selection.

“I think they just had guys that wanted to toss it up there,” Harris said of Georgia Southern’s 27-percent first-half shooting. “Honestly, I don’t think we played near the defense that we need to play. So right now I’m just being really critical of our game.”

In the second half, Georgia Southern made 55 percent from the floor, much to the displeasure of West Virginia coach Bob Huggins, who has urged his team not to lose defensive focus.

“Huggs warned us if we don’t play the second half, we’re going to give them more than 50-percent shooting and we can’t do that,” Harris said. “We have a tendency to a play a worse second half than we do our first. That’s a bad habit we need to fix.

“In the second half we didn’t battle with those guys. We played offense but we didn’t want to play defense. and we’re all guilty of it.”

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  • mark

    Still hard to judge how good we are based upon level of the teams we've played. Will the unselfishness continue when we face Gonzaga, Purdue, etc. Adrian has been a very pleasant surprise. Just hope Huggs doesn't bust him too hard publicly. That can have a negative effect upon a freshman's confidence.

  • Jack

    I really like the chemistry of this team. We've got scorers and they play as a team. Should have a successful season. Would like to see Huggs recruit a couple of talented big men to block shots and control the post. Looking at Coach Huggins overall career speaks for itself. I don't understand all the negativity. Come on man!!!

  • wvajoker

    It appears to me Huggs has gotten rid of the I-Team of last year and has developed a young we-Team with some leaders.

  • richard

    "That's a bad habit we need to fix"..........didn't hear that last year from any player. Staten even seems like a different player. they all have better attitudes then last year. hope they keep it up. still would like to have another big man or 2. oh well, maybe next year.

  • Grant

    It feels like the maturity level of this team is light years ahead of last year's team.

  • j hicks

    Don't know how this season will turn out but I really enjoy watching this team and see really good things to come in the next few years. We have very good shooter and will improve in defense as they play together more. GO EARS

    • Kevin

      I think this team will get better as the yr go's on,,, next yr back in the top 25,,

      • ron

        I agree, with the guards we have. When we get the guys waiting to play, we are going to be tuff to beat.