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West Virginia freshman forward Devin Williams is working to better recognize double-teams in the low post.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — With Eron Harris popping and slashing from the wing, Juwan Staten penetrating at will, and Remi Dibo and Nathan Adrian stretching their range on 3-pointers, West Virginia hasn’t channeled much offense through the low-post.

That could become more of an option, however, after freshman forward Devin Williams showed better awareness against Duquesne. He was 8-of-10 shooting from floor—with six of those baskets coming off entry passes in the halfcourt set—and no longer seemed intent on forcing the action inside against double-teams.

Coach Bob Huggins knows his squad will remain perimeter-oriented, but he doesn’t expect his wing players to fear dumping passes inside to the brawny, 6-foot-8 Williams.

“They know that we’ve got to score close some, and he’s very good at that,” Huggins said. “As we continue to grow I think they’re going to feel a whole lot more comfortable giving the ball to him.”

Williams was just 3-of-14 shooting in his first two college games, trying to score against enveloping defenders instead of passing out of double-teams.

“He has held on to it too long,” Huggins said. “(But against Duquesne) when they came to double him he got rid of it, which is what he needs to do.”

Said Williams of his bounce-back from a 1-of-8 shooting night at Virginia Tech: “I think I’ve found my focus as far as preparing for the game.”

Of course, learning to take good shots down low is only one facet of Williams’ game that needs improvement. He also needs to work on his 50-percent foul shooting (9-of-18).

Tipoff: 7 p.m. in Morgantown (Root Sports TV)
Record: The Eagles (2-1), picked ninth in the 11-team Southern Conference, whipped two Christian conference programs but also pushed Miami to overtime in an 81-80 road loss.
Coach: Former Virginia Tech and College of Charleston assistant Mark Byington, 36, was hired in April after Georgia Southern went 14-19 and dismissed coach Charlton Young, who had a four-year record of 43-84.
Style points: “It’s going to be all ball-screens, spread the floor, shoot a lot of 3s,” said Huggins. “Very guard-oriented. Just like we’ve been seeing.”
Top players: Jelani Hewitt averages 25 points per game, highlighted by 27 at Miami. “Hewitt’s really good at getting his own (shots) and he’s got great range,” Huggins said. “He’s made some shots from real deep. He’s obviously got the ball in his hands a lot more and he obviously has the green light a lot more.” … Senior guard Tre Bussey, who never averaged double figures previously, is pouring in 23 points while shooting at an absurd clip of 69 percent.
Line: West Virginia favored by -13
Prediction: WVU 79-74
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  • Bross

    I bet that 40 pt beat down the boys gave Ga State last night made Larry really sad. Better for to keep ones mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and prove it.

  • Whatamoroon

    Big Larry, will you please go over to William's moms house and go to the basement and keep William company so both of you will have something to do with your time.

  • chasmo

    Allen , if WVU only wins by 5 its going to be a long long season ~~~ C'Mon Man ! lets hope between 15-20 points for a WVU VICTORY

    • shawn

      Dude this team they are playing is very good. You have to realize in basketball that a win is a win.

  • polarbear

    Hey little Willie what about # 12Gonzaga, at Mizzou receiving votes, Purdue, and # 15 Wisconsin in Cancun. OOC SOS is fine.

  • Mike

    Big Larry opening his pie hole again. We need to find this cat a job or a hobby. If you don't like the Mountaineers don't watch. You remind me of my x-wife.

  • shawn

    Huggins usually schedules teams who are picked to finish high in their conference. If they don't, then how is that poor scheduling. Basketball is very different these days in that anybody can potentially beat anybody. When Larry and William begin to understand sports, they will be able to give more intelligent responses. Until then you should get used to mediocre and uneducated opinions.

  • Big Larry

    WVU won a total of 13 games last season. but who did they beat?

    WVU's 13 heralded wins in 2012-2013

    Every one of these teams were pitiful last year. Especially Texas Tech who beat WVU in the Tournament. Look these teams up and then look at their record and who they played and you will see how really bad they were.

    Virginia Tech
    Texas Tech
    Texas Tech

    Look for WVU to win 15 games this season.

    It is what it is....

    And I agree with William...

    It is a SAD SAD day to be a Mountaineer Sports fan...

    >>>Wherever you may be!

  • wvajoker

    It is never a sad day to be a Mountaineer fan, William...something you will never understand.

  • wvrefugee

    This kid has turned out to be a great kid! You can tell he has been well coached in HS and shoots free throws well enough. He and Watkins could be a force if they stay here for their careers. Holton and Macon, stay home!

  • William

    It's a sad day to be a Mountaineer fan when WVU must schedule teams like GEORGIA SOUTHERN only to pad the win column!

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is grounded in the idea that changing patterns of thought can alter our emotions and behavior. In one form of CBT called "stress inoculation training", patients begin by identifying triggers that provoke inappropriate reactions. They then practice self-statements to counteract their usual responses, such as "This isn't important enough to warrant endless repetition of my tiresome internet posts about how it's a sad day to, blah, blah, blah" or "Gee, if I continue wasting all my time trolling sports articles instead of picking up after myself, I may end up on one of those hoarding shows".


      • Big Larry

        Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? What the heck is that?

        • Tyrone

          Well Big Larry I am so elated that you are the first person in history to be able to predict the future . Can you please tell me how you do it .I bet you must be real wealthy with all that future predicting you do on here . Telling everyone how many wins this basketball team will have . Hey everyone ,I here included we all need to quit commenting on any thing that this guy has to say. We all know he is not a Mountaineer fan. He is here to stir things up and he does a good job at that and that is all he is good for .

          • Big Larry

            How do I do it?...t's a gift...

            My advice to you Tyrone would be this...

            Never pretend to know what we don't know. We should not feel ashamed to learn from everyone, and we should listen carefully to the views of others. Be a pupil before you become a teacher; listen & learn from others before you issue orders.

            In other words…
            Speak for yourself and from yourself, or be silent.

      • Charleston,WV

        Thanks for the incite! That's exactly why I don't take the bait!!! As the old adage goes, "Misery loves Co.".

      • DWM

        You expect William and Larry to get that? Or were you just entertaining the rest of us? Good work Unc.

    • Jay

      Every school, even the Dukes, Kentuckys, and Arizonas of the world, does it. Read some schedules before you type, William. It's the way of early-season college basketball and has been for decades. Plenty of challenges pepper WVU's non-conference schedule, just as the big boys do it.

      In your estimation, I guess it's been a "sad day" for close to 100 years. Get off the downer act, William "THE SKY IS ALWAYS FALLING" Whatever Your Last Name Is. It's getting old.

    • greg

      Just like every team in america. Wake up