CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey filed a motion Friday to intervene in a federal case that challenges the state’s ban on gay marriage.

(Read Morrisey motion here)

Three same-sex couples filed the lawsuit in Huntington Federal Court Oct. 1 against Kanawha County Clerk Vera McCormick and Cabell County Clerk Karen Cole saying they’ve been denied marriage licenses.

AG Morrisey said he is intervening to defend the constitutionality of West Virginia’s ban.

“An Attorney General has a duty to defend a state law if it is enacted properly and is consistent with the Constitution,” Morrisey said in a prepared statement. “We will represent the State of West Virginia in this case and discharge our responsibilities faithfully.”

A federal judge previously ruled the two county clerks could delay their responses to the lawsuit until Morrisey decided whether he would intervene.


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  • G.Burch

    The whole "divorce rate is 50%" argument to attempt to legitimize other non-traditional relationships is old and tired. If you want some real stats on divorce look it up on People have been throwing the 50% around since the 80's.

    Another reason the argument fails what if it's 50%. That does not mean there is anything fundamentally wrong with the institution. I mean, have you seen the percentage of gay men that have HIV. The CDC reported in 2010 that gay men make up 4% of the population and account for 63% of all new infections.

    But the bottom line, people are right. Morrisey is defending the law and good for him and good for our state.

    • CarrotCakeMan

      Since non-gays get cancer, should we deny mixed-sex couples their US Constitutionally protected right to legal marriage? Switching from marriage equality to your misinformation about a disease is quite a stretch. Do you enjoy this thought you have that all LGBT Americans might get a disease, suffer and die?

      • G.Burch

        You are missing the point or offering red herrings. The info comes from the Center for Disease Control, you can choose to believe what you wish. I offered that info as an example of using percentages and polls to "prove" ones stance on a particular doesn't work. I would not use that info on gay men to support my belief that people of the same sex can "marry." Without trying to sound condescending please read the whole thing.

  • jfk

    I for one will vote for anyone who makes is hard as possible for gays to marry and for that matter women to murder their children.

    • CarrotCakeMan

      Didn't you read that FOUR

      • CarrotCakeMan

        States' voters REJECTED anti-gay Hate Votes in 2012? And that the most notorious anti-gay Hate Vote was revoked by the US Supreme Court this past summer? Sorry, you will never again be allowed to "vote away" the United States Constitution and its guarantee of "Equal Protection Under the Law."

  • Sononya4wvhhouse

    Democrat Cabell County Clerk & Republican Kanawha County Clerk (both do a fine job) followed the law passed by the STATE Legislature. These clerks had no involvement in the passage of DOMA. Did those who filed the lawsuit expect them to break a state law? Like the issue or not, the Attorney General has an obligation to defend a STATE law. On another note, DOMA passed overwhelmingly by a BIPARTISAN legislature and these two clerks merely followed the law.

    • CarrotCakeMan

      My, you sure are confused! DOMA was the federal anti-gay Hate Law, and it was revoked last summer by the US Supreme Court. The county clerks followed a state law which is going to be revoked by this federal court.

    • Grant

      Well said!

  • jeremy

    Morrissey is the real deal. Probably the best AG we have ever had. Proud supporter here.

  • wvu999

    Well we found one group he didnt lobby for.

    The divorce rate for heterosexual couples is more than 50% so obviously we would block people who actually want to be together.

    PM is a joke

    • The bookman

      Did you read the story or just post a comment because you don't like Morrisey...he is duty bound to defend the Constitution of the State of WV...the law of this land is marriage between man and woman. Build support, make your argument, and change the law as 20 other states have done to legalize same sex marriage in's not up to the's up to the people of WV....Good luck selling that!!!

      • CarrotCakeMan

        Sorry, no, "Equal Protection Under the Law" as guaranteed by the US Constitution, is NOT "up to the people." And, no, Morrisey is NOT "duty bound" to "defend" a law that obviously violates the US Constitution.

        • The bookman

          Then SCOTUS should have included that in the Windsor opinion..was noticeably omitted...the US Constitution leaves all powers to the states not specifically enumerated to the Federal's still a state issue..complain to the Feds!

          • The bookman

            Equal protection does not constitute equal outcomes, only equal opportunity. This is not my opinion but the stated opinion of the your research!

          • CarrotCakeMan

            Sorry, NO US State may VIOLATE "Equal Protection Under the Law."

      • wvu999

        In a twisted way I'm happy he is fighting something. He and his wife have lobbied for everything that is hurting our state.

  • Whatamoroon

    This lawsuit against the county clerks should have been thrown out as soon as it was filed. Next up is the pedifiles sueing because they can't walk around on the school playgrounds.

  • leroy j gibbs

    They were just doing thier job.its state law.if you don't like the law change it

    • CarrotCakeMan

      That's why they went to court. The United States Supreme Court ruled specifically that LGBT Americans can seek redress for wrongs by filing suit in federal court. Didn't you notice a federal district court already has revoked anti-gay Hate Laws?

  • Fed Up

    Excellent comment Bookman..Hey Rodney the last time I checked the state lines weren't blocked..

  • Rodney Hytonen

    Every day I become more mortified to have chosen WV to retire in.

    This heinous legislation is truly Neanderthal, hateful and cowardly, but not the very worst of it. The absolute and shameless corruption of the state by extraction industries is the worst - and I've seen some tragedies in my 68 years.
    But it is a tragedy beyond despair to have to spend our last years on Earth watching idiots strip and uglify its resources like a stolen car in a chop shop, and kill off ALL its inhabitants (and their own employees and their families,) through slow poisoning, cancer and thirst - vulnerable children and seniors first.
    Hell holds a special eternal horror for fossil fuel extractionists and their apologists and bribed political/judicial supporters. You know it with your first pain-filled whiff of a nearby cancer pond or hear the 24/7 roar of a nearby fire-belching LNG compressor station.

    • Wowbagger


      There are 49 other states with their own laws.

      Choose one you really like and move!

    • Death to Democracy

      Vulnerable Children and Seniors first!! Hmm, that sounds like the Liberals are already in charge of our healthcare IE: Obamacare.

      Abortions for all and a pain pill for Granny.

    • The bookman

      I don't know who plays the broken record the loudest...RHytonen or conchop...maybe you guys could work together on a neo-con fascist masters of the extractionist universe post that metronews could just attach to any story regardless of the subject of the story!!!

  • Linda Preston

    What. an. idiot. Go back to New Jersey and stop wasting our tax dollars.

    • OldSkool

      Sounds like ole Rodney could also be from Baltimore or DC. Seen it many times, they come here to retire and expect for everyone here to adopt their values.

      • BH

        You mean like the people of the Eastern Panhandle who keep re-electing Shelley Moore Capito. A political hack who can't even win her home county (Kanawha).

    • Dead Cold Hands

      Why is he an idiot?

      • Linda Preston

        I don't know why God blessed him with idiocy. You will have to ask Him.

        • Cold Dead Hands

          This is strange. When I asked this of you, your post was the only post. Are you talking about Morrisey, whom I thought odd was from New Jersey or are you talking about that old 68 year old Queen RHytonen

          • The bookman

            She was talking about Morrisey, but had no substance of mind to argue with, so she came up with calling!! Bet she could still rule a middle school playground with that intellect!! As for RHytonen, he's not a "queen" as you have put it..he is single issue environmentalist anti fossil fuel radical...regardless of the story, his posts take us to a cancer pond in Ritchie County...what I find odd is that for a gentleman who holds such disgust for extraction industry, he chooses West Virginia in which to retire, the Saudi Arabia of coal, and lays down his homestead in the center of the Marcellus shale play...oh well, to each his own....

  • blugldmn

    Benny how much money has to be wasted on your pro gay belief system?

  • BAC

    Good for Pat! One of the few public servants willing to stand up for what's right!

  • C. F. T.

    Law, principals and integrity vs. Social engineering and is NOT anti vs pro gay.
    Mr. Morrisey, WV would be a much better State if more pollitions had your courage to uphold the Law and not be cowards for fear of loosing votes from an minority group.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Ya, them krayze pollitions am loosing there cents of respnosilizing.

  • Hillbilly

    Who Cares, How much it cost! Let those Folks move to another State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don

      Why don't you move? You are embarrassing us and yourself.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      Nothing buttresses one's position better than misplaced commas, random capitalization, and lots of exclamation points.

      • OneWV

        And don't forget words spelled in ways that I have never seen before.

  • Benny

    He is wasting our tax dollars on his anti-gay belief system? How much is this going to cost?

    • Grant

      No, the people who sued the county clerks for upholding the law are wasting our tax dollars. The AG' sworn duty is to uphold the laws passed by our state legislature. Your issue is with the legislature not the AG office. Don't like the law? Then lobby your representative to change it.

      • hillbilly

        AG is only doing his job. So are county clerk here.

        • Ed

          I am for state's rights as the US constitution endorses. With so many states allowing gay marriage what is the need to challenge WV's right to be a place for one man one woman marriage? Have the ceremony in another state. Since WV is not as cordial to homosexuals maybe relocation should be considered.

    • The bookman

      The suit was brought against two county clerks, and he is responding to the suit on their is that a waste of tax dollars as both are West Virginia government will probably save money in the long run...and it is not a pro gay or anti gay issue! It is a State Constitutional issue!!!

      • Levelheaded

        Right bookman.

    • Todd

      There is no price tag on morality.

      • Don

        No price tag on morality? Food stamps don't have a price tag? Health care doesn't have a price tag? Are you kidding me? There is ALWAYS a price tag and it just depends on whose 'morals' you care about as to if you care.

        You think this will stop people from being gay? You think this will stop heterosexual people from getting divorced?

        Give me a break!