MANNINGTON, W.Va. — Bond was set at $2 million for the Marion County man who was arrested Friday for allegedly beating a three-year-old boy and leaving that child with severe head and face injuries.

State Police charged Charles K. Dray, 37, of Mannington, with malicious assault-battery, child abuse causing serious injury, child neglect causing serious injury and child neglect creating the risk of injury.

Troopers said Dray was watching the boy and his five-year-old brother while the mother of the children went to the grocery store.

During the time she was away, the five-year-old said Dray slammed the three-year-old to the ground several times and “punched and backhanded him in the face and back of the head.”

Dray was being held in the North Central Regional Jail.

The State Police Crimes Against Children Unit is handling the investigation.

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  • jag

    put him in jail & NOT in solitary. What goes around comes around

  • wvtd

    what a cruel and sick world we now live in. people are acting like animals to each other. what could drive a person to hurt children? GOD help us all we sure need it now like never before.

  • WVMom

    The mother should be held responsible too. She obviously didn't know what he was capable of doing to her children. So if she didn't really know him why would she take such a big chance on letting him watch her children? It infuriates me that someone could do such a thing to an innocent defenseless child. I blame the mother too for letting it happen. It keeps happening because worthless people let anybody watch their children!!!!!!

  • Dale

    What is wrong with people? It seems like something like this happens every day!

  • wvman75

    What a sorry piece of crap.