RALEIGH COUNTY, W.Va. — It will be back to the woods on Tuesday for thousands of hunters in West Virginia for the second day of bucks only gun season, the most popular hunting season in the Mountain State.

On Monday, thousands of deer were expected to be checked in statewide.

“Really, the first three days of the buck season is when we see the majority of our deer harvested,” and Paul Johansen, the assistant chief for game management with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, said the first day is especially important.  “There’s an awful lot of folks afield.”

Johansen was a guest on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline” from a deer checking and processing station, called Hunter’s Choice, in Raleigh County.

He said they would likely be very busy on Monday afternoon since, even though the weather was cold, there was no precipitation to keep hunters at home for the start of the season.

“By and large, the deer populations (in West Virginia) are at or, maybe, slightly above our management objectives in many areas of the state.  It’s an extremely health deer population,” said Johansen.

Buck season continues through Dec. 7 in West Virginia.

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  • deer hunter

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one who thinks this, but I believe there needs to be a doe season in Raleigh county, wv during the rifle season. In the last few days of this week while hinting I've seen numerous doe. Numbers as high as twenty-five in just a small area. These numbers appeared in notonly the same area but multiple I had hunted this week. I think it should be not an ongoing season but just one long enough to thin out the population a little. If a buck doesn't have to get up and move around to find does in heat during the rut, then odds are you won't see him. Thin the population of does out then these bucks will have to become more teriotorial, and odds of seeing the big buck will be greater.

  • justme

    Insurance Companies control the deer population more then the DNR. Shot all the does that's where the bucks come.
    Use to see 6 to 8 does in a herd now its 1or 2

  • RDC

    Hunting season: When we permit the mentally ill to arm themselves and march out into the woods and kill things.

    • GKB

      Internet: When we permit the mentally ill to act like they know better.

      • RDC

        GKB, I'm so glad you agree with me. It's a breath of fresh air!

    • OneWV

      This is the most rediculous thing I have read in a long time.

      • thornton

        She obviously has personal issues to resolve....best to just smile and nod with those folks.

        Does should be killed, to the degree that renders the population healthy. Look to the Alt Plan in Pa. for successfully handling, for the most part, their deer problem.

        Insurance companies and the farm bureau get a bad rap re deer but that silliness sure plays well down at the barbershop or bait shop with the cognoscenti grouped like guppies at feeding time.

        Allow crossbows...make it easier to kill deer. Odd that bowhunters do not want the advantages delivered by crossbows but dearly love the advantages delivered by bows with their longer prime season and perches. No, on second thought, not so odd.....sad.

  • Recil

    Crossbows are for lazy people, NOT archery. We do fine without em.

    • leroy jethro gibbs

      hey its a free country . you can use your bow and i should be able to use a crossbow, i have been using a bow for 40 years. i earned the right to use a crossbow. but i shouldnt have to pay a doctor and an occupational therapist to prove that i should be able to use one

      • JJ

        You paid one time. Once, to get the doctor to sign off on the crossbow. If your hunting is so valuable I'd think that was money well spent.

        If you went more than that and that's on you.

  • Ethical Hunter

    Just a tip for others, but I have found that the deer seem to be congregating in places where I have dumped large amounts of corn and deer attractant.

    • thornton

      I just look for raccoon tracks...deer follow them to the bait piles. Set up on a trail muddied up by raccoons getting fat...and Bob's your uncle, you get a deer.


    Legalize crossbows just like PA, VA and MD did several years ago. Start timbering the dead forests! Attention DNR and legislators, GET OUT of the DARK AGES!!! Stop the political patronage to the WV Bowhunters Association. They don't speak for the majority of us!!!!!

    • Larry

      I agree with you, as liberal as the deer season bag limits are, I've never understood the reasoning behind that. I could see it if you were only allowed to kill 1 or 2 deer, but not 10.

    • leroy j gibbs