SALEM, W.Va. — Harrison County Sheriff Albert Marano said two Preston County residents were killed Wednesday evening when a car they were driving east on U.S. Route 50 was struck by an out-of-control vehicle.

Marano released the names of the victims Thursday afternoon.

The sheriff said Samuel Slaubaugh, 39, of Eglon and Gilbert Bowman, 26, of Aurora, were in a car near Lower Dug Run at about 5:30 Wednesday evening when a pick-up truck driven by Virginia Burton, 69, of Salem, came across the median and slammed into their vehicle.

Investigators said Burton lost control of her westbound truck moments earlier. It first went off the left side of the road and into the median, back into the westbound lanes of Route 50 before hitting a guardrail on the right side of the highway that sent the truck airborne into the eastbound lanes. After Burton’s truck hit the victim’s car┬áthe truck flipped over the eastbound guardrail and went over an embankment.

Burton is in stable condition at Ruby Memorial Hospital. Deputies are continuing their investigation.


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  • Mtn. Man

    Bucky....You telling me that I am the worst driver on the road is like me saying... "Everyone" with the name Bucky is an idiot. Anyway...My heart goes out to the families.

  • Bucky

    The driver of pick up trucks are the ABSOLUTE WORST drivers on the road. They are involved in a hugely disproportionate amount of fatal accidents.

    • desperate

      I was hit by a pick-up this summer-- it wasn't the was the driver on his cell phone.

    • 2XLPatriot

      Bucky. That has got to be the most ridiculous comment I've seen about a vehicle accident. Pick up trucks and the people who drive them have nothing to do with causing accidents. The little saggy pant, twisted ballcap, Justin Bieber wannabes driving lowered imports with big wings and obnoxious mufflers, driving like they're in the movie Fast-n-Furious are one of the bigger problems. The pick up truck driver is 69 years old. How do you know she didn't experience a medical problem while driving that caused the accident? Would a VW beetle or Subaru have prevented a medical problem?

  • Concerned

    When will the doh install the wire barriers that va has? How many people have to die like this?