MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Check out the courtside photo gallery from West Virginia’s 101-68 win over Georgia Southern in a preliminary game of the Cancun Challenge.

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  • Adam

    :Exposes Georgia Southern?" They weren't even supposed to be good.

  • big tom

    looks like we got ourselves some shooters for a change,,,, presb. won't offer much opposition but once we hit cancun , we should get a better idea about this team,,, it's early yet, t hey're learning how to play together,,,,but the shooting is impressive, but then again,, half the time no one was guarding up,,,,so, let's hope for the best.

  • tw eagle

    I'm surprised at the effort and commitment that the WVU round ballers are playing with . . .where were these guys last year ?

    I do see WVU playing much better ball this year , I don't see a winner yet . . .I see this team easily avoiding 20 losses , but they'll
    have to kick & scrap for everything in the XII. . .

    I see a much improved shooting eye from more than one player , but the front court and inside men are small and can't score consistently up close , even against these
    inferior tune up opponents . . .without a strong threatening inside presence , I see the good teams smothering the perimeter shooters , gaining the lead , and grinding down a WVU squad short on bodies . . .

    I can see these Mountaineers actually succeeding if they could get one or more front men to join in the breaks , and press off of layup baskets . . .if you keep the opponent off balance , the lack of size and experience becomes less a debilitating factor for the Mounties . . .