CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Lottery revenues continued to lag behind in October in figures released at Thursday’s lottery commission meeting.

Traditional games, racetrack video lottery, limited video lottery and table games brought in a combined $99.5 million for the month, which was behind Oct. 2012 numbers by $6 million.

Through the first four months of the fiscal year overall revenues are behind last year’s numbers by $33 million. Only online lottery games have brought in more revenue than last year at this time. Racetrack video lottery is down $22 million and limited video lottery is off last year’s pace by about $8 million.

The decrease in revenue is blamed on the economy and gambling competition from other states.


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  • wvtd

    it is a shame that our state has grown so dependent on gambling but that's why they call it gambling. wonder where the tax increase is going to come from this time? food? gas? income? property? where ever it comes from I know who is going to bare the brunt of it. the hard working men and women of west Virginia. the liberals will not stop until we are all on welfare.

  • MoMoney

    The liberal Democrats in the WV Legislature might go through the shakes and the heebee-jeebees if they don't get enough money to spend. The state budget's dependancy and addiction to lottery money is on a collision course with Gov. ERT's ObamaCare medicaid expansion. WV's budget calamity is just around the corner, thanks to the liberal democrats.

  • Larry

    Sounds like good news to me, the fewer degenerate gamblers in this state, the better. Am I the only one who always gets stuck behind some addict in line at the convenience store buying 15 different kinds of lottery tickets?

  • WV4life

    Have more winners and the revenue will go up! WV scratch off tickets are a joke....I can play the same amount of money on scratch off's in Virginia or Maryland and always at least break even but not in the state I have lived in all my life and love good ol' West Virginia! Have more winners!!!!

    • editerguy

      Other states let players "at least break even" on lottery tickets? Thank goodness we're not that stupid in West Virginia. That amounts to government handouts to ticket buyers, so those states must be raising taxes to pay for the giveaways.